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HNSciCloud design phase kick-off meeting


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Pierre Etienne Macchi gives an overview of CNRS cloud-related activities.

Published in: Technology
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HNSciCloud design phase kick-off meeting

  1. 1. Centre de Calcul de l’Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules Introduction HNSciCloud design phase kick-off meeting
  2. 2. Titre conférence - Date IN2P3, ONE OF CNRS INSTITUTES3 The CNRS 10 institutes (3 national institutes: INSMI, INSU, IN2P3) 1,100 research units
 (95% in partnership) 34,000 researchers, engineers, technicians €3.3 billion
 budget ©CENBG,LSM
 Conceptiongraphique:AnnaThibeau(IPNL) The largest fundamental research organization in Europe. CNRS carries out research in all fields of knowledge, through its ten institutes: • Institute of Biological Sciences • Institute of Chemistry • National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy • Institute of Ecology and Environment • Institute for Engineering and Systems Sciences • Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences • Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies • National Institute for Mathematical Sciences • National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics • Institute of Physics
  3. 3. Titre conférence - Date MISSIONS TO PROMOTE AND UNIFY RESEARCH ACTIVITIES IN THE FIELD OF SUBATOMIC PHYSICS Skills, expertise Interdisciplinary research, training, innovationProgrammes on behalf of the CNRS and universities CEA partnership NUC LEA COORDINATION The infinities, from particles to the Cosmos EXPLORATION PROVIDING LINCKS WITH SOCIETY ©FredHulin/Scavo/UniversitéParis-Sud,Ganil/PhilippeStroppa,LSM,A.PalaciosLUPM/CEA-Conceptiongraphique:AnnaThibeau(IPNL)
  4. 4. Titre conférence - Date KEY FIGURES3 40 major international projects 16 LIA 1 international research network 2,500 researchers, engineers and technicians 25 laboratories and platforms 40 M€ annual budget (excluding salaries) ©CENBG,LSM–Conceptiongraphique:AnnaThibeau(IPNL)
  5. 5. Titre conférence - Date A NETWORKED LAB3 ©CIA,LSM Ganil, LPC Caen APC, LPNHE, Musée Curie CSNSM IMNC, IPNO, LAL, LLR, IDGC, Omega Subatech CENBG LPC Clermont CC, IPNL, LMA LSM, Lapp LPSC LUPM CPPM LNCA IPHC
  6. 6. HNSciCloud WP3 KOM 07/10/2016 6 IN2P3 Computing Center
  7. 7. HNSciCloud WP3 KOM 07/10/2016 7 IN2P3 Computing Center Deploy and operate computing needed by IN2P3 scientific policy. It is operated in partnership with CEA/DRF/IRFU
  8. 8. HNSciCloud WP3 KOM 07/10/2016 8 IN2P3 Computing Center LHC HESS AMS Planck Auger More than 70 active expirements : HEP, Astroparticles, nuclear but also humanities, biocomputing, health… Deploy and operate computing needed by IN2P3 scientific policy. It is operated in partnership with CEA/DRF/IRFU W-LCG Tier 1 providing ~10% of worldwide capacity
  9. 9. HNSciCloud WP3 KOM 25/10/2016 9 Capacities and usage CPU Top 20 dchoozcreatisnantheo imnc hadronth pauger cta km3net xmm euclid antares glast ams hess planck alice lhcb cms atlas Astro LHC Stockage Top 20 agatacompassqcd commun general dchooz babar d0 planck snovae cta pauger virgo antares hess ams lhcb alice cms atlas Neutrino HEP Astro LHC
  10. 10. HNSciCloud WP3 KOM 07/10/2016 10 Foreseen challenges 6LSST 2015 | BREMERTON, WA | AUG 20TH, 2015. Summit$and$Base$Sites$ Telescope!and!Camera! Data!Acquisi?on! Crosstalk!Correc?on! LongCterm!storage!(copy!1)! Chilean!Data!Access!Center! Archive$Site$ Archive$Center$ Alert!Produc?on! Data!Release!Produc?on!(50%)! EPO!Infrastructure! !LongCterm!Storage!(copy!2)$ Data$Access$Center$ Data!Access!and!User!Services$ HQ$Site$ Science!Opera?ons! Observatory!Management! Educa?on!and!Public!Outreach! French#Processing# Center# (CCLIN2P3,#Lyon,#France)# # Data!Release!Produc/on!(50%)! French!DAC! HL-LHC LSST EUCLID ~ 439 TFLOPS (~= 570 kHS06) ~ 375 Po 30% Data Release 1 : ~ 67 kHS06 ~ 67 Po To 0E+00 4E+05 7E+05 1E+06 1E+06 HS06 0 K 1 500 K 3 000 K 4 500 K 6 000 K 2000 2003 2006 2009 2012 2015 2018 2021 2024 2027 2030 CPU Stockage x 25 Plus the others…
  11. 11. HNSciCloud WP3 KOM 2016-11-02 } In order to address these challenges, many technical solutions are on the shelve today : many cores, GPU, HPC, virtualization, opportunistic usage… } But some require a hard and long way } need to collaborate earlier with experiment } tighten links with other european computing centers } achievement of H2020 projects (INDIGO-DataCloud, EGI, Eudat, EOSCPilot…) } In the meantime, and in a complementary way, the use of commercial clouds seems a promising answer as long as we demonstrate they are an alternative by showing } they can be seamlessly integrated into an existing infrastructure } they are economically viable. } HNSciCloud is a great way to acquire this knowledge. 11 Foreseen challenges
  12. 12. 2016-11-02HNSciCloud WP3 KOM Cliquez ici pour le titre du slide Thanks 12