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Helix Nebula Science Cloud Pilot Phase, 6 February 2018, Bologna, Italy


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Dr. Dirk Van Rooy (HNSciCloud Project Officer - DG CNECT)

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Helix Nebula Science Cloud Pilot Phase, 6 February 2018, Bologna, Italy

  1. 1. Dirk van Rooy, Ph.D. Head of Sector Cloud DG CONNECT, European Commission Innovation Procurement & the Open Science Cloud Drivers of Europe's Digital Single Market
  2. 2. Why Public Procurement of/for Innovation (PCP, PPI)? • Studies (ECB, EC): biggest challenge for 'innovators', SMEs in particular, is not access to financing but finding first buyers. • In 'The Entrepreneurial State', Prof. Mariana Mazzucato argues that public procurements are the major initial driver behind company growth worldwide ( ) • Flash Eurobarometer 394: companies involved in PPI more likely win other public procurement afterwards (61% vs. 15%). ► Public sector as launch customer, helps innovators go to market and scale up; ► Demand driven innovation for public sector modernisation; ► Widened scope and value chain thru cooperation, common requirements,… Europe as a Digital Single Market in a global setting.
  3. 3. Participation from the supply side  Opening a route-to-market for new players/SMEs - 71% of contracts won by SMEs (SME lead bidder, bidding alone or with partners) - Compared to 29% average in public procurements across Europe  Help larger market players bring products to the market - 18% of contracts won by large companies as single bidder - 11% of contracts won by consortia of larger companies and SMEs bringing innovative products together to the market  Bringing science results to market - 28% of winning contracts have also a university/R&D center partner in consortium - Winning SMEs are also often university start-ups  Cross-border company growth - 34,6% of contracts won by bidders that are not from a country of any of the procurers in the buyers group (e.g. DE company working for UK+NL procurers) - Compared to 1,26% average in public procurements across Europe
  4. 4. 2018 (41,2 M€) • PCP actions • CSA actions 2018-2020 funding in support of PCP and PPI 2019 (83 M€) • PCP actions • PPI actions 2020 (100+ M€) • PCP actions • PPI actions • ICT based solutions for any area of public interest: 6 M€ (ICT-34) • Digital health & care: 22 M€ (DTH-10) • Security: 8,2 M€ (SU-GM03) • Integrated healthcare / diagnosis: 2M€ (HCO-12) • Digital health & care: 3M€ (HCC-04) • ICT based solutions for any area of public interest: 6 M€ (ICT-34) • Next generation sequencing for routine diagnosis: 40 M€ (BHC- 10) • Wave energy: 20 M€ (LC-SC3-JA-3-2019) • Security: 7 M€ (SU-GM03) • Digital health & care solutions for an ageing society: 10 M€ (DTH-05) • Infection & integrated care: (BHC-20) • Climate Change resilience (LC-CLA-13- 2020) • 100% renewable energy: (LC-SC3-RES-10-2020) • Security (SU-GM03) • Infection & integrated care: (BHC-20) • Innovative HPC systems (INFRAEDI-04) 2020/main/h2020-wp1820-leit-ict_en.pdf
  5. 5. Digital Single Market & Cloud Computing Policy Context ■ European Cloud Computing Strategy [COM(2012) 529] ■ Data-driven Economy [COM(2014) 442] ■ Digital Single Market package [COM(2015) 192] ■ Digitising European Industry package [COM(2016) 180] ■ European Cloud Initiative [COM(2016) 178] ■ ICT Standardisation [COM(2016) 176] ■ eGovernment Action Plan [COM(2016) 179] ■ Data Economy [COM(2017) 9] ■ Digital Single Market Mid-Term Review [COM(2017)228]
  6. 6. European Cloud Initiative Digital Single Market ■ Cloud service certification; contracts; switching ■ European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) – Cloud-based services for Open Science and data-sharing; – Based on existing research infrastructures and science clouds; ■ European Data Infrastructure (EDI) – Development and deployment of large-scale European high- performance computing, data and network infrastructures; – Underpinning EOSC, big data, industry, public sector. ■ Widening access and user base – Research and innovation, SMEs, Industry at large, Government
  7. 7. Examples of other selected DSM areas and future candidates • DIGITAL HEALTH: Cross-border e-health records, e-prescriptions, big data, • E-GOVERNMENT: Further digitisation; once-only-principle • INVESTMENT: Connectivity, high performance computing, artificiaL intelligence, European Cloud Initiative, European Open Science Cloud, data infrastructure; • DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY: Data, security, skills, innovation, Cybersecurity, Skills Next Generation Internet, AI, Green ICT,…