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Helix Nebula Phase 1


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Alfonso Rios, Indra, presents the vision and the approach of its winning consortium for the Design Phase of the HNSciCloud tender.

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Helix Nebula Phase 1

  1. 1. HELIX NEBULA PHASE 1 CONSORTIUM Lyon, November 2nd 2016 Phd. Alfonso Ríos ( Indra )
  2. 2. Helix Nebula 2| Index 01 CONSORTIUM INDRA ( Phd. Begoña Perez ) HPE ADVANIA SIXSQ 02 ARCHITECTURE
  3. 3. Helix Nebula 3 Projects in +140 countries Complete offering for all industries R&D 6-8% of sales +200 deals with research centres and universities Leading clients in key geographies and industries 37,000 employees€2.850M Sales 2015 INDRA IS A GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY
  4. 4. Helix Nebula 4 Projects 149 countries Subsidiaries in +40 countries 28% America 18 % Europe 13% Africa / Pacific Asia 22 Software Labs 45% Spain ALL OVER THE WORLD
  5. 5. Helix Nebula 5 WE DELIVER CORE BUSINESS OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY FOR OUR CLIENTS: Defense & Security Spanish Department of Defense, NATO, European Space Agency (ESA), Eurofighter, Army of the United Kingdom, Airbus Financial Services Grupo BBVA Grupo Santander MAPFRE Bank of Spain Banco Espirito Santo Public Admin & Healthcare State Departments of Venezuela, Argentina and Portugal Department of Health in Chile Philippines Supreme Court Algeria General Tax Directorate, Spanish State Department Transport & Traffic Railroad: Saudi Railways, ADIF, Renfe Highway operators and road network government authorities in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Montenegro, United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Morocco, China Energy & Industry Gas Natural Fenosa, Enel, Iberdrola, CEZ, EDP, Electrobras, CFE, Exelon, KPLC, Eskom, Meralco, etc. Telecom & Media Telefonica/O2/VIVO, Orange/Meditel,Vodafone, Telecom Italia, Portugal Telecom, Claro, Globe, Grupo PRISA, Mediaset Sales 2015 Main Clients
  6. 6. Helix Nebula 6 WE ALSO HAVE HIGH VALUE-ADDED SOLUTIONS IN THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT Defense & Security Transport & Traffic Energy & Industry Financial Services TMT Public Admin & Healthcare Omnichannel Smart Assets CybersecurityRisk Force Digital Transformation ... Competence CentersIndra Business Consulting Sofia2 Smart Platform Social Media Command Center Sales force effectiveness solutions Analytics Labs B2BConecta & NetPlus Gnubila iPhalanx iBCS Suite ... Human capital Digital platforms Digital solutions Go-to- market
  7. 7. Helix Nebula 7 Índex 01 CONSORTIUM INDRA HPE ( Mr. Paul Dawson ) ADVANIA SIXSQ 02 ARCHITECTURE
  8. 8. Helix Nebula 8| THE EVOLUTION OF CLOUD28+ Building the most relevant cloud community in Europe 2015 2016 February: Beta 1.0 launch March: Cloud28+ symposium draws more than 120 participants June: Ready for partner onboarding October: Beta grows to 110 official partner members November: Cloud28+ launches online presence and begins road show/call for members December: Cloud28+ enterprise cloud catalogue launches with 150+ partners, 680 services May: Cloud28+ Acceleration event draws 500 attendees June: Cloud28+ Advisory Board solidified August: Service Hub and App Center launched Throughout 2014: Cloud28+ community outreach to build partner interest; architect website and services portal September: European Commission’s cloud computing strategy announced Late 2013: HPE EMEA executives begin formulating early Cloud28+ vision 2012 2013 2014
  9. 9. Helix Nebula 9| OPEN COMMUNITY OF PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS The community is a collection cloud leaders working together to make an impact on in-market cloud adoption. Here, partners and customers share insights on products, services, case studies, market research and best practices. 280+ Cloud28+ partners 3,000+ LinkedIn followers 100+ Articles 1,000+ Approved services 15,000+ Twitter followers 10,000+ Website visits/month
  10. 10. Helix Nebula 10| By comparison: – AWS has 2 data centers in EMEA (Ireland and Germany) – Azure has 2 data centers in EMEA (Ireland and Netherlands) PORTFOLIO HIGHLIGHTS: DATA CENTERS CLOUD28+ HAS A TOTAL OF 134 DATA CENTERS IN 20 EMEA COUNTRIES 7% 38% 55% Data center ownership types Participated in by CSP: 6 Privately owned by CSP: 35 Third party: 50 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Data center distribution
  11. 11. Helix Nebula 11| READY TO MEET AND ANTICIPATE MARKET NEEDS Cloud28+ community partners
  12. 12. Helix Nebula 12| Índex 01 CONSORTIUM INDRA HPE ADVANIA ( Mr. Per-Ola Svensson ) SIXSQ 02 ARCHITECTURE
  13. 13. Helix Nebula 13|  Founded in 1939  1,000 employees  5,300 corporate clients, worldwide  Both with private and public sector  $180M in revenue  # 9 in the Nordic´s  Collaborate with all the leading international IT partners  GEANT compliant Introducing Advania
  14. 14. Helix Nebula 14| HPC AS A SERVICE Avoid rushed, planned hardware procurements due to sudden workload peaks. Advania offers you the possibility to seamlessly burst into our HPC cloud when needed. COLOCATION Racks for approx.18-kw Long term, fixed energy prices and PUE of 1,02. Run your IT green, clean and lean. CLOUD SERVICES Choose your specification. Choose green. Advania datacenter keeps up the good work with even more efficient equipment utilization. BACKUP Advanias backup is known for simplicity and ease of use, whether you are backing a single computer or a whole network
  15. 15. Helix Nebula 15| HPC cloud Avoid rushed, unplanned hardware procurements due to sudden workload peaks Advania offers you the possibility to seamlessly burst into our HPC cloud when needed Dedicated HPC Private HPC cluster Advania handles procurement Fixed monthly payments No Upfront CAPEX Hybrid HPC Best of both worlds Host your private cluster at Advania and use our flexible HPC capacity services for bursting On-Prem HPC Advania has experiences HPC Specialists that can help with HPC Cluster specifications and provide procurement and delivery into a datacenter of your choice HPC COMPLETE OFFERING
  16. 16. Helix Nebula 16| Índex CONSORTIUM INDRA HPE ADVANIA SIXSQ ( Phd. Marc Elian Bégin )
  17. 17. Helix Nebula 17| SIXSQ’S PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PORTFOLIO Engineering, transformation and innovation
  18. 18. Phd. Alfonso Ríos Cloud Services Avda. de Bruselas 35 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid España T +34 91 480 50 00 F +34 91 480 50 80