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Early adopter group and closing of webinar - João Fernandes (CERN)

Helix Nebula Science Cloud Pilot Phase, 6 February 2018, Bologna, Italy

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Early adopter group and closing of webinar - João Fernandes (CERN)

  1. 1. Early Adopter Group & Closing Notes HNSciCloud- Pilot Phase Award Ceremony 6th September 2018 João Fernandes CERN Joao.Fernandes <at> Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud with Grant Agreement 687614 is a Pre-Commercial Procurement Action funded by H2020 Framework Programme 2/6/2018 Maryline Lengert
  2. 2. Dec’18Feb’18Dec’17Jun’17 Access to cloud service capacity 3 100/ 10TB 2k/ 200TB 3.5k/ 350TB 5k/ 500TB 10k/ 1PB 10Gbps 40Gbps Functional Testing Scalability Testing End User Access We are here Cores/ Storage 2 Pilots3 Prototypes Call-off Dec’17 2/6/2018
  3. 3. Phase Highlights 2/6/2018 • Open access to end users of resulting services • Expansion of deployments from the earlier ramp-up periods • HNSciCloud projected results evaluation • Roadmap for the EOSC • User feedback and best practices • Total Cost of Ownership Study • Realistic, based on a set of flagship use cases deployed • Plans to commercially exploit the PCP results • Probe and assess the service vouchers mechanism 4
  4. 4. Growing the buyers group Private sector Gov. agencies Additional research orgs. Procuring beneficiaries of EC project The initial group of buyers is the set of research orgs. that committed their resources at the start of the project and became beneficiaries of the EC project Goal is to progressively grow the buyers group by including more publicly funded research organisations: Early adopter group Document describes benefits for the stakeholders, procurement process, steps for implementation CERN, DESY, EMBL-EBI, ESRF, KIT, CNRS, INFN, PIC-IFAE, SURFsara, STFC Adopter Group 2/6/2018 5
  5. 5. Conditions of access 2/6/2018 • Adopters sign a contract with the service providers • Consider the service as a commodity – Adopter use cases to be satisfied without requiring additional R&D from the providers • Services delivered in compliance with the HNSciCloud Cloud Services Agreement • Adopters will be requested to share their experiences and acknowledge support of the project R&D 6
  6. 6. Upcoming events 2/6/2018 • ESRF 17th - 18th April • EMBL 4th - 7th June • CERN 13th - 14th June • KIT 27th - 31st August • SURFSARA 11th September • IFAE 8th - 12th October • DESY 24th October • CERN 28th - 30th November Demos, use-cases, training etc. 7