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Helios Solar Systems Installation Instructions


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Helios Green Technology is a leader in energy efficiency with its solar water heaters and air conditioners, and one of our constant concerns is to participate in energy conservation and the preservation of the environment every step of the way.

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Helios Solar Systems Installation Instructions

  1. 1. Solar air conditioner installation Instruction The solar air conditioner must be i n stalled by skilled technicians. In addition , the people should make sure that the working conditions are safe !
  2. 2. Indoor unit installation <ul><li>Please open the packaging, and you will see indoor unit 、 outdoor unit and vaccum tubes etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Please prepare these tools for installation: </li></ul><ul><li>a Screw driver ; </li></ul><ul><li>Two Spanners ; </li></ul><ul><li>5# inner hexagon spanner ; </li></ul><ul><li>Some soap water ; </li></ul>
  3. 3. Indoor unit installation <ul><li>As the outdoor water tank of solar air conditioner needs to collect the drain water from indoor unit, so the installation position of indoor unit must be higher than outdoor unit. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Indoor unit installation Use the four expansion screws to mount the hang board on the wall
  5. 5. You will see two copper nuts and a drain water tube at back of the indoor unit. First, you need use spanners to loose the nuts Indoor unit installation
  6. 6. use spanner to connect two connecting copper tubes To t wist off the cap of the connecting tubes Indoor unit installation
  7. 7. To connect the water drain plastic tube with the indoor unit Lift the electric wiring at the same direction with the water drain tube. Indoor unit installation
  8. 8. To use the plastic belting to warp the connecting tubes and the electric wiring and the water drain tube. then through all of them to the outdoor Then to hang the indoor unit on the wall. Indoor unit installation
  9. 9. Outdoor unit installation To use spanner fix four stainless steel screws at the front plate of the outdoor unit, and it needs to reserve 2mm distance between the screw and the front plate
  10. 10. Outdoor unit installation To fix the left and right tank support brackets on the front plate of the outdoor unit, and tighten the screws
  11. 11. Outdoor unit installation To put the water tank on the support brackets, and use two nuts fix the water tank
  12. 12. Outdoor unit installation Put the rubber ring to each vaccum tubes Dip some soap water at terminal of the vacuum tubes, it helps install the vaccum tube Then insert the vaccum tubes to the water tank
  13. 13. Outdoor unit installation insert all vaccum tubes in water tank Connect and seal the vacuum tubes with the rubber rings.
  14. 14. Outdoor unit installation put the plastic footstock to each hole on the vaccum tube support To insert all tubes to vaccum tube support
  15. 15. Outdoor unit installation To use four screw nuts to fix the vacuum tube support To adjust the right position of the vacuum tubes between the water tank and the vacuum tube support
  16. 16. Outdoor unit installation To lift all rubber rings closed to the water tank
  17. 17. Outdoor unit installation To put the air vent to the top of the water tank To install the water connect plastic tube at side of water tank
  18. 18. Outdoor unit installation To use spanner remove the cap of the stop valve
  19. 19. Outdoor unit installation To remove the nuts caps of the water tank
  20. 20. Outdoor unit installation To use the two connecting tubes connect to the stop valves and the nuts of water tank
  21. 21. Outdoor unit installation To use the tap warp the two tubes
  22. 22. Outdoor unit installation To connect two connecting tubes which from indoor unit. To use the tap warp these two tubes.
  23. 23. Outdoor unit installation To use the screw driver remove the plastic cover on the outdoor unit To use the screw fix the wiring from indoor unit
  24. 24. Outdoor unit installation To connect the water drain tube from the indoor unit To connect the other plastic water tube on the water tank, it is used for drain the water ,when the water tank was full
  25. 25. Outdoor unit installation At last ,you need to use 5# inner hexagon spanner to open the stop valves to get out of the air of the connecting tubes. It's like install a normal air conditioner
  26. 26. After all installation instructions are finished, please fill the water tank full with water from this hole. Outdoor unit installation