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EasyRoller Security


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At airports, or anywhere people need to pass through a magnetic scanner, the Easyroller passes through without hassel and lets the passenger keep their dignity.

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EasyRoller Security

  1. 1. It’s Metal Free !! The Best Choice for: • Security Screening • Prisons • Hospitals/MRI Labs Areas in need of Extremely Strong and Durable Wheelchairs
  2. 2. In this presentation we want to give; • a brief introduction of our new and innovative product. • an eloboration about the advantages of universal design – no loose parts • why thermoplastics are the superior choice of materials.
  3. 3. Security Screening Wheelchair users meet many hindrances, and an air trip can be apprehended as a problem. To give equal rights EU have established Regulation No 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air Normal wheelchairs contain metal which activates metal detectors. Users will upon activation, be controlled manually – some feel this as unpleasant. As EasyRoller is metal free - the wheelchair users can easily pass the security control point without being subject to manual control. The back, the seat and the armrests are upholstered, and combined with a functional footrest, the sitting comfort is excellent. It is really a question of respect! An excellent choice for; • Airports • Sea(cruise)ports • Courtbuildings • Prisons
  4. 4. NO Metals !!
  5. 5. • Developed in close collaboration with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) • Designed by the Norwegian Design House, Eker Design. • Design, Functionality and Ergonomics closely validated by MD’s – Physiotherapists and Users. • Certified according to the stricktes rule at The Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology (HI) • Certified by CEIA, Manufacturer of Security Portals • Certified as MR safe (7 tesla) both by GE, Siemens and Phillips • Certified according to ISO 9001 • Produced in Germany. • Extremely Strong and Durable • Made from Recyclable PE and PA • Winner of Design Prices in Germany and Norway • Design Patented • Sold in more than 20 countries. In Brief;
  6. 6. The EasyRoller is an Extremely Strong and Durable Product. • Body and Footrest are from Rotomolded PE • The Rims are injectionmolded Nylon • The Tyres are Tubeless PU • The Brake System is Injectionmolded Nylon • There are POM and Glass Ballbearings in the Wheels • The Main Axle is reinforced with 25% Glassfibre. • The Seat and Back Paddings are from water resistant EVA Weight Dimensions • 17 kgs 67 x 82,5 x 105 cm (w x l x h) Accessories; Warranty; • Hygiene Cover • Raincoat Body and Footrest, 5 years • Safety belt Other parts, 1 year • Luggage net (10 kgs) • Sliding Board After producing more than 800 units - we have still not received 1 single serious complaint on quality, nor has it been necessary to do any major repairs!
  7. 7. Universal Design NORSK DESIGNRÅD NORWEGIAN DESIGN COUNCIL As the EasyRoller is a wheelchair mainly intended for public use and institutions, one of the aims with developing the EasyRoller was to acheive an Universal Design of a product which is New – Different – Better. The development was supported by a reference group of MD’s, physotherapist and several users. - Increased safety for the user. Strong Tip Stops which only allow a tipping of 5 degrees backwards. - No loose parts. Always ready to go. - Maneuverability. Very easy to manouver for the assistant, even singlehanded. - Easy Access in and out of the chair, without having to dismantle armrests. - Strong and adjustable brake system. - No metals - Easy to clean - Maintenance limited to a minimum Our aim was not to design a wheel chair for all purposes. The EasyRoller is specially made for institutions and public use.
  8. 8. MRI / Healthcare The wheelchair is especially designed for use at hospitals and institutions. In a MR laboratory no steel equipment is allowed due to the strong magnetic forces. Conventional wheelchairs are hence excluded. The EasyRoller is metal free and is used at a high number of MR laboratories in Scandinavia and Europe. - EasyRoller Hospital & Institution allows patients to be transported directly to the MRI machine. - EasyRoller Hospital & Institution has no parts that can be removed and it demands very little maintenance. The wheelchair has good quality when it comes to driving and maneuvering. The back, the seat and the armrests are upholstered, and combined with the footrest, the sitting comfort is excellent. The lack of any metals, the good maneuverability and the fact that the EasyRoller is easy to keep clean - are among the reasons why hospitals also prefer the EasyRoller as porter’s transport chair. The EasyRoller is tested and approved for use with the 7 Tesla MRI equipment
  9. 9. Some of our satisfied reference customers Airports Norway: Tromsø Airport Molde Airport Bodø Airport Trondheim, Værnes Airport Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes Torp/Sandefjord Airport Sweden: Malmoe Airport Gothenburg City Airport Spain; Las Palmas Airport Gibraltar Airport Saudi Arabia; Jeddah Airport Riyadh Airport Denmark; Bornholm Airport Iceland; Keflavik Airport MRI/Healthcare Norway: A.O. University Hospital,– Tromsø University Hospital in Oslo (Via Siemens) University Hospital in Trondheim The Radium Hospital in Oslo (Via Siemens) Unilabs Norway (different locations) University Hospital in Stavanger Sweden; Helsingborg Hospital Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm Sahlgrenska Hospital, Gothenburg Denmark; Aarhus Hospital Aalborg Hospital Belgium Roeselaere Hospital Maastericht Hospital Germany Nette Gut – Forensic Hospital Prisons Skien, High Security Prison, Norway Kumla, High Security Detention, Sweden. The Hague, Prison for War Criminals, The Netherlands Brisbane Correctional Centre Queensland, Australia
  10. 10. Summary Our Vision «To become the world wide natural choice for anyone in need of a metal free wheel chair – with unique design and quality characteristics» For Further Information : Easy Roller AS, Hagebyveien 40, 3734 Skien, Norway or dial +47 917 42 179