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Gemstones Of Brazil


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"Brazil : Paradise of Gemstones "

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Gemstones Of Brazil

  1. 1. Gemstones of Brazil Helga design
  2. 2. Brazilian Emerald The emerald is one of the most ancient precious stones. It was discovered the Egypt desert about 5,000 years ago. The deposits were known throughout the world as "Cleopatra's mines", as the Egyptian queen deeply loved the stone. Its name originates from the Greek smaragdos, which means "green stone “
  3. 4. The emerald is considered the fifth most expensive stone in the world, only losing to the diamond, the ruby, the alexandrite and the sapphire.
  4. 5. Angelina Jolie Emerald earrings and ring
  5. 8.       Colombus would have to be credited with the renaissance of the emerald in the new world. Had he not discovered the Americas, the new and abundant source might never have come to the attention of Europe’s wealthy gem lovers. South American Indian tribes highly revered and sought out the green crystals many centuries before western man walked their shores
  6. 9. Geo Emerald
  7. 10. Brazil is the world’s largest producer o f colored gemstones, more than half the world’s colored gems are mined in this country .
  8. 12. Topaz
  9. 13. Blue Brazilian Aquamarine Earings
  10. 14. Brazil counts as a gemmological province because of the variety of gem minerals present in the country. Most Brazilian states and territories produce gemstones, the State of Minas Gerais being the most important producer both in volume and in number of species. Diamonds are chiefly derived by panning from alluvial deposits in Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and Goiás. Among other gemstones, the most important are aquamarines, beryls, chrysoberyls, topazes, amethysts, tourmalines, emeralds and agates, and their respective varieties. The occurrences of these gemstones, as well as of a great number of others, are described for each state in which they are found.
  11. 17. A  gemstone is a mineral that is prized for its beauty, due to its rarity, color, luster, brilliance, transparency and hardness. The basic considerations of a fine gemstone are color, cut, clarity and carat weight Amethyst
  12. 19. Brazilian Cut Stones
  13. 21. Ruby, Sapphire & Brazil Emerald
  14. 22. Music: Brazilian popular Chorinho
  15. 23. Citrine gem
  16. 24. Tree with Brazilian Gems