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Duomo Di Siena


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Duomo Di Siena

  1. 1. Helga design Duomo di Siena
  2. 4. Siena's Cathedrale di Santa Maria, better known as the Duomo, is a gleaming marble treasury of Gothic art from the 13th and 14th centuries. History Siena's Duomo was built between 1215 and 1263 and designed in part by Gothic master Nicola Pisano. His son, Giovanni, drew up the plans for the lower half of the facade, begun in 1285. The facade's upper half was added in the 14th century.
  3. 11. Gothic pulpit by Nicola Pisano , 1265
  4. 13. Frescoes of the Piccolomini Library painted by Pinturicchio (1502-07),
  5. 15. Detail of clerestory in the nave,
  6. 18. In the 19th century, the cathedral was extensively restored, including the addition of golden mosaics on the facade. Music : Aria 3 -Metamorphosis