Cloudchain - the necessary E transformation in the journey to an efficient cloud computing


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This presentation is meant to explore the necessary enterprise transformation in the journey to an efficient cloud computing. In particular it investigates the possible structure in the Customer/vendor relation and the essential migration to achieve a state of the art organization, which focuses on the company core business.

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Cloudchain - the necessary E transformation in the journey to an efficient cloud computing

  1. 1. The Cloud Chain ManageMenT Hélène Stavridis - Avril 2013 - Source: Desksearch & Interviews A necessary transformation
  2. 2. 2 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 objeCTive of The presenTaTion This presentation is meant to explore the necessary enterprise transformation, in the journey to an
  3. 3. 3 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 agenda Scope of the preSentAtion introduction: A new erA emergeS Digital business model Journey to the cloud The fundamentals to be secured current cloud computing pArAmeterS A fragmented world The Customer: a new diversity The Stakeholders : removing borders evolution of the cuStomer/ vendor relAtionShip AggregAting ServiceS: A muSt ? The 4PCCP concept The 4PCCP mission A structured relationship the next wAve: verticAl cloud computing future cloud outSourcing model concluSion Interviews takeways Fundamentals
  4. 4. 4 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 sCope Structuring the relAtionShip cuStomerS B2B Any InDuSTry SeCTor vendorS ClouD ProvIDerS PuBlIC & HyBrID ClouDS saas Software as a Service paas Platform as a Service iaas Infrastructure as a Service NOT CRM NOT LEGAL TERMS
  5. 5. 5 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 a new business Model… …for a digiTal era orgAniSAtionAl model mAtrix multilAterAl trAnSverSe it model technology informAtion innovAtion to the buSineSS it Sourcing device cApAcity Service AggregAtor finAnciAl model cApex to opex, (growing pay per use)
  6. 6. 6 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 The journey To Cloud CoMpuTing virTualizaTion ? CosT reduCTion ? pay as a serviCe ? supporT The business ? generaTe business value ? value for My business ? StArt the journey to cloud computing
  7. 7. 7 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 seCure The fundaMenTals: ConTraCTual essenTials boTToM line, if The neT goes down, The Cloud beCoMes useless… dAtA - Security confidentiality integrity reversibility ip communicAtionS - Availability uptime (calculation definition) contingency
  8. 8. 8 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 seCure The fundaMenTals geT beyond preConCeived ideas… DATA pRivACy, RESiDENCy, SECuRiTy & REGuLATORy COMpLiANCE privAte hybrid public criticAl confidentiAl+ +-
  9. 9. 9 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 a fragMenTed world MulTiple and overlapping serviCes generaTe CoMplex ouTsourCing & Challenging business value assessMenT saas saas iaas saas erp telecom operAtorS the enterpriSe mArketplAce paassaas
  10. 10. 10 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 The CusToMer in The enTerprise: a new diversiTy who is The CusToMer? iT, user, MarkeTing, finanCe? of the company is in Multi-channel communications are it trAnSformAtion to buSineSS pArtner, broker of ServiceS
  11. 11. 11 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 The sTakeholders: unClear borders MulTiple overlaps… iT and TeleCoM ConvergenCe is a MusT Cloud integrator VAR Saas Business process Cloud h/w manufacturer Enabler, IaaS VAR Enabler/Saas Telecom operator, Outsourcing Provider Iaas, Broker, VAR muSt help build A cleAr viSion
  12. 12. 12 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 evoluTion of CusToMer/ vendor relaTionship newforMer devices & licences Capex/opex – leasing – SolutionS & ServiceS fully opex the cloud mArketplAce it mktg finAnce buSineSS unitS
  13. 13. 13 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 AggregAtor of ServiceS “4pccp”** Selects & manages 3rd party vendors - takes full accountability for “cloud Service” manages performance on each vendor technical kpi’s. aggregaTed serviCes: a MusT? inTroduCing The 4pCCp ConCepT cloud computing cuStomer concentrates in his area of expertise - end to end SlA with 4pccp* performance management based on ccc key business deliverables Telecom operator paas iaas saas erp saas saas saas *Cloud Computing Chain, **4th party Cloud Computing partner – internal iT or external.
  14. 14. 14 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 The 4pCCp Missionorganize & seCure -intelligent AggregAtor of cloud ServiceS And buSineSS proceSSeS - pro Active mAnAgement of the “ cloud chAin ” AuDITS PerFormAnCe mAnAgemenT CrISIS mAnAgemenT ConTInuouS ImProvemenT, DeFeCTS mAnAgemenT STrATegIC AnD TACTICAl DeveloPmenTS, InnovATIon - Security, ip And integrity of dAtA - contingency plAnning - Service continuAtion (reSilience) - coSt control - reverSibility of dAtA & Service - contrAct iterAtionS (frequency, conditionS)
  15. 15. 15 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 a sTruCTured relaTionship 4th pArty cloud computing pArtner cloud computing cuStomer Telecom operator paas iaas saas erp saas saas saas iNTEROpERAbiLiTy, REvERSibiLiTy, CONTiNGENCy.. business set of technical & process requirements set of requirements
  16. 16. 16 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 The nexT wave: verTiCal Cloud CoMpuTing a Major role in seTTing The sTandards heAlthcAre educAtion retAil government verticAl induStrieS StAndArdS
  17. 17. 17 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 The fuTure “Cloudified” enTerprise induStry StAndArdS + + = mAture cloud ServiceS & SolutionS cloud mAtured buSineSS modelS & proceSSeS increASed enterpriSe focuS on core buSineSS flexibility within StAndArdized proceSSeS “it” AS A Service, A trAnSformed buSineSS pArtner: from cio to cdo* croSS functionAl, trAnSverSe orgAnizAtion functionS Shift from execution to AnAlySiS unified multi chAnnel uSer experience (privAte vS profeSSionAl) *CDO: Chief Digital Officer
  18. 18. 18 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 inTerviews Takeways -SAme fAct Acknowledged from All interviewS: A viSion of cloud iS Still to be built by the field. -cloud computing in itSelf doeS not cAll for Anything SpeciAl (AvAilAbility of remote ServiceS) however, itS orgAnizAtionAl And StrAtegy impActS Are mAjor And Still to be fully meASured. A digitAl ‘r’evolution iS in progreSS. -All compAnieS Are convinced cloud computing will bring Added vAlue; they yet hAve to ASSeSS how it cAn bring vAlue to their buSineSS . there iS definitely A cloud StrAtegy to deploy by uSer compAnieS. -in the it world, compAnieS living from licenceS Are threAtened in their core buSineSS And fAce reAl chAllenge in trAnSforming their hiStoricAl buSineSS model -cloud computing bringS convergence between two hiStoricAlly SepArAted SectorS: it And telecom -the ActuAl pArAdigm iS About competency trAnSformAtion
  19. 19. 19 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 ConClusion AS A profeSSionAl of buSineSS development And trAnSformAtion, i would emphASize the eSSentiAl mutAtion thAt the enterpriSe muSt Achieve to StAy on top of the digitAl ‘r’evolution in progreSS: Some fondAmentAl StructurAl chAngeS: SHIFT From “SIloS” TyPe orgAnIzATIon To CroSS FunCTIonAl, “mISSIon” TyPe moDuleS, AT CounTry AnD InTernATIonAl level mAnAge THe DIgITAl TrAnSFormATIon oF IT: CreATIon oF A unIFIeD DIgITAl uSer exPerIenCe AnD lAnguAge, wITHIn THe enTerPrISe AlIgn THe CoorDInATIon AnD InTegrATIon oF ServICeS wITH ProCeSSeS BuIlD on FunCTIonS evoluTIon From exeCuTIon To AnAlySIS HelP DeveloP AnD leverAge From verTICAl InDuSTrIeS STAnDArDS: SHAreD InDICATorS, normATIve DeveloPmenTS... above all: MaxiMize value of the cloud chain to focus on the coMpany core business
  20. 20. Hélène Stavridis - 2013 Appendix
  21. 21. 21 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 cloud computing definition 1/2 the niSt* definition - peter mell timothy grance niSt Special publication 800-145 September 2011 (*)National institute of Standards and Technology (uS Department of Commerce)
  22. 22. 22 / 23 Hélène Stavridis - 2013 cloud computing definition 2/2 essential Characteristics: -infrastructure as a service
  23. 23. Hélène Stavridis - 2013 SpeciAl thAnkS christian binelli, Coo elca florence deSain, Partner engagement IT, cisco Systems pamela dullaghan, globalHeadofvendor ops management, Technology Services iAtA cecile ferreboeuf, SrBusinessDev. manager windows Azure iSv Alliance microsoft ibrahim georges, Sales Account manager, oracle davor jakic, System Architect bt global Services laurent lafarge, vP monaco telecom yvic le Scouezec, IT Senior manager, cisco tristan leteurtre, Ceo Anevia hugues meili, Chairman & Ceo niji olivier nguyen van tan, marketing Director clement vouillon, Founder weloveSaas for sharing their views and, above all, for making this a rich human experience.