Sydney PACFest 2014- Partnership Proposal


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Sydney PACFest 2014- Partnership Proposal.
Content outlines the event demographics/ overview and the Partnerships available to corporates to support the event.

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Sydney PACFest 2014- Partnership Proposal

  1. 1. Page 1 of 5 Saturday 2nd August 2014 PARTNERSHIP PROPOSAL 1. EVENT BACKGROUND In 2013 the Sydney Polynesian Forum was formed off of the back of an adhoc Polynesian youth worker network that had been meeting since 2010. It was decided that rather than networking and information sharing a need existed to implement a community initiative. Many youth workers had lamented the fact that there were no cultural festivals available in Australia for youth like there is in New Zealand and felt a lot of the negative issues facing Nesian youth in Sydney could be addressed by such an event. The idea of Sydney PACFest was born and the organising Forum comprises of school community engagement/ liaison officers, youth service organisations, Campsie Police, NSW Health and volunteers, Sydney PACFest it is now becoming a reality. This is a 100% not for profit Nesian Community event. 2. EVENT CONCEPT PACFest stands for “Polynesian Australian Cultural” Festival. It is open to all high school age students (12-18yrs approx.), primarily targeting high schools however alternative education schools and combination high school teams are also welcome. This is the inaugural event but the Forum aspires to hold it annually. Every year a theme will be provided to participants in which to centre their performance. This year the theme is “Building Unity”. The Forum is 100% committed to supporting our Aboriginal community, as fellow indigenous people we feel it our obligation to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Australia while we are guests in their country. As such the only COMPULSORY culture students must perform is an Aboriginal item. This year they can also select to perform items from Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island and Fijian cultures. As at May 2014 we have twelve (12) teams registered to perform (refer to Appendix 1 for the comprehensive list).
  2. 2. Page 2 of 5 Teams have a maximum of 60 performers and the venue can seat roughly 800+ people at any one time, although standing room increases capacity to 1200-1500. The Festival will also have food and retail/ information stalls on site throughout the event. 3. EVENT DEMOGRAPHICS This event will consist of three main target audiences. These include (but are not limited too) the “Talent/Performers”, the “Audience” and the “Stall Owners”. The Talent/ Performers consist of twelve (12) high school/ high school combination teams. These teams will consist of up to 60 performers max (average about 20-30 students per school). There is an expected total of 240-720 performers. The Audience. The venue can seat a maximum capacity of 850, however we will be doing a rolling seat platform and standing room to increase numbers as people come and go from the event to stalls etc, this will raise capacity to 1200-1500 attendees. We already know that this venue is too small for the many family members who will come to support their children and plans are being put in place for 2015. Stalls/ stall holders. The venue has a capacity for 20-30 stalls (TBC). The Ethnic population amongst the performers, audience and stall holders will be Nesian (Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Fijian), Aboriginal, Australians and New Zealanders. 4. FUTURE OF EVENT Requests have already been made of the Sydney Polynesian Forum to extend the event to include other areas of Sydney in 2015. Plans are being put into place to hold regional competitions in North, South, East and West Sydney with a Grand Final competition in 2015 onwards. This will increase the size and scope of the event to be far broader than what will occur in 2014. The Sydney Polynesian Forum also has to also set itself up as a not for profit organisation to manage the 2015 event programme. Plans are already in place for this to occur after the 2nd August 2014. 5. EVENT DETAILS Event Name: Sydney PACFest 2014 Venue: Marana Auditorium & Senior Citizens Lounge, Hurstville. Purpose of event: To provide a cultural event for high school aged youth to practice their Aboriginal Australian and Nesian cultures in the form of song and dance. Date: Saturday 2nd August 2014 Rain Date: Not applicable Time: 2.00-8.00pm (TBC) Set up: 10am- 1.00pm Pack out: 8-10pm 6. GOLD/SILVER/ BRONZE/ COMMUNITY PARTNER OPPORUNITIES
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 There are three (3) opportunities for organisations to become financially involved in Sydney PACFest 2014 and that is via a GOLD, SILVER, or BRONZE PARTNERSHIP. These partnership agreements can either be long term (3yrs minimum) or short term (i.e. terminate on the events completion). 7. GOLD/SILVER/ BRONZE/ COMMUNITY PARTNER BENEFITS As a GOLD/SILVER/ BRONZE/ COMMUNITY PARTNER of Sydney PACFest 2014 the following benefits will be granted: A. GOLD (1): Naming rights to event, prime logo on all media (posters, tickets, Facebook etc.), signage in 10 x premiere locations around the event site (signage to be provided by partner), 1 x double stall, prime logo on all staff/ volunteer uniforms, 10 x media “adverts” on media display on centre stage, major Prize (i.e. trophy) name rights (e.g. Overall winning school). B. SILVER (2): Secondary logo space on media, (posters, tickets, Facebook etc.), signage in 5 x locations around the event site (signage to be provided by partner), 1 x single stall, secondary logo on all staff/ volunteer uniforms, 5 x media “adverts” on media display on centre stage, minor prize awards name rights (e.g. Best Performance Uniform, Greatest Unity, Best band etc.) C. BRONZE (5): Tertiary logo space on media, (Facebook), signage in 3 x locations around the event site (signage to be provided by partner), 1 x single stall, tertiary logo on all staff/ volunteer uniforms, 3 x media “adverts” on media display on centre stage, spot prize gift packs promoted by Master of Ceremonies throughout the event (packs to be provided by partner). 8. PARTNERSHIP INVESTMENT Investment may be provided as described above. The costs for the 2014 partnerships are GST exclusive and are as follows. A. GOLD: $10,000 (1 available). B. SILVER: $5,000 (2 available). C. BRONZE: $1,000 (5 available). Financial investment monies must be deposited within the event bank account within 14 days of signing an agreement or it will be nullified and void. 9. LOGO AND BRANDING Sponsors are required to provide logos in JPEG format for publishing on relevant marketing and promotional material. All logos must be accompanied with brand guidelines. 10. TALENT All “Talent” (aka performers & guest performers) including but not limited to Sydney PACFest 2014 have granted the use of their imagery for the Sydney PACFest 2014 event only. All elements of the “Talent’s” imagery used for promotions or the outdoor activities for this event are done so with prior agreement between Sydney Polynesian Forum and the “Talent”.
  4. 4. Page 4 of 5 All imagery of the “Talent” used for the event remains the property of Sydney Polynesian Forum and cannot be used in any format by partners or contributing parties to the event without prior written permission from both the Sydney Polynesian Forum and the “Talent”. 11.MEDIA RIGHTS Sydney Polynesian Forum is to be the copyright holder for all photographs taken by the official photographer at the Sydney PACFest 2014 event. At the end of the event all rights to these photos remain with the Sydney Polynesian Forum. Written permission must be gained by partners to use any such images. CONTACT PERSON Please contact the Event Manager, Helena Taulalo by email: or phone 0481353588 to discuss any detail of this proposal.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 Appendix One- Registered Schools (as at 01/05/14) 1. Georges River College- Oatley Senior Campus (Host school 2014) 2. Georges River College- Peakhurst High School 3. Georges River College-Penshurst Girls High School 4. Georges River College- Hurstville Boys High School 5. Wiley Park Girls High School 6. Canterbury Boys High School 7. Belmore Boys High School 8. Burwood Girls High School 9. Kingsgrove North High School 10. Kingsgrove High School 11. Western Sydney High Schools Combination Team 12. Inner West Sydney High Schools Combination Team