Predictions for 2012 Telecoms


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Predictions for 2012 Telecoms -

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Predictions for 2012 Telecoms

  1. 1. Predictions for 2012Top 5 predictions for Customer Management in 2012
  2. 2. Rob HawthornManaging Director, Client ServiceBarclays Corporate• Prediction: “Client-centricity will be a major factor in determining commercial success in 2012 as never before. People will choose to do business with companies who have earned the reputation for strong service and no quibble guarantees. The winners will be easily identifiable.”• Explanation: “Over the past 3 years, commercial success has been strongly influenced by how well a company delivers service for its clients, its staff, its owners and the communities within which it operates. As clients we always have a choice - and in 2012 these factors will become ever more critical when we spend.”
  3. 3. Romy ThorpeDirector of Service, EnterpriseCable & Wireless Worldwide• Prediction: “In the current economic climate, profitability and value for money are fundamental requirements for our customers. This doesnt detract from the quality of service that they expect to receive, and in fact, puts SLAs and end customer experience directly under the spotlight when contracts are being negotiated.”• Explanation: “In an increasingly competitive landscape the quality of the services delivered alongside the perceived value customers experience will become the pivotal point when negotiating or renegotiating contracts. Understanding the mission criticality of those services and their impact on our customers will underpin the quality of contracts we agree.”
  4. 4. Andrew WilliamsCustomer Experience Strategy DirectorOrange FT Group• Prediction: “2012 will see major challenges for the traditional Telco sales and service model, brought on by the launch of new low cost providers and the increasing importance of online.”• Explanation: “The commercial consequences of this will present new challenges for the customer experience as Telcos move towards reducing costs in distribution, customer service and communication. As a result operators will have to increasingly invest in, and optimise, the sales, service and support experience on the web, including through social media.”
  5. 5. Jasmine GreenVP & Chief Customer AdvocateNationwide• Prediction: “The companies who understand the benefits and opportunities of social media and incorporate a successful strategy into their customer experience model will see exponential improved CE results.”• Explanation: “Todays customer has a heightened expectation of accessibility and responsiveness which stems from the immediate gratification of internet communications. It is imperative for businesses to provide a great personal experience that includes a methodical strategy to address and leverage social media.”
  6. 6. Michael HavasGroup Director Customer Service & OnlineTelekom Austria Group• Prediction: “Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the key differentiator of the future.”• Explanation: “Products and services in the telecommunications sector are more and more comparable. To differentiate in the market and get ahead of our competitors, a successful CEM is the key to success. Developing a customer-centric strategy, not just by providing the best service but also by including CEM in product design and development, will be the main challenge.”