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A christmas carol


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Presentation about the novel

Published in: Education
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A christmas carol

  1. 1. A Christmas CarolStave 1 Find excellent quotations and answer the following questions
  2. 2. Stave One Quotations Write a graffiti wall of quotations!1. Find two quotes that help the reader understand more about the character of Scrooge at the beginning of the story.2. Find two quotations that show Dickens’ presentation of the contrasting reactions of Scrooge and his nephew towards Christmas?3. Find one quotation of Dickens’ description of the moment when Scrooge sees Marley’s face in the door knocker.4. Find a quotation that shows Scrooge’s reaction to what he sees in the knocker.5. Find a quotation of the description of when Marley’s ghost enters through Scrooge’s double-locked door.
  3. 3. Does Scrooge begin to change in Stave One?Write a paragraph outlining Scrooge’s character at the opening of the novel and how he reacts to the visit by Marley’s ghost later in Stave One. In your answer try to answer the question:Does Scrooge begin to change in Stave One? You should aim to use some of the quotes you have already written for questions 1-5 in your answer/ other quotes from Stave One to create a sophisticated, analytical answer.