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UB Communication


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This presentation introduces changes which are being implemented to enhance internal and external communication at the University of Ballarat.

Published in: Technology
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UB Communication

  1. 1. UB CommunicationUpgrade PlansNovember 2012
  2. 2. Project goals• Launch updated homepage for• Improve online access to UB News and What’s On content• Better target information for key audiences including students and staff• Display news headlines on common login screens• Provide staff with an automated email news summary each morning
  3. 3. Corporate website changesDesign updates to support more effective access tonews, events, video and other content
  4. 4. For staff
  5. 5. UB staff news
  6. 6. Current students
  7. 7. Student news
  8. 8. Student news item
  9. 9. What’s on
  10. 10. UB videos
  11. 11. Internal communication changesDaily email digest and news headlines oncommon login screens
  12. 12. Daily email digest
  13. 13. Updated login screens
  14. 14. Enhanced administration proceduresSupporting communication of news and events
  15. 15. Submit news
  16. 16. Target specific audiences
  17. 17. Submit events
  18. 18. Other features• Automatic email notification for approvers• Approvers can approve items via ‘one click’ from email• Items submitted by approvers go live immediately• Options to easily attach documents, images or embed videos• Category system reflects UB organisation chart• Save time with features such as auto look up and saving of staff contact details• Option to easily add event details to your Outlook calendar
  19. 19. Learn more or provide feedbackGo to