National broadband champion update 13 nov 2012


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Australia's National Broadband Champions participated in the National Telework Forum in Melbourne on 5 December 2012. They also met with the Senator Stephen Conroy.

In discussion the follow day the Broadband Champions reflected on their involvement in 2012. Discussions with DBCDE and NBN Co representatives explored how broadband will benefit specialist fields from medicine through to business and education.

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National broadband champion update 13 nov 2012

  1. 1. National Broadband Champion Update Dr Helen Thompson 13 November 2012CeCC Success 2/5/12
  2. 2. National Broadband Champions• Broadband Champions participated in the National Telework Forum• They also met with the Senator Stephen Conroy• Discussions with DBCDE and NBN Co representatives explored how broadband will benefit their specialist fields from medicine through to business and education.• A shared opportunity for reflection and future planningCeCC Success 2/5/12
  3. 3. Digital futures and eResearch• UB has recognised the need to adopt a more proactive approach• CeCC has relocated within organisation to Office of DVC Research• New responsibilities in 2012 include digital futures, eResearch and the UB Corporate WebsiteCeCC Success 2/5/12
  4. 4. Regional ICT Strategy and Implementation• Not just building strategy but helping regional organisations to progress staged implementation• Assist with securing funding – grant identification, writing etc• Represent region and lead advocacy in many areas• Ballarat confirmed as Smart 21 finalist in the Intelligent Community of the Year award.• Goal is to progress to Top 7 in January 2013CeCC Success 2/5/12
  5. 5. Visualising Victoria’s Groundwater• Smartly manage our environment utilising high speed broadband capabilities to capture, aggregate and spatially depict Victorias groundwater systems for public access and sustainable development and managementCeCC Success 2/5/12
  6. 6. Sport and Recreation Spatial• Bring data together around active participation, facilities and club data, population and health outcomes together to inform policy and practiceCeCC Success 2/5/12
  7. 7. Dairy Innovation Australia• An online spatial application to visualise dairy production per region and dairy industry location. The data used in this prototype consisted of milk, protein and fat production levels for dairy producing regions.CeCC Success 2/5/12
  8. 8. Integrated Fire Management Planning• A knowledge database and data portal using web- based mapping to support strategic fire-risk planning using community, regional, state and commonwealth data• Smartly manage our environmentCeCC Success 2/5/12
  9. 9. Central Highlands Digital Enterprise Program• Increase digital engagement via two year public awareness and skills development program• Deliver training and advice for SMEs. NFPs and cultural organisations• 150 group session, 660 individual mentoring session• Strengthen established network capacity and foster local champions CeCC Success 2/5/12
  10. 10. National Telework Week• 12–16 November 2012• Telework promotes flexible work practices and the use of the latest technologies to stay connected with colleagues, clients and managers• Spatially mapping the residential and campus locations for over 1,000 UB staff has provided new insights to help UB plan for the future CeCC Success 2/5/12
  11. 11. NBN enabled telehealth and 3D medicine• Department of Business and Innovation support via Broadband Enabled Innovation Program• Led by UB’s Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri• 12 Sites in Victoria – Tele-dentistry – Tele-psychiatry – Tele-oncology – Tele-wound – Tele-geriatricsl CeCC Success 2/5/12
  12. 12. Eureka I’ve found it• NBN enabled skills and education – funding being sought from other sources• Goal is to digitise regional newspapers, historical collections and documents from Ballarat and beyond• Build regional capacity• Identify, describe and create digital repositories of collections of historical documents, print resources, artefacts, imagesCeCC Success 2/5/12
  13. 13. Online Education• Boost higher education participation in regional Victoria• Achieve through a partnership arrangement between UB and regional TAFE institutes• Deliver a suite of the undergraduate degree programs• Supported by Australian Government under the Structural Adjustment FundCeCC Success 2/5/12
  14. 14. Online Education• Online visitors are led through a three stage game process to help make decisions about the content of their Will.• The first step involves exploring what would happen if they were to die without a Will. The second step collects personal information. The third step gives a summary of decisions.CeCC Success 2/5/12
  15. 15. University of Ballarat Technology Park• Ballarat, has emerged as the most competitive location in Australia for the delivery of IT services• The University of Ballarat is opening up of an additional 22 hectare site. Eleven buildings are planned, with room for 1500 employees.• Technology Park activities in Ballarat’s CBD will open to tenants in July.• State government investment of $2.9 million confirmed paving the way for more investment and jobs in Ballarat.CeCC Success 2/5/12
  16. 16. Digital Agriculture• Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation, University of Ballarat and University of New England are exploring opportunities• The idea of a possible Digital Rural Futures Conference in Armidale in June 2013 is gathering momentum.• Collaborators include UNE, ACBI, UB and the Regional Universities Network• Aim to involve DBCDE, NBN Co, RDA, EDA and othersCeCC Success 2/5/12
  17. 17. Broadband Champion Role• Great personal opportunity• Benefit of being able to engage Broadband Champions through visits to regional Victoria – opportunities to build on this in 2013 are already being explored• Generation of media stories has extended values of presentations to regional groups and also provided opportunities to profile UB activities to broader audience• Professionalism of people involved – DBCDE, NBN Co, video production company• Increasing our own focus on getting more stories out through UB, CeCC and Digital Enterprise activitiesCeCC Success 2/5/12
  18. 18. Further information Contact Helen Thompson Director Centre for eCommerce and Communications Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) University of Ballarat Email Web and Success 2/5/12