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CeCC Single Source Publishing Examples


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This presentation introduces the CeCC Docbook Manager - a single source publishing platform.

The presentation includes examples of use by different partner organisations for different outcomes.

The CeCC single source publishing system is a highly flexible web-based application which revolutionises the traditional publishing process.

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CeCC Single Source Publishing Examples

  1. 1. CeCC Docbook ManagerExamples of use by different partnerorganisations for different outcomes
  2. 2. Presentation overview• The CeCC single source publishing system (Docbook Manager) is a highly flexible web-based application which revolutionises the traditional publishing process.• Docbook Manager can be customised to meet the needs of any organisation that wishes to publish and maintain major reports, strategic plans, books and policies.
  3. 3. Single Source Publishing• Same content can be published to multiple formats (HTML, PDF, XML, ePub)• Structured content separates content from style – ensuring consistent presentation• Ideally suited to technical documents• CeCC Docbook Manager allows for the maintenance of a Single Source Publishing document without requiring the technical knowledge.• Docbook Manager is used by different partner organisations for different outcomes
  4. 4. Docbook Manager Benefits• Collaboratively manage the content of a publication.• Publish to multiple sources: • Web, PDF, ePub, inDesign (for hardcopy)• Reduces challenges associated with creating and maintaining publications of a collaborative nature.• Enforces a publication/review cycle• Published content is both professionally presented and accessible with semantically rich html• Structured published content inherently provides search engine optimisation
  5. 5. Victoria Law• Large publication: 24 chapters, 3460 sections, 682 web pages• Published once yearly, alongside hard copy version• Single editor• Repurposed handbook content forms services directory• 1 page fact sheets
  6. 6. South Australia Law• Large publication: • 37 chapters • 710 sections • 1,791 web pages• Published regularly - no hard copy version• Multiple collaborative editors
  7. 7. Cancer AustraliaEvidence-based clinical practice guidelines• Small guidelines • Approx 13 pages each• Extensive internal review • Draft versioning • External review process before guideline is published• Both HTML and PDF version published• Endnote referencing integration
  8. 8. University of BallaratGeneral Guide for the presentation of academic work• Provides general advice on reaching acceptable standards of academic work• Large technical document• Annually updated• Published online and in PDF format
  9. 9. University of BallaratPolicies and Procedures• Large collection of small documents • 240 topics • 280 documents • 4,959 sections• Distributed userbase: contributors, editors and workflow managers• Document ownership, version control and approval process• Multiple ways to browse and search for policies• Transparent and automated document status (schedule, review, draft for comment, recently approved)• Publishes HTML and PDF versions
  10. 10. Research reports
  11. 11. Docbook Manager: Chapters and Sections• Documents within Docbook Manager consist of chapters and sections• Sections are the core element of any publication• All content is either part of, or links to a section• Sections are structured hierarchically• To view demonstration of Docbook chapters and section management visit:
  12. 12. Docbook Manager: Inline Editing• Inline “What You See Is What You Get ” editing• Xstandard standards compliance WYSIWYG• Intuitive and dynamic interface• To view demonstration of inline editing visit:
  13. 13. Docbook Manager: Workflow Process• Documents evolve through collaborative editing.• After document review, the document is published• During the publishing lifecycle, documents versions can be created at document milestones
  14. 14. Docbook Manager: Workflow• Flexible permission system• Document edit review (View changes inline)• Editing reports (eg: Editor activity)• Document versioning (eg: Drafts, External Review, Final, For Approval) – providing a complete document history• Publish control – Public document cannot be published while any versions remain active• External review of document version (Collation of public feedback for a document version)
  15. 15. Docbook Manager: Automation• Index terms • Automatically replaced with link from index term database• Glossary terms • Automatically replaced with definition from glossary term database• Acronyms • Automatically replaced with acronym tag from glossary term database• Links • Updating a link in the links database can update any occurrences of the link within the Docbook content• To view a demonstration video visit:
  16. 16. Other Useful Features• Docbook extracts all links from content to create a links database which allows links to be listed and searchable - as well as broken links being fixed once instead of every occurrence. eg:• Any addresses marked up with an <address> tag can be automatically extracted from the content and turned into a searchable database of addresses with google map geolocation. eg:• Collations allow the selection of individual chapters or sections for export, review or creation of new documents
  17. 17. For more information• Single source publishing •• Demonstration videos •• Centre for eCommerce and Communications •• Helen Thompson • Email • Phone 03 5327 9418