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5 Reasons why Murder Mysteries make an Effective Teambuilding Activity


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A brief look at how working together to solve a 'crime' can help your team work effectively and productively together

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5 Reasons why Murder Mysteries make an Effective Teambuilding Activity

  1. 1. reasons why murder mysteries are an effective Teambuilding Activity  
  2. 2. They develop valuable problem solving skills
  3. 3. To solve a 'murder' teams need to
  4. 4. Think strategically Collate and analyze evidence Prioritise information and tasks
  5. 5. They improve communication skills
  6. 6. In order to be successful in solving the mystery, teams must:
  7. 7. Appreciate how each team member may interpret information differently Learn how to ask open questions when interrogating Promote open discussion and evaluation Effectively and accurately feed information back to other members of the team
  8. 8. They promote creativity
  9. 9. Mistakes are learned from, not penalised Brainstorming, free thinking and the creative flow of ideas is encouraged
  10. 10. Affair with boss? Who stood to gain? We think the husband is guilty... Who took out the insurancepolicy? Business partner had been embezzlingfunds... If a team is comfortable with expressing their ideas and opinions, this increases confidence and motivation
  11. 11. They encourage collaboration over competition
  12. 12. Collaboration encourages a more open and honest culture within the workplace, leading to happier teams Teams share a common goal; to solve the 'crime' Swapping roles within the team gives people a fresh perspective and empathy with others
  13. 13. They're fun! And everyone works and performs better when they enjoy what they do
  14. 14. “Best team-building activity I’ve ever done” said one member of the team “ Can we do this every training session?” asked another. Cherrymead Surgery, Bucks
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  16. 16. Helen Saxton