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How to create a Pick a Path Story using Powerpoint


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This is an example and instructions on how to create a click a path story in Powerpoint.

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How to create a Pick a Path Story using Powerpoint

  1. 1. Clickable EventsA clickable event can be used for creating a picka path story.For example slides 1-4 could be the intro to thestory, slide 5 would have clickable shapes thattake you to the different endings. Slides 6, 7, 8would have the different endings of the storywith slide 9 being the very end.
  2. 2. Creating a Clickable PathsMake sure you have the slide created thatyou want to go to when a shape is clickedon.Set up a slide to have the clickable shapesto enable the selection of the differentstory paths.Insert, Shapes and draw relevant shapesas shown below or alternatively insertpicture or clipart.
  3. 3. Creating a Clickable PathsNext click onshape/picture and RightMouse Click on ActionSettings.
  4. 4. Creating a Clickable PathsThen click on Hyperlink to: andselect the slide you want to go toin the document under Slide…You may want to Play a Sound onclicking as well on this screen toadd to the atmosphere of thestory.Repeat for each path you want tocreate.
  5. 5. Creating a Clickable PathsNow finish setting up your end storyslides.After entering the end of the story,then insert a shape on that slidewhich will enable a person to click onto go back to the pick a path slide tochoose a different path. Haveanother ‘button’ which you can clickon to go to the end of the slides tocompletely finish.Look for different buttons availableunder Insert, Shapes.Hint: Once you have action settingsset, copy and paste the button ontoanother slide and just edit thesettings as relevant.
  6. 6. Story Ending 1Add the end of the story here.
  7. 7. Story Ending 2Add the end of the story in here.
  8. 8. Story Ending 3Add the end of the story in here.
  9. 9. EndWe hope you have enjoyed your click a path story.Try creating one yourself.Feel free to use this as a template.