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When SharePoint Isn't Enough - Adding Enterprise Class Search for Better Collaboration


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A Case Study at the FDA how Enterprise Class Search will provide better collaboration capabilities

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When SharePoint Isn't Enough - Adding Enterprise Class Search for Better Collaboration

  1. 1. When SharePoint Isn’t Enough Adding Enterprise Class Search for Better Collaboration Case Study at the Food and Drug Administration Prepared for: Enterprise Search Summit October 17, 2012 Presented by: Helen L. Mitchell, Team Technology, Inc. Dan Stroman, Discover Technologies www.teamtechnologyinc.com2008
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER• The views and opinions expressed in the following PowerPoint slides are those of the individual presenters and should not be attributed to the Food and Drug Administration, Enterprise Search Summit, Information Today, its directors, officers, employees, or any organization with which the presenters are employed or affiliated. 2
  3. 3. BiographyHelen L. Mitchell – Principal, Team Technology, Inc.• Over 32 years at DHHS having led one of the largest Enterprise Search implementations among Civilian Federal Agencies• Over 20 years experience as a Project Manager leading cross functional IT teams in collaboration with scientific and regulatory communities to successfully develop and implement many FDA mission critical projects Develop enterprise-wide search strategies & solutions Build governance, management and end user buy-in Promote collaboration, standards, findability and improved organization of data and document assets Passion – to help clients to reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, reduce pain points and achieve a positive search experience 3
  4. 4. BiographyDan Stroman – Vice President of Sales, Discover Technologies Over 20 years of experience in IT finance and IT sales management. Previously served as head of Microsoft‟s Americas Business Productivity group, responsible for sales and marketing of the FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010 software products in North, Latin and South America. Previously, while serving as Regional VP, Public Sector, for the FAST subsidiary of Microsoft, Dan was awarded Microsoft „Gold Club‟ honors having led one of Microsoft‟s top performing regions winning major relationships with Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Homeland Security, EMC, HP, PTC and BAH Prior to joining Microsoft, Dan led award-winning Public Sector and OEM sales efforts at FAST as well as search engine maker, Convera.
  5. 5. About Team Technology, Inc • Over 10 years experience in IT professional services & products • Headquarters in Washington, DC. • • SBA Certified SDB, 8a • Successfully support client efforts leveraging an integrated team approach ensuring project success from strategy setting to design and implementation. Capabilities-Critical IT Infrastructure Support -Business Intelligence-Program /Project Management -Software Test and IV&V-Business Process Improvement -Systems Engineering and Technical Support-Communications and Networking -Organizational & Workforce Development-Enterprise Application Integration -HW/SW: Acquisitions & Deployment-Information Security -Requirements Analysis 5
  6. 6. Agenda• FDA Mission Challenges• FDA Informationally Challenged• FDA Landscape• FDA Communities of Practice• FDA Search Examples• New Knowledge Discovery Functionality Needs• How To Build An Effective Search Strategy• On The Road to Success• How to Enhance Knowledge Discovery & Collaboration• FAST Search Differentiators vs. SharePoint OOB• Best Practices• Questions & Answers 6
  7. 7. FDA Mission Challenges• Rapid Transformation of Science & Technology that Generates Products FDA Regulates• Increasing Consumer Expectations  Ex. To easily obtain medical & risk-related information• Expansion of Global Trade and Production  Overseeing the Foreign Drug Manufacturing Supply Chain  Import Safety and Screening• Emerging Public Health Threats  Food and Product Safety• Protecting Patients and Promoting Innovation• Product Safety and Inspections• Counter-Terrorism and Emergency Coordination 7
  8. 8. FDA Mission Challenges (continued) FDA Regulated Products Import StatisticsImported from 150 CountriesHave over 150,000 ImportersHave over 300,000 Foreign FacilitiesNearly 20 million shipments of food, devices, drugs, and cosmetics will arrive atU.S. ports of entry this year250% Increase in Imports in the last DecadeAround 15-20% of all food consumed in the U.S. originates outside our borders70% of seafood and 35% of fresh produce come from outside our borders, whichare most vulnerable in terms of potential contaminationUp to 40% of the drugs Americans take are importedUp to 80% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients in those drugs come fromforeign sources 8
  9. 9. FDA ‘Informationally’ Challenged• Current Enterprise Search Product De-supported  Limited Search Features & Functionality  Oracle & Documentum Connectors don‟t support current versions  Does not support Windows Server 2008 or later version• Manually Sift through Structured/Unstructured Data  Oracle & Documentum Databases  Network File Shares  Content & Document Management Systems  Social Networks, Websites  Emails, Desktop Lack of Data Standardization  Each source has a unique access method & needs translation  Metadata mapping between search engine and underlying systems• Content Findability Solutions Were Not a Priority 9
  10. 10. Current Stakeholders and Users Frustrations 10
  11. 11. FDA Communities of Practice (Persona) Inspectors, Investigators, Scientific Reviewers, Law Enforcers Researchers Managers, Decision Makers Administrative Support 11
  12. 12. Example 1: Product Quality Issue• Investigator Needs to Inspect Company „XYZ‟  Access Relevant Info BEFORE Inspection or Investigation o Review Registration Info o Review Product Approvals o Review Warning Letters o Review Adverse Events o Review Field Alerts  Identify Target Issues to Address with Company BEFORE Inspection/Investigation  Staff Currently Search across Disparate Sources of Information 12
  13. 13. Example 2: Drug Safety Issue• Better Integration with Business Processes  Ex. Safety Evaluator receives Serious Adverse Event Report o They Would Need to Search and Review: Other AERs for same drug(s) Latest Labeling Latest Reviews Info on Network Shares, eRooms, Websites External Data, Journals, Regulations Analyze data Lot #s & Distribution Info• Enterprise Search Can Provide Integrated Search Across Above Content („one-stop shop‟) 13
  14. 14. New Knowledge Discovery Functionality Needed •Text Analytics •Searching - Categorization - Dynamic and - Entity and fact admin influenced extraction ranking - Summarization - Fielded search - Sentiment - Parametric search analysis - Semantic search - Metadata - Clusters generation •PARSING/TOKENIZING•Sources of •SecurityEnterpriseContent •End User •Indexing •Personalization - Global - User profile analysis - History - Static ranking - Discovery - Store - Taxonomy 14
  15. 15. How To Build an Effective Search Strategy• Get the Buy-in of Management• Carefully integrate standardized search technologies with business processes• Educate the user on search concepts and search tool capabilities• Be Sensitive to Persona Requirements:  Expectations differ for Pre Market, Post Market Safety, Product Quality, Global Threats, etc. o Access different types of information o Develop Persona based Nomenclature standards 15
  16. 16. How To Build an Effective Search Strategy (continued)• Standardize Nomenclature• Simplify Navigation• Identify Search Requirements at the BEGINNING of a Project• Develop Prototype and/or Pilot• Communicate with the User Community  Ex. Workshops, training, surveys, feedback 16
  17. 17. On the Road to Success• FDA Achievements to Date  Building upon Internal successes  Enterprise Search w/RetrievalWare  Traction Social Software  Recently Procured SharePoint and FAST Search  MigratingeRooms to SharePoint  Formulating Search Strategies  Analyzing Users Requirements  Planning User Training 17
  18. 18. Opportunities to Enhance Knowledge DiscoveryFAST Differentiators vs. SharePoint OOB, et al• Connectors Extensive list of connectors with bulk & incremental updates Microsoft built & enhanced connectors for Microsoft components (e.g. SharePoint)• Security – comprehensive Security Access Module supports: Extraction of Access Control Lists (ACLs) from Active Directory, LDAP & Custom Sources Connectors extracts ACLs extract AD, LDAP & connector-specific ACL‟s Supports pre-query filter (which removes inference/covert channels and improves response time) Supports post-results trimming of results (based on content updates) 18
  19. 19. FAST Differentiators vs. SharePoint OOB (continued)• Exposed, easily manageable pre-index content pipeline for different content sources More than 200 default stages 12 default pipelines Mix & match stages using GUI Administration Tool Extensible using default stage to integrate external processing (e.g. application call-outs) Extremely scalable framework 19
  20. 20. FAST Differentiators vs. SharePoint OOB (continued)• Exposed Query & Result pipelines for query & result processing, including: Security trimming Navigator binning Relevancy sorting Linguistic search components Custom logic 20
  21. 21. Example = Contextual Recommendations • Documents, experts and sites directly related to item of interest • Provides content pre-viewing and search “drill down” • User selections adjust the content recommendations
  22. 22. FAST Differentiators vs. SharePoint OOB (continued)• Linguistics – comprehensive of the box advanced linguistics (versus ‘language agnostic’ approach) Supports detection, decoding & search of 84 languages Supports advanced linguistics on 35 languages, including spelling support/suggestions, phrasing/anti-phrasing, approximate match, pattern matching, phonetic matching, dictionary based matching, etc. Linguistic approach is much more powerful and flexible than the limited stemming approach 22
  23. 23. FAST Differentiators vs. SharePoint OOB (continued)• Linear Scalability in three dimensions (distributed not federated which means no drop off in performance or relevancy) Index (supports bulk & incremental updates of individual documents or fields of individual documents) Query Content Update (freshness) 23
  24. 24. Best PracticesStrategically rethink how to deliver yourmission, start small and just DO IT! Measure results by establishing key performance indicators Use Search Technologies on internal and/or external sites, cloud, social media Develop Governance: Overhaul Organization Websites, Integration Policies, UI, etc. if needed Leverage lessons learned to reduce project cycles, increase trust and empower communities 24
  25. 25. Questions??? 25
  26. 26. Contact Info Thank You!Helen L. Mitchell, Principal Dan Stroman, Vice President of SalesTeam Technology Inc. Discover Technologies819 7th St., N.W., Suite 300 11710 Plaza America DriveWashington, D.C. 20001 Suite 110(202) 842-3340 (office) Reston, VA 20190(202) 842-3361 (fax) (703) 288-9696 (office)(202) 422-6770 (mobile) (703) 328-5849 (mobile) 26