7.2.1 Hwk


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7.2.1 Hwk

  1. 1. 7.2: Stamp out Cyber-Bullying Research in to cyber-bullying 1. Collect some information about – What is cyber-bullying? – Why does cyber-bullying happen? – How does cyber-bullying happen? 2. Don’t forget to make a note of where you got your information from Level Increaser To increase your level you could • Use 3 different websites to get your information – Level 6 • Use 3 different types of sources of information (e.g. Books, Newspapers and websites) – Level 7 This is due by the start of next lesson. HELP! I don’t have a computer or the Internet at home! I can’t do my homework! Don’t worry. There are plenty of computers in school; you can always complete your work at lunchtime, break time or after school. Why not try going to the library? 6/8/07 HS