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Splash PR - What is Helen Lambell actually for? pptx


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Property specialist Helen Lambell at Splash PR explains what motivates her. The presentation includes dogs, tractors and a reference to Marie Antoinette.

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Splash PR - What is Helen Lambell actually for? pptx

  1. 1. Helen Lambell wears a no- nonsense PR hat to help companies in the property and construction industries She has selflessly spent more than 30 years in journalism, PR and scriptwriting so she can share your news with the people you want to read it. (And she’s not even wearing a hat in this photo – maybe it’s too hot. She is in California after all) CC-BY-SA license
  2. 2. “Helen is that brilliant mix – fun AND clever.” (PS This is not Helen. In fact, it isn’t even her dog. She spotted it in Delft but it refused to go home with her).
  3. 3. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # One She wrote two shortlisted comedy dramas and a six-part sitcom for BBC Radio 4 and was in the four-horse final hurdle to write for Ragdoll Productions, creators of The Teletubbies and In the Night Garden
  4. 4. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Two She likes to pretend she is French (no-one is fooled except the English people in the Marmite section of Le Clerc). PS When she is doing this she calls herself Helene. Yup, still nobody falls for it.
  5. 5. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Three She’s worked for two of the world’s largest PR agencies – McCann and Porter Novelli
  6. 6. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Four She hangs out in cafes writing really intelligent press releases about the construction industry (while masquerading as a Parisian. Still no- one is taken in.)
  7. 7. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Five One of her clients was turning over a meagre £5m a year a decade ago. He’s just sold the company to one with a bottom line of more than £600m.
  8. 8. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Six She was a journalist and newspaper editor for eight years.
  9. 9. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Seven She finds walking therapeutic and has belonged to the National Trust for ever. Literally. A cream tea in a National Trust café is one of the best things in the entire world
  10. 10. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Eight She has a French degree from Warwick University. (This is still not her btw)
  11. 11. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Nine She claims to be descended from the alleged lesbian lover of Marie Antoinette. She knows this almost certainly isn’t true – but it makes a good story. Except when she is in France when it is safer to keep quiet in case of any sort of beheading opportunity.
  12. 12. Ten facts about Helen Lambell # Ten Oh yes, a work fact now. She loves getting her teeth into complex property and construction related issues, swilling them round in her mouth and then regurgitating a beautiful piece of prose in which her client is presented as some sort of guru, thus making his or her product or service irresistible to potential customers