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Claire Jones


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Presentation was shared at Heritage Show + Tell, Leeds

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Claire Jones

  1. 1. What am I working on?Aim: to build the Museum into the fabric of the UniversityThrough:• Collections access and care – multisite, many collections• Education – student, staff, schools, adults• Research – undergraduates, postgraduates staff• Training – museum skills• Projects – exhibitions, events (Bragg, Light Night)
  2. 2. Why is it exciting?• New initiative so can be shaped – build from the ground up• Involves the very people that inhabit the University and City• Values and celebrates the University’s and City’s scientific heritage
  3. 3. What am I looking for?• Local network to share ideas, expertise and develop projects. For example: – specialist curatorial knowledge around natural history collections, wet specimens, medical instruments etc – City wide events e.g. WW1• Space – for exhibitions – travelling?• Money!Contact us!