Quest to find the magic leads to twitter


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This presentation outlines the possibilities that Twitter presents to educators

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  • EDEN European Distance and eLearning Network
  • Quest to find the magic leads to twitter

    1. 1. My Quest to Find the Magic Leads to Twitterby Helen CrumpMA Technology , Learning,Innovation & Change December 2010
    2. 2. the times they are a changin’ the way people obtain and exchange information is becoming more… digital social mobile
    3. 3. web 2.0: connected ‘digital natives’instant messaging textingphotos downloads blogs & microvideos social networks blogs
    4. 4. definitionssocial networkis a web-basedservice that provides micro blogways for users to short posts to a personalinteract to build blog [web diary],communities of especially aboutpeople who have happenings of thecommon interests moment
    5. 5. “suddenly everyones talking about Twitter! ”• part microblogging tool• part social networking tool• freely accessible on the Web and mobile devices• currently has 175 million users• 360,000 sign ups per day• 16% of new users join via mobile device
    6. 6. appeals to our inherently inquisitive human natureallows you to answer the question"What are you doing?"• by sending short text messages 140 characters in length• called "tweets"• to your friends, or "followers."it is proving to be an ideal platform forrapid, innovative and consumablecommunication
    7. 7. can appear frivolous to people who have never tried it• social nature and mobility has led Twitter to become very popular quite quickly• time-poor or remote users have opportunity for informal conversation with those outside their daily activities• great tool for monitoring and keeping a pulse on topics and people is Twitter a distractionconversation: ‘virtual water-cooler’ from “real work” ?
    8. 8. links to communities of practice
    9. 9. 0penness, simplicity and flexibility short format of the tweet is defining characteristic…• opens up your circle of contacts to an ever- growing community of like-minded people• less gated method of communication: you can follow and share information with people that you wouldnt normally exchange email or IM messages with• allows informal collaboration and quick information sharing
    10. 10. discover what’s new in your world player_embedded#
    11. 11. can enhance practice in Higher EducationCentre for Learning& Performance Technologies’“Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010” number 1 Twitter
    12. 12. can be beneficial to working practiceTwitter helps develop communityof practice and professional identityresearch:• keep in touch with research network• engage in debate• link to blog posts or journal articles you’re reading• ‘amplify’ conference and event happenings to non-attending colleagues
    13. 13. can be beneficial to teaching and learningout-of-class:• promotes discussion beyond classroom walls• can pose questions or answer queries about assignments• creates ‘community of support’ beyond physical classroom• facilitates collaborative group work• update students about lecture cancellations and venue changesin-class:• in large lecture hall can engage all students in discussions• ‘back-channel’ real time commenting, recording, divergent point of view
    14. 14. the Twitter experiment at UT Dallas
    15. 15. Community of Inquiry: Twitter pedagogy teacher presence: engagement through Twitter helps attend to instructional management issues and students’ knowledge building cognitive presence: students able to construct meaning through sustained interaction with tutor and professional practitioners social presence: “It really made me feel like we knew each other more and were actually in class Dunlap, J.C., and Lowenthal, P.R. (2009). Tweeting the Night Away: Using Twitter to together.” Enhance Social Presence. Journal of Information Systems Education, 20 (2).
    16. 16. the college: considerations before adopting Twitterbenefits:• free to set up an account• helps facilitate blended learning offer• facilitates social learning• compliments existing channels of communicationto discuss:• open communication tool - need to aware of ‘reputation management’ issues• IP - ownership of content needs to be clarified• familiarisation phase - for both organisation and individual (cost)other: campus-wide wi-fi would be advantageous
    17. 17. the lecturer: considerations before implementing Twitterequitability:• can all students access mobile phone/ laptop [alternative?]course management:• compulsory or optional• will Twitter participation be assessed or not• is there mobile phone/ wi-fi signal in classroom [if needed]• plan how to track tweets - set up course hash tagprofessional:• consider how much personal information you want to disclose [maybe 2 accounts]
    18. 18. students: considerations before you start to Tweet for classbenefits:• increases social interaction with peers• provides learning support• helps facilitate collaborationcautions:• be aware content is moderated by lecturer• in-class tweets are labelled "anonymous" in the view that students see but student can still be identified by lecturer• open communication tool - do not compromise fledgling professional identity
    19. 19. ‘we can work it out’• as the ranks of educators on Twitter grow, we hear more and more about the importance of their Personal Learning Network [PLN] so why shouldn’t our students have PLNs of their own?• in order to motivate and relate to their students, lecturers need to be able to speak the same language and inhabit the same communities, both real and virtual; engage with technology and truly enhance teaching and learning
    20. 20. The Twitter Song
    21. 21. thank you:happy tweeting *** you can follow me on Twitter @crumphelen