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Corless ale presentation

  1. 1. Development of a Child-Friendly Brand for Physical Activity Programming at the YWCA ALE Project for Health Resources in Action Presented by Helen Corless
  2. 2. Health Resources in Action (HRiA) • Non-profit consulting agency • Mission: “To help people live healthier lives and build healthy communities through policy, research, prevention, and health promotion” • Health Communication department
  3. 3. Parent Project: YWZones Parent Project: YWZones Grant fundingExpanded physical activity programming Low participation rates HRiA
  4. 4. Childhood Obesity• Major public health issue in US & TX• Racial/ethnic disparities• Multifactorial causes• Exercise as a modifiable risk factor Source: Trust for America’s Health
  5. 5. Project GoalsShort term: To contribute to thedevelopment of a child-friendly brandfor YWZones programmingLong term: To reduce childhoodobesity rates among youth in El Paso,Texas
  6. 6. Objectives Objectives1) Use theory to understand the target audience2) Assist with concept development3) Develop and implement concept testing approach4) Develop recommendations for YWZones brand
  7. 7. Target AudienceHealth Belief Model: – Perceived benefits – Perceived barriers – Perceived threat • Susceptibility • Severity – Self-efficacy – Cues to action
  8. 8. Target AudienceIn summary…• Low perceived benefits of YWZones• High barriers to enrollment• Few cues to action• Messaging about weight loss not likely to resonate with parents• Need to appeal to both parents and children
  9. 9. Creative Concepts“Through participation in the YWZones program, youare helping your child be healthy and view exercise asfun, providing them with opportunities that will enhanceall aspects of their life”Logos: created by YWCA designerTaglines: created by HRiA team
  10. 10. LogosLogo A Logo B Logo C Logo D Logo E Logo F Logo G
  11. 11. TaglinesTagline A Fun in MotionTagline B Fitness, Friendship, FunTagline C Fitness+ Friendship = FunTagline D Getting Kids Fit for LifeTagline E Opportunities for Play, Opportunities for Life
  12. 12. Remote Concept Testing• YWCA Staff • Online survey • Completed by 6 staff members• Parents • YWCA members with children ages 6-12 • 3 focus groups via speakerphone• Children • Children ages 6-12 (recruited as pairs) • 3 interactive groups facilitated by YWCA
  13. 13. ResultsLogos• Not satisfied with any options• Unanimous dislike of typographical logos• Concerns about child and activity imagery
  14. 14. ResultsTaglines• Favorites: – Getting Kids Fit For Life – Fitness, Friendship, Fun• Importance of conveying the idea of fun• Spanish translations
  15. 15. RecommendationsLogos• Needs to communicate variety of activities and variety of ages• Imagery of both physical activity and children important• Create three new options and pretest as part of a soft launch event
  16. 16. RecommendationsTagline• “Fitness, Friendship, Fun”• “Actividad, Amistad, Alegría”Logo-tagline pairing• Pair in all marketing of YWZones• Importance of clear communication
  17. 17. ReflectionsImportance of communication for public health programmingImportance of understanding community needs“The best-laid schemes o mice an men gang aft agley” -Robert Burns
  18. 18. Thank You!A special thank you to Julie Banda, DebraNoll, and Karen Schoneman for all of yourguidance, support, and encouragementthroughout this project.
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Thank You!