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Social media: a catalyst for spread, influence and practice for healthcare improvement


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Slide deck from the breakfast session that Leigh Kendall and Helen Bevan ran at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, 4th May 2018

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Social media: a catalyst for spread, influence and practice for healthcare improvement

  1. 1. Source of image: Searles Graphics BR3: Social media: a catalyst for spread, influence, and practice of healthcare improvement Dr Helen Bevan @HelenBevan Leigh Kendall FRSA @leighakendall #Quality2018 IHI Forum Amsterdam, 4 May 2018
  2. 2. The Horizons team • We tune into the latest change thinking and practice in healthcare and other industries around the world –translating this learning into practical approaches to change • The team has emerged through years of supporting change in the NHS and health and care system • A small, diverse team of people within the English National Health Service @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  3. 3. What is Social Media?
  4. 4. A Twitter Challenge! During the day today send a tweet about something that you are working on: Use the principles we are talking about during the session - Include an image - Include a relevant link - Tag @leighakendall @helenbevan #Quality2018 – and Leigh will give you feedback!
  5. 5. Twitter for healthcare improvement Whilst multiple social media channels are used in healthcare improvement, Twitter is the number one channel for sharing and influencing. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  6. 6. On a scale of one to ten, how experienced are you at Twitter? 1 is low (I know very little) 10 is high (lots of experience) A human continuum @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  7. 7. On a scale of one to ten, how experienced are you at Twitter? 1 is low (I know very little) 10 is high (I know a lot) @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  8. 8. Find the 3%! Just 3% of people in the organisation or system typically influence 85% of the other people Source: Organisational Network Analysis by Innovisor From module one
  9. 9. The 3% rule also appears true for social media Source: research by Graham MacKenzie using NodeXL In health and healthcare globally, tweets by 3.3% of tweeters accounted for 85% of retweets @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  10. 10. Most social media operates within an Echo Chamber Source of image: Scriberia @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  11. 11. The powerful medical “superconnectors” Source: NodeXL analysis @gmacscotland @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  12. 12. Why do Echo Chambers Matter? “Echo chambers can lead people to believe in falsehoods, and it may be difficult or impossible to correct them.” Cass Sunstein, Republic
  13. 13. What creates Echo Chambers? • Homophily: there is a strong tendency to connect and bond with people who are like us • ‘Daily me’: the ability to control what we see and hear through social media preferences – and algorithms – means we are in danger of seeing only opinions that agree with our own, thus creating and reinforcing echo chambers. • Many people like echo chambers – it’s comfortable!
  14. 14. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018 How to break out of the Echo Chamber: Create a spectrum of allies!
  15. 15. We need to embrace social media “An organisation that doesn’t embrace the digital expressiveness of its people is creating a disconnect and also a lost opportunity. The use of social media avenues to break down barriers to inclusiveness is effective in organisations of any size, especially those that are geographically dispersed.” Terri Lewis @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  16. 16. Empower your staff to be the voice of the organisation. They’ve got audience & credibility @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  17. 17. Social Media Guidelines  Information about the context and benefits of using social media  What to be aware of and something about the process to follow in using social media  Principles to guide the use of social media tools in your professional capacity  Useful links typically include: CONSULT BOTH YOUR ORGANISATIONAL & PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES
  18. 18. 18@HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  19. 19. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  20. 20. Analysis by @gmacscotland
  21. 21. Lots of green lines on the graph is good!
  22. 22. “Rules” to become a top social influencer at a conference • Add a graphic/photo (up to x10) or a link (up to x5) • Make it easy for people to quote you; add your handle and hashtag to every slide • Add a narrative that makes the tweet relevant to people outside of the conference • Get a superconnector to include you in their tweets • Make friends with your “snipping tool” or “grab” function @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  23. 23. Finding great content • Keep Twitter lists • Review trusted sources • Sign up to newsletters and blogs 25 @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  24. 24. So What? • Nature of social media means content is fleeting, even viral content. • Millions of people might have seen your content, but has it had an impact? How do you know? OR @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  25. 25. 3 principles for spreading improvement in an era of social media ACTIONABLE: The idea is designed to make you do something. It might start with sharing but it’s a call to action CONNECTED: The idea promotes a closer connection with people you care about or share values with. It makes you feel part of a community and the network effect creates further spread EXTENSIBLE: The idea can be easily customised, remixed, reshaped by people taking part. It’s structured with a common stem that encourages communities to alter and extend it Jeremy Heimens, Henry Timms New Power: How it’s changing the 21st Century and why you need to know (2018) @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  26. 26. 70 day challenge: to give patients back one million days of their precious time that would otherwise be wasted in bed in a hospital or care home. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  27. 27. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  28. 28. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  29. 29. #endpjparalysis: connected social communities @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  30. 30. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  31. 31. @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  32. 32. Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  33. 33. #Theatrecapchallenge @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  34. 34. #Theatrecapchallenge
  35. 35. #Theatrecapchallenge: Extensible
  36. 36. Spread and Reach • Focus on maximising spread and reach, rather than trying to ‘go viral’. • Share good content that is consistent with what you want to be known for • Find your people – communities, social movements, hashtags • Calls to action @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  37. 37. Source of image: gaping void@HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  38. 38. To think about How could you use social media to develop a campaign that is ACE: ACTIONABLE CONNECTED EXTENSIBLE Start a new quality improvement or safety campaign? Join an existing one? @HelenBevan @leighakendall #Quality2018
  39. 39. What healthcare improvers can learn from @RolfAtWarwick AN
  40. 40. I run two personal Twitter accounts • This is the first • I want to tell you about the other one @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018
  41. 41. Here are Rolf and Rebel
  42. 42. Here are Rolf and Rebel Rebel: • Hangs out in the garden • Comes home every night
  43. 43. Here are Rolf and Rebel Rolf: • Disappears for up to 5 nights at a time • Loves Warwick University campus
  44. 44. We discovered that Rolf had a massive roaming range
  45. 45. We PDSA-ed many solutions • Different wording on his collar  Please do not feed me  I am not lost  My name is Rolf @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018
  46. 46. We PDSA-ed many solutions • Different wording on his collar  Please do not feed me  I am not lost  My name is Rolf • A cat behaviourist @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018
  47. 47. So we set Rolf up with his own Twitter account @RolfAtWarwick
  48. 48. The response has been incredible @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018
  49. 49. Students and staff post Rolf’s whereabouts
  50. 50. We tweet when we go to collect Rolf from campus @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018
  51. 51. We have learnt just how much Rolf is loved on campus @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018
  52. 52. Outcomes of @RolfAtWarwick 1. Rolf is safer in a high risk situation 2. Reduced anxiety for Rolf’s family as:  we know his whereabouts  we are relieved that he isn’t a nuisance 3. Rolf continues to bring much joy to students and staff at the Warwick University campus 4. Rolf is becoming a cult feline on Twitter @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018
  53. 53. What healthcare improvers can learn from @RolfAtWarwick • Tweet with a clear purpose • The importance of being relational • How to build a network of new connections very quickly:  Warwick University community  The #ambassacat movement  Regular tweet reports build momentum @RolfAtWarwick #Quality 2018