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NHS People Plan implementation unconference

  1. Help co-create the change: recognising, respecting and responding to the needs of our NHS people Source of image: LEDx Learning and Leadership The NHS People Plan unconference 13th February 2020 #OurNHSPeople
  2. Today’s event code is… #OurNHSPeople
  3. A poll Do you know : •The person to the right of you? •The person to the left of you? •The people on both sides? •Neither of them?
  4. A poll I and other NHS people have the power and freedom to lead change collectively in 2020 • Strongly agree • Agree • Neither agree nor disagree • Disagree • Strongly disagree​
  5. OurNHSPeople 12345abcde Free Congress Centre wifi
  6. The aim of the unconference is to unleash the power and wisdom of 200+ diverse people (every kind and level of NHS people, plus guests and NHS partners) to: • Generate hundreds of ideas and perspectives on the NHS People Plan that can be brought into the implementation approach across the country • Break down barriers and give people taking part the power and freedom to conduct the entire discussion process • Help people build their own skills, knowledge and networks so they can play their part in implementing the People Plan • Unleash innovation and creativity and “thinking differently” about how to achieve the gains we want from the People Plan • Leave the unconference with energy and power as advocates for the People Plan so we can play our part in making the NHS the best place to work #OurNHSPeople
  7. Why an unconference? “The sum of the expertise of the people in the audience is greater than the sum of expertise of the people on stage” David Winer
  8. The power of the unconference • Collective wisdom, the power of diverse angles • Direct implementation is possible • Decisions are supported by those involved in deciding • Ideas can be tested and new ideas explored • Dialogue and collective thinking gives power, respects and includes • Deeper understanding and wishes can emerge Source of image: LEDx Learning and LeadershipSource: Floris Koot #OurNHSPeople
  9. Agenda for the day 1000 How today will work 1015 The call to action (Prerana and Navina) 1030 Pitching: collectively creating the schedule 1115 Slot 1 1155 Transition 1205 Slot 2 1255 Transition into lunch 1230 Lunch becomes available 1330 Slot 3 1420 Transition time 1430 Slot 4 1520 Transition time 1530 End of day reflections 1545 Group reflections 1600 End We will create our own schedule #OurNHSPeople
  10. Principles for our sessions today 1. Whoever comes are the right people 2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened. 3. When it starts is the right time 4. When it's over it's over #OurNHSPeople Source: Harrison Owen, Open Space
  11. 11 | #OurNHSPeople
  12. Creating a safe space • We are creating a visual report and a vox pop of today’s unconference; if you don’t want your picture to be in the report or the film, let a person in a green t shirt know • We want you to tweet! If you want to tweet what someone said in a group discussion, ask them first • “I know you from Twitter but I’m shy” Source of image: Columbia Daily Reporter #OurNHSPeople
  13. Green t-shirt people! #OurNHSPeople
  14. NHS England and NHS Improvement The NHS People Plan unconference Help co-create the change: recognising, respecting and responding to the needs of our NHS people A call to action! Prerana Issar @Prerana_Issar Navina Evans @NavinaEvans #OurNHSPeople
  15. 15 | Prerana Issar Chief People Officer @Prerana_Issar Why this unconference matters to me
  16. 16 | Navina Evans Chief Executive of East London Foundation Trust and workstream lead for Best Place to Work @NavinaEvans Why this unconference matters to me #OurNHSPeople
  17. 17 | We want you to come up with ideas that will help bring the whole People Plan to life… The NHS People Plan will set out action to: • make the NHS the best place to work by improving staff experience and thereby improving retention • improve the leadership culture, with an emphasis on compassionate, inclusive and collaborative leadership behaviours • transform and grow the workforce (‘more staff, working differently’) in support of Long Term Plan service priorities by: o releasing more time for care, supported by more systematic use of digital technology o supporting and enabling workforce redesign through better use of clinical and non-clinical roles to support registered professions, extended and advanced roles, and using current professionals across different settings including primary care o growing the future workforce and reforming education and training to ensure the right number and mix of staff – with the right skills – joining the workforce in the short, medium and longer term • set out a clear operating model for workforce issues, with a much stronger role for integrated care systems. We’d love for today’s sessions to reflect all of these critically important themes – what conversation do you want to have? #OurNHSPeople
  18. Four challenges for the unconference 1. The “hearts and minds” challenge 3. The “break the rules” challenge 4. The “busting cynicism” challenge How can we connect with the values and goals of our NHS people so that the NHS People Plan becomes the peoples’ plan? How can we overcome the “permission culture”, the policies, restricted thinking and ways of working that drain our energy and act as barriers to making the NHS the best place to work? How can we show our colleagues who are cynical or sceptical about change that it really will be different this time? Will it really be different? #OurNHSPeople 2. The “scaling and spreading what’s great” challenge How can we stop reinventing wheels and build on the strengths of what someone is already doing brilliantly somewhere else? How can we learn from each other on a big scale?
  19. Our call to action today Help us to the NHS People Plan • No idea is too stupid • No contribution is too small • No person is less important • Let’s use all the wisdom and diversity of views and backgrounds in the room to get the implementation of the People Plan off to a flying start • Let’s make the NHS the best place to work #OurNHSPeople
  20. Let’s create the agenda together #OurNHSPeople
  21. The pitch Think of a topic that you would like to discuss with others: Write your topic on the big post it note with a marker pen Come to the stage with your post-it note, ready to make a 30 second pitch for your topic People Plan theme Challenges Type of session Group discussion: Suggest a topic you are interested in taking action on, so others can come to join the conversation; or My Big (or Little) Question: A question you want to know the answer to, that you think others in the group could help you answer; or My great project: that others implementing the People Plan could learn from learn from • Making the NHS the best place to work • Improving the leadership culture in the NHS • Releasing more time for care • Enabling workforce redesign • Growing the future workforce • Setting out a clear operating model for workforce issues 1. The hearts and minds challenge 2. The scaling and spreading what’s great challenge 3. The break the rules challenge 4. The busting cynicism challenge You can pitch anything!
  22. • Go with the flow - this event is intended to help you find the time and space to talk with and learn from each other. • Follow your passion - go to the sessions that interest you. • Use the rule of two feet - if as session isn't right for you, use your two feet and leave. • Support the session lead (convenor) - you share a common interest in making the session good, so volunteer to write the notes, help keep time etc. Source: #OurNHSPeople Some advice for taking part in the sessions
  23. Capturing our discussion and ideas for action The more alive the community, the greater the after effect. The more clear and inviting the actions, the more practical the differences we can make. The more visibility we can give to the next steps, the stronger the chance of follow up. Source: Floris Koot #OurNHSPeople
  24. Reflections Source of image: GovCamp #OurNHSPeople
  25. A poll I and other NHS people have the power and freedom to lead change collectively in 2020 • Strongly agree • Agree • Neither agree nor disagree • Disagree • Strongly disagree​
  26. Our learning finale: snowstorm and volcano Write down on the white sheet: One positive learning point from today The most disruptive thing I heard today that we should take action on OR What created a fire in my belly today? #OurNHSPeople