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Big Lottery Fund wellbeing evaluation


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Big Lottery Fund wellbeing evaluation

  1. 1. Understanding the impact of our £160m investment in Wellbeing
  2. 2. Showcasing evidence from our £160m investment in health and wellbeing Our new Health & Wellbeing resources bring together learning from across hundreds of health and wellbeing projects funded across England that address: •how to increase physical activity in local communities •how mental health can improve through projects delivered by voluntary and community sector partnerships with local health agencies •how healthy eating can be improved across the generations •how to measure the cost benefit of wellbeing initiatives
  3. 3. Meeting public health outcomes Our funded projects have also provided evidence of how the most successful partnerships and projects have achieved wellbeing improvements. We think our learning will help local authorities and community organisations to design, commission and manage projects that can achieve National Health Improvement outcomes, specifically related to the diet, weight, physical activity, and self-reported wellbeing indicators.
  4. 4. Measuring wellbeing Our new well-being evaluation includes the ONS National Wellbeing Measures but we also measure impact against the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Health & Wellbeing Scale and IPAQ physical activity measures. We have made all this information publically available on our Wellbeing Methodology page so that local practitioners and commissioners can see what’s possible in terms of Wellbeing measurement and, if they wish, use the measurement tools we have commissioned to do so. You can get all the latest news and resources related to our current Wellbeing programme and evaluation on our news page