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  1. 1. Helalley Helalley Environmental management expert drhelalley@yahoo.com Summary I’m the grandson of the World Civilization builders, 7000 years ago. My roots are from Upper Egypt, Edfo, Aswan. Born in Alexandria. i.e I’m the Typical Egyptian Representative (from north to south). My objectives is instructing vision of my work task summarized as Envision a future for the citizens of Alexandria where the quality of life is enhanced by the quality of the environment. In partnership with communities and businesses, we will assess, sustain, preserve, and enhance the quality of the environment while recognizing the need for maintaining the economic vitality of the city Experience Head of industerial,sludge and effluent reuse sector at Alexandria Sanitation Authority April 2010 - Present (3 years 10 months) Managing different activities of industrial effluent control , monitoring, technical assistance and industrial waste water treatment as well as different activities of Alexandria treated waste water reuse and sludge treatment Chef of industrial waste water management, sludge treatment and effluent reuse sector at Alexandria Sanitary Drainage company April 2010 - Present (3 years 10 months) Managing different activities related to industrial effluent control in Alexandria city ,Borg el Arab and industrial zones. Also, sludge treatment and treated effluent reuse systems. 1 recommendation available upon request General Manger of west treatment at Alexandria Sanitary Drainage company April 2004 - May 2005 (1 year 2 months) Managing different treatment process and mechanical dewatering of sludge activities Manager of researsh labrotary at Alexandria Sanitary Drainage Company April 1986 - October 1992 (6 years 7 months) Managing all sampling , analysis and pilot treatment studies Page1
  2. 2. Publications USING MIXTURE OF GRIT AND MATURE COMPOST AS BULKING AGENT: ITS EFFECT ON COMPOSTING EFFICIENCY AND COMPOST QUALITY. 2nd International Conference and Exhibition Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation 2012 Authors: Helalley Helalley, Hussein M. Elashqar Primary wastewater treatment plants in Alexandria produce large amounts of Grit and sand as one of the major solid wastes arising from the preliminary treatment stage, which represents a problem in disposal of these large quantities which are around 811 m3/month, (27 m3/day). On the other hand, one of the main sludge composting management problems is to provide the bulking agents with affordable costs. Co-composting of primary sewage sludge with matured compost, together with grit and sand was carried out to solve the problem of grit and sand disposal, this technique improved the sludge composting efficiency and the final compost quality. Dewatered primary sludge was mixed with matured compost and grit and sand as a bulking agent at 9:2:1 (v/v), and the mixtures were composted for 60 days. Addition of grit and sand raised slightly the inorganic portion of the sludge compost, and rose significantly the temperature in the first composting stage, therefore significantly increased the decomposition activity due to the facilitation of homogenicity of the mixture which resulted in high mixture porosity which improved air exchange within the mixture. The numbers of microbial pathogens were significantly decreased to the safe permitted limits as a result of the raise in temperature, thus produced a final safe product. This technique not only improved the composting operation in terms of temperature, moisture content, mixture porosity, oxygen content (up to 5%). But also reduce the cost of composting operation and solve the problem of grit and sand disposal. A VISION FOR FUTURE SLUDGE MANAGEMENT IN ALEXANDRIA 1st International Conference & Exhibition on Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation SWSSC 2010 July 25, 2010 Authors: Helalley Helalley, Chem. Hussein Mohamed Abdou Elashqar (2) Dr. Samaa Maher Abdel Aziz After full operation of secondary treatment at the East and West treatment plants, the future production of sludge from these plants and from Amriya and Agamy secondary treatment plants in addition to the rest 14 secondary treatment plants all around Alexandria is expected to exceed than 1200 m3/d by 2015 thus the capacity if the sludge disposal site should exceed. Therefore, the future sewage sludge management represents a critical environmental issue in Alexandria, this management includes sludge dewatering, handling, transportation cost to the disposal sites and the final product marketing. As the capacity of Alexandria sludge disposal system will be limited by the increase in sludge production and the current management system, there is an immediate need to investigate ways to establish a future management system and to demonstrate successful operations at higher sludge producing rates. Currently, Site 9N the sole disposal site in Alexandria include a composting plant established when the site was initially developed as a dedicated disposal area for sludge. Consequently, land spreading of the sludge on the dedicated disposal area has ceased and all of the current production of raw sludge is now being composted Page2
  3. 3. using the turned windrow technique. The present study aims to evaluate the current efficiency of the sludge management system and adopt a future vision for the Alexandria sludge system and recommend modifications to protect public health and environment. Projects N G O member 2002 to Present Members:Helalley Helalley Is a regional association.From which to serve the community through the improvement of environmental conditions Chief of Industrial Wastewater Management, Sludge Treatment and Effluent Reuse Sector Alexandria Sanitary Drainage Co. (EGYPT) Members:Helalley Helalley 2005 - 2010 General Manager of the Sector of Industrial waste, Sludge and Reuse ( ASDCO ). 2004-2005 General Manager of Sludge dewatering facility and West Wastewater treatment plant–( ASDCO ). General Manager for Industrial waste and Environment –( ASD Members:Helalley Helalley Languages English Skills & Expertise Environmental Awareness Water Water Treatment Climate Change Environmental Management Systems Sustainability Water Quality Environmental Impact Assessment Sustainable Development Waste Management Environmental Science Water Management Water Resources Environmental Policy Nanotechnology Environmental Engineering Page3
  4. 4. Water Supply Environmental Consulting Education M.Sc. in Environmental Science - Alexandria University (1988) M.Sc. in Environmental Science, Waste-water chemistry, 1984 - 1988 Alexandria University Ph.D. in Environmental Science, waste-water management, 1977 - 1988 Alexandria University Bachelor's degree, Soil ans water, 1977 - 1981 Grade: Good El Morkosia secondary school 77.5%, 1974 - 1976 Page4
  5. 5. Helalley Helalley Environmental management expert drhelalley@yahoo.com 1 person has recommended Helalley "Helalley was very active and managing his work with a high level of efficiency. Also he leads his team in stable harmony." — Anas El-Molla, Consultant of the head of HCWW, Holding Company for Water and Waste Water (HCWW), Egypt, worked directly with Helalley at Alexandria Sanitary Drainage company Contact Helalley on LinkedIn Page5