2011 web game conference


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Introduction keynote of the previous french web game conf. Describe main industrial trends related to new moves within video game segments

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2011 web game conference

  1. 1. Web Game Conf 2011Jeudi 19 mai 2011"From Game to Smart Game"Laurent MICHAUDHead of Digital Home & Entertainment Practicel.michaud@idate.org+33 (0)6 79 80 48 63
  2. 2. Web Game Conf 2011Thank you to the SNJV team for organising this conf. You havedone a very good job and produced an amazing programme fortoday. Many thanks to its partners, Orange, Owlient, Allopassfor supporting such a conf. Thanks to the International Institut ofMultimédia for receiving us in this wonderful place. A lastthanks for giving me the opportunity to share my vision with youregarding three industrial trends which are at the momentblurred concepts.List of speakers is impressive. There are successful gamerepresentatives and this is one of the most important reasonswhy we are gathered here today. There are too, very promisingnew technologies solutions representatives such as Spawnapp,MXP4. There are successfully raised capital representativeslike Kobojo and Mediastay, successful mergers or acquisitions(Playdom), few of very exciting French success stories (Prizee,Bulkipix, Mediastay, Weka, Urban Rivals), and let me crossedmy fingers for Mimesis Republic.The programme of the day has provoked the 4 followingthoughts: • First: For many years this industry was home console centric. More than 50% of industry revenue is used to coming from software and hardware home consoles sales. Nowadays video game industry is plural. Few years ago small and medium developers have moved to the Internet where economic barriers to entry were easier to overcome. Their goal was to offer more diversify game experience and to conquer new audience. Well done! Social gaming, casual gaming, skill based gaming, browser gaming and so on have been created through this strategy. • Second: Video Game industry regularly experiences gameplay regeneration cycles thanks to technology innovation. For 2 or 3 years gameplay innovation seems to be more disruptive than before. It is based on devices IDATE 2
  3. 3. Web Game Conf 2011 (smartphones, tablets), accessories, and features like 3D touch screen, accelerometers. • Third: This industry has a huge appetite for technology. It knows how to use abuse and if necessary get around technology to make money. It is one of its strength. • Fourth: Ubiquity is in the heart of video game industry and will be soon a heavy trend. Ubiquity looks like a mix between cross platform porting and transmedia concepts. Ubiquity means you buy a game one time, you open one game account and play on every platform you want: computer, smartphone, tablet, connected TV, consoles. Finally, ubiquity is like game porting at the digital age. Thats the case for a lot of games now such as Urban Rivals which can be played on FaceBook, on iPhone and on the company website. Eventually, ubiquity allows game platforms to be agnostic regarding content and hold game innovation beyond technological considerations.So i will give a speech based on the main idea that video gamewill be smart or wont be. Ubiquity could be the first proof thatgame is getting smart.1/ First of all: Welcome to the era of video game ubiquityThe word means "everywhere" in Latin. We are used tospeaking about ubiquity in digital music sector. Within digitalworld a piece of music is easily reproducible and can betransferred to any devices without arming artistic integrity andwithout user experience being changed.For a long time ubiquity in video game was a series of attemptswhich were hindered by three things: • First the domination of technological proprietary solutions, • Second the multiplicity of non interoperable devices • Third, lack of captivating gameplay.But the aim of offering a ubiquitous game experience wascompletely justified regarding usages. IDATE 3
  4. 4. Web Game Conf 2011 • Gameplay can be substituted. In this case i play the same game whatever device. • Gameplay can be complementary. In this case i manage items selling, attack alerts or watch my resources on a mobile device and I have a complete experience on a fixed terminal.But Up to few years, ubiquitous games experience waseventually not really convincing.From now connexion spreads on each consumer electronicsdevice like social networks software platform does. Socialnetworks act definitely as an amazing vector of ubiquity andinteroperability experience.So, what about ubiquitous video game today? Most of fixed andmobile game platforms host games and most of these platformsare connected or connectable and interoperable. It is able tocommunicate between each other within a technologicalenvironment increasingly compatible. So everything is ready forubiquity!Game developers are used to taking easily possession oftechnological features offered by devices, Im sure they will dothe same with ubiquity. Moreover they are taking over right nowinteroperability so as to prepare next ubiquitous gameexperience. But at the moment this trend is only emerging andwill soon forms an innovation wave for next years.2/ Secondly proof, lets present another industrial key issuebeyond ubiquity: Connected TVs on the goYou certainly noted screens are more and more numeroussince theatre: Home Theatre, 3D TVs, HD TVs, connected TVs,laptops, cellephones, smartphones, touch screen tablets, touchscreen table.Video game has shown his ability to perfectly adapt itself to thisplurality. It is always among first applications to be setup onnew terminals. It knows how to benefit from new device IDATE 4
  5. 5. Web Game Conf 2011functionalities to duplicate, to adapt and fortunately to createnew gameplay.In addition, it succeeded in proposing successful businessmodels contrary to other content sectors. Music has alwaysevolved in digital world under constraints. Video game does notsuffer, it takes part to innovation,. Well, video game is aneternal pioneer. It will keep on going to operate as usual ondevices currently available, smartphone, touch screen tablets.The next big deal will be video game on connected TV. VideoGame will demonstrate his capability to take possession of TVset. In mid terms, no more home console needed, just network,cloud, fiber to the home, CDN services, software as a serviceand so on.The key issue of such a market segment is still gameexperience. I have no doubt about the way game designers willfind out new gameplay to stick gamers through seamlessexperience.Of course old remote control must disappear and be replacedby new immersive and interactive accessories embedded orattached on TV like pointer, sensor, touch screen interfaces,cam, motion capture.Thanks to emergence of connected TV many different playerswill converge to game industry. Upstream Google, which hasfailed to market its first Google TV should be involved inbuilding a TV appstore. Apple which was expected for fewyears in this segment could adapt its ecosystem strategy toconnected TV. These companies will certainly join audiovisualconsortia like Youview (founded by BBC, ITV, Channel 4,BT…), HBBTV (European Broadcasting Union, FranceTelevisions, Institut für Rundfunktechnik, OpenTV Inc, PhilipsElectronics., Samsung, SES ASTRA, Sony Corporation) TF1)which design two of the next user interfaces on connected TV.Downstream many companies work on game distributionplatforms based on streaming and cloud computing andtargeting TVs, computers, smatphones, consoles, touch screentablets STBs. More and more companies operate on thesegment of Cloud Gaming or Game on Demand : Onlive, IDATE 5
  6. 6. Web Game Conf 2011Playcast Media, Otoy, Gaikai, G Cluster, Transgaming, Spoon,Darkworks, Gamestring, iSwifter...The year 2012 will be the year one of Game on Demand on TV.3/ Third and last point, Game framework becomes smartI wont stay a long time on this last issue. Note that devices canbe always on. Always on means that software solutions will bedesigned to track usages and to identify detailed user profiles inreal time. So, it will be easier to provide users, connectedgamers with content matching with their profile. Data miningsolutions will allow this gain of intelligence. According WikipediaData mining is the process of extracting patterns from largedata sets by combining methods from statistics and artificialintelligence with database management.Furthermore, this real time data user tracking operation will feedbusiness models based on advertising, very promising onconnected TV.Waiting for this, thank you very much for your attention andenjoy the conf. IDATE 6