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Lesson plan slideshow.wmf

  1. 1. Storytelling/ScriptWritingTheatre Education 9-12th GradeKatie HeinemannHeinemann.katie@gmail.com
  2. 2. Activating Strategyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPiIqWbUHQ4
  3. 3. OverviewThe scriptwriting lesson plan will explore the basicelements of scriptwriting and the student will apply theseelements to their own stories through short writtenelement and some performances.The student will utilizethis knowledge of script analysis and development to theprocess of independent scriptwriting.
  4. 4. Student Objectives• The student will be able to define the 5 key elements to writing a script• The student will conduct an analysis of the beginning, middle and end contents to a story• The student will construct a short story from a past personal experience using the 5 key elements and the structure of a story.
  5. 5. Instructional Procedures • Direct yourself through this PowerPoint Presentation and upload files as directed in red throughout the PowerPoint ** • At the end of the PowerPoint you should have uploaded in the Pass/Fail documents in DropBox: • Given Circumstances • Character Examples • Story Analysis (Will be used as a study guide for Word Handout Quiz given at the end of the lesson)
  6. 6. Essential Questions to a Story• Who- Characters• What- Plot (events/sequence of actions)• When- Year, season, day, etc.• Where- Setting• Why- Reason the story takes place
  7. 7. Structure of A ScriptBeginning- Introduces characters, setting, and thestory situationMiddle- highlights the conflicts, developscharacters, and sets up the resolution to the storyEnd- Resolution of the story which resolves theconflict or creates a “to be continued” scenarioto explored
  8. 8. Read the following Story and Answer the questions below Goldilocks and the Three Bears Click Here!1)Answer the 5 elements that make up ascript questions according to the readingof Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Who,What, When, Where, Why…..*** Upload answers to DropBox underGoldilocks
  9. 9. Guided Practice AssignmentsGiven Circumstances:(choose one of the followingoptions to write a quick short storyusing the 5 key questions and thestructure types of a story aspreviously mentioned in prior slides)*** upload answers to Dropboxunder given circumstances1.Child is handed favorite icecream cone, which drops to thefloor2.Parents return from work to findthe house sparkling clean3.Puppy destroys homework
  10. 10. More Guided Practice (use the following given character examples to help develop a short story based on character descriptions.Use the 5 key questions and the structure of a script.) ***Upload short story to Dropbox under Character Examples Crying Young Girl Hungry Baby Laughing Old Man
  11. 11. Go to Homepage Now and Take the Word Handout Quiz locatedunder assessments page
  12. 12. Assignments1) You all will now brainstorm a past story from your childhood that you will eventually be able to conduct and produce a script. When developing your story keep in mind the 5 key elements as well as the structure of a story. *** Please post your potential short story to the discussion board and make sure to respond to two other student’s posts.2) You may now take the Googledoc quiz for this lesson that is located on the Homepage under assessments.