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miss the forest: bringing together multiple taxonomies


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Published in: Technology, Education
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miss the forest: bringing together multiple taxonomies

  1. 1. Miss the Forest For The Trees Bringing Together Multiple Classifications XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  2. 2. Setting object oriented Natural History Collection Size / Age view People Background Taxonomy / Systematics Relevance local - regional – national continental - global XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  3. 3. Aims structure and analyze the Collection taxonomically Reason general Collection vs. separate Collections digitized type material of certain groups Grasses – Myrtaceae Relevance internal – administratively - outreach XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  4. 4. objects
  5. 5. curation Laurus L. / Lauraceae Juss. Illicium L. / Illiciaceae (DC.) A. C. Sm. Magnolia L. / Magnoliaceae Juss. Annona L. / Annonaceae Juss.
  6. 6. workflow diagram XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  7. 7. classifications are stored in a relational database elements names - atomized name strings connected to external sources ( IPNI/Tropicos/...) references - published literature (persons) / working lists linked to digital content via DOIs (publishers) or PURLs (BHL) accepted taxa - incl. homo- and heterotypic synonyms and (inferred) basionym references only accepted taxa used for linking up children with parents XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  8. 8. Service based architecture Served through REST service Interfaces with responses in JSON(P) format. The Services are part of the JACQ database System, which is available as an OpenSource package on Visualisation is provided using a jsTree (which is a jQuery based tree browser). The jsTree is directly connected to the service endpoints. This yields a layered software architecture, which is independent of the underlying database system. XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  9. 9. classifications (incl. multiple taxonomies) sources included 20131101 national Exk. Flora of Austria (1994 / 2005 / 2008 ) – finished regional Flora Iranica (1963--) – only accepted taxa ( regional ) global Dalla Torre & Harms (1900-1908) – work in progress Cronquist 1981 – completed APG + recent update in Phytotaxa 2011 – completed (global ) Lycophytes & Ferns & Gymnosperms - Phytotaxa 2011 – completed Soreng et al 20120808 – Grasses – completed Funk et al. 2009 – Compositae - completed Annonaceae – showcase – familiy finished – lower taxa work in progress Amaranthaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Portulacaceae (et al.) – work in progress Ebenaceae, Myristicaceae – work in progress XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  10. 10. XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  11. 11. XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  12. 12. XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  13. 13. classification bowser @ JACQ XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  14. 14. Future Future enhancements to the classification browser will include a prerendering of classifications. This means that the strictly relational scheme will be pre-calculated into a faster structure, which yields a intentional information loss in order to provide citable (and therefore revision save) references to classifications through state of the art web Interfaces. XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  15. 15. NETWORKS • • • • • Global Plants Initiative – JSTOR GBIF ! EUROPEANA – Cultural heritage of Europe BHL INSPIRE / GEOSS XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  16. 16. needs for Curation and Handling • Names / Taxa (?) labels / concepts • Classifications for sorting (?) • physical / virtual „remove“ information from source Scratchpads / Edit PlatformCybertaxonomy XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  17. 17. open questions • services persistent availability of external services caching vs. incorporating of „used“ data (g)UIDs • data complementing data stores / repositories forking / propagation of content GUIDs XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  18. 18. Paul Maas (U - WAG), Wilfried Morawetz Lars Chatrou (WAG), Elke Döring, Bernhard von Hagen, Martin Röser (HAL), Charlie Charvis (BM), Armando Urquiola (HPPR), Nelson Zamora (INB), Antonio Webber (UniAmaz), George Schatz (MO), Bobbi Angell, Jacky Kallunki, Mike Nee (NY), David Johnson (OWU), Álvaro Pérez (QCA), Adriana Lobão (RB), Renato Mello-Silva (SPB), Tom Wendt (TEX), Gerhard Gottsberger (ULM), Magda Chanco (USM), Otto Huber (VEN) Michael Malicky (LI), Fritz Ehrendorfer, Andrea Frosch-Radivo, Michael Hesse, Hanna Schneeweiß, Tod Stuessy, Walter Till (WU), Anton Igersheim, Ernst Vitek, Bruno Wallnöfer, Wolfgang Koller (W) CURATORS A, ALCB, AAU, AMAZ, B, BAB, BH, BIGU, BM, BOLV, BP, BR, BSC, C, CAY, CEN, CHAPA, COAH, COL, C R, CUVC, CUZ, CVRD, E, EAP, ECON, EHH, ENCB, F, FDG, FHO, FI, FT, G, GB, GH, GJO, GOET, GUA, GUAT, GUAY, HAC, HAJB, HAL, HB, HPPR, HRB, HUA, HUEFS, IAN, IBGE, ICA, IJ, INB, INPA, IPA, JAU M, JE, K, L, LAGU, LE, LI, LINN, LL, LOJA, LPB, LZ, M, MA, MBM, MEDEL, MEXU, MG, MICH, MO, MY, N A, NY, OXF, P, PH, PI, PMA, PORT, PR, PRC, QCA, QCNE, R, RB, S, SCZ, SEL, SP, SPB, SPF, STRI, TE FH, TEX, TFAV, TO, U, UB, UCWI, ULM, UPS, US, USM, USZ, UVAL, VEN, W, WAG, WIS, WRSL, WU, X AL, Z, ZT Financing / Support Austrian Academy of Sciences, Natural History Museum Vienna, University of Vienna, EU, GBIF, GBIF-AT XIV TDWG - Firenze / 2013-11-01
  19. 19. благодаря σας ευχαριστώ danke kiitos gràcies děkuji hvala tak go raibh maith agat thanx köszönöm aitäh dziękuję 謝謝