Neollithic art


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Neollithic art

  1. 1. NEOLITHIC OR NEW STONE AGE WESTERN EUROPEAN ARTDetail of a Kerb Stone at Newgrange
  2. 2. TIMELINENeolithic Period or New Stone Age occurred in Europe from 6000 to 4000 years ago Megalithic art carved on the underside of the roof stone inside the mound at Newgrange
  3. 3. • Newgrange • Stonehenge Brittany
  4. 4. STYLE/DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Some of the Menhirs or Megalithic stones at Avebury, England
  5. 5. A count of one Begin EndA set of units countedas one A single dayA count of five items, Two daysfor example: instancesare given from three Three daysto twenty-two andthirty-three Group of days A whole unit; a whole night and day; a week; a month The Heavens Half a whole unit The winter sun, A count of three whole units a clockwise spiral e.g. three days and nights The summer sun, Four weeks an anti-clockwise spiral The equinox, spring and autumn Four quarters in a year, Four seasons in a year
  6. 6. CrosierShieldAxe Horn
  7. 7. Engravings inside the Cairn T, Loughcrew, Ireland, at time of the Autumn EquinoxThe 6ft high monolith or menhir that is onlyilluminated on the 8th November and 4th Februaryeach year marking the beginning of Spring andAutumn.
  8. 8. The huge engraved stones inside the Gavrinis Cairn, Brittany, France
  9. 9. Examples of ceramic and stone Neolithic statuettes
  10. 10. KEY ARTISTS/MOST IMPORTANT WORKS Aerial photo of Newgrange, Ireland
  11. 11. Entrance Kerbstone and Roof box of Newgrange, Ireland
  12. 12. The Three-spiral motif inside Newgrange, IrelandThe tri-spiral is often referred to as a Celtic design, however it was carved about 2500 yearsbefore the Celts reached Ireland.
  13. 13. Stonehenge, England as it is today Stonehenge as it may have originally looked
  14. 14. SOCIO-POLITICAL AGENDA Examples of everyday portable objectsSpindle for weaving Ceremonial Flint Axe head Ceramic bowl Stone weight
  15. 15. Examples of Neolithic ceramic pottery
  16. 16. Stone Necklace
  17. 17. Stone Beads
  18. 18. LEGACY TO CONTEMPORARY PRACTICEDecorative arts had a new religious and ceremonial focus which influenced artamong later generations.The emergence of transport – mainly boats – allowed for a sharing of culturalbeliefs and an exchange of artefacts and techniques.The arrival of pictorial methods of communication and religious worship lead toearly hieroglyphic writing systems.
  19. 19. REFERENCESAbout Stonehenge of World and Irish Art’s Art Through the Ages 11th EditionKliener, F., Mamiya, C., & Tansey, R. (2001) Gardner’s art through the ages. U.S.A.: Harcourt College PublishersKnowth.com in Morbihan Ireland Museum