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How to Create an Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

How do you develop an effective B2B content marketing strategy? You have to look at it from the customer's point of view and determine how to best deliver the most useful, relevant content through the channels that will reach your target audience.

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How to Create an Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. How to Create an Effective B2B Online Content Marketing Strategy ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  2. 2. What is the goal of your B2B content marketing strategy? To make your business the leading information provider for your customers about solutions to their business challenges. ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  3. 3. What pieces of online content can you provide to deliver this information? • Blog posts • Podcasts • SlideShares • Hangouts • Videos • Webinars • White papers • Infographics • eBooks ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  4. 4. What will those pieces contain? • Interviews with industry leaders • Customer use stories • Industry statistics and analyst reports, with actionable advice and insights • Product tutorials, how-tos • Guide to measuring ROI on products • Product roadmap, features, developments • Anything else your customers tell you they want to learn from you...but you have to LISTEN. ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  5. 5. How do you discover what content will be most useful? Ask your customers! • Surveys • Advocate marketing programs • Social media polls • Online survey tools • Listening • Sales team communications • Comments on social, blogs, communities • Any customer conversation • Research where they spend time online • Who do they follow on social channels? • What communities and forums do they belong to and participate in? • What do they share with their social networks? • What blogs do they read and comment on? • Where do they go to waste time? ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  6. 6. Tactics What tools are in your content arsenal? ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  7. 7. Audio & Video Google Hangouts, webinars and interview videos provide content that can be repurposed in multiple ways. • Create short clips for YouTube with annotations linking to the full version • Strip audio to create podcasts (put on iTunes) • Transcribe to create blog posts (What about developing a series?) ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  8. 8. Words & Pictures • Compile blog posts, webinar slides into eBooks • Ask industry leaders to contribute articles • Repurpose eBooks for SlideShare • Create an email newsletter ©2014 Heidi Willbanks
  9. 9. Additional layers Social • Optimize content for individual channels • Regularly recycle evergreen content SEO • Develop keyword strategy and optimize all content for organic search Lead Generation • Resist the urge to gate all the things • Add CTA to ungated content (soft ask) • Use email opt-in landing pages for gated content ©2014 Heidi Willbanks