Europe after Hitler’s Advance


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This power point also contains Japan vs. the US.

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  • This appeared just after the fall of France. The British lion, with a wounded nose, hopes to profit from France's defeat by gaining control of its colonies.
  • Europe after Hitler’s Advance

    1. 1. Reflectiona. “You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, What is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory- victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror; victory, however hard and long the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.” -Winston Churchill May 13, 1940
    2. 2. Europe After Hitler’s Advance Britain and US Relations
    3. 3. QuizTake out a piece of paper and match thefollowing countries with their respective action.
    4. 4. 1. ___Germany Quiz with France declared war a. This country along on Germany after Hitler invaded Poland.2. ___France b. This country made a non-aggression pact with Germany.3. ___Britain c. Hitler was appeased at the Munich Conference with a portion of this country called the Sudetenland.4. ___Austria d. This country was blamed for World War I and forced to pay huge reparations to the victor countries.5. ___Czechoslovakia e. This country fortified its borders with Germany except for an area called the Ardennes forest which they assumed could not be penetrated by a large army.6. ___Soviet Union f. Hitler invaded this country only to get to the northern part of France.7. ___Belgium g. This country was unwillingly annexed by Germany in a move called the Anschluss.8. ___Poland h. The invasion of this country sparked the beginning of World War II.
    5. 5. Fall of FranceTerms: Germany had allof France’s northernborderSouthern France was stillunder French control(Vichy government)Why would the British beconcerned?“"Your departure grievesme! I hope you will atleast leave me yourcolonies as a souvenir!"(23 June 1940)”
    6. 6. Battle of BritainHitler knew he couldn’t launch an attackagainst Britain– Air offensive to destroy air fields and industry– Even though many places were destroyed, the Luftwaffe were not successful at defeating the Royal Air Force or breaking the morale of the British people
    7. 7. Battle of BritainHitler’s first defeat– If he couldn’t bomb them into submission he would starve them into submission Sank merchant ships on their way to Britain When Britain began to use the convoy system the Germans used “wolf packs” to attack them
    8. 8. American “Neutrality” Destroyers for bases– Britain lost many of its destroyers and asked President Roosevelt to transfer old American destroyers to them– It was agreed that for the old destroyers Britain would grant the US permission to build military bases on Newfoundland, Bermuda, and islands in the Caribbean which meant that there was no monetary exchange, and the Neutrality act didn’t apply– The press was shocked.
    9. 9. American “Neutrality”Lend Lease Act– United States would become “the great arsenal of democracy”– Britain was running out of money and could no longer pay for the “cash and carry” Roosevelt compared it to lending a garden hose to a neighbor whose house was on fire– Passed in 1941
    10. 10. American “Neutrality” Lend-Lease Act– The United States could lend or lease arms to any country that might be “vital to the defense” of the United States mostly Britain, but also to the Soviet Union as well – “Those who fight against Nazism are on our side too” -Churchill
    11. 11. American “Neutrality”Step by step Roosevelt was leading theUS to the verge of war with the Nazi’s– Over the summer of 1941 American ships “escorted” British ones to the tip of Greenland and IcelandWhen Hitler broke his promise to theUSSR the US extended the lend lease actto the USSR
    12. 12. American “Neutrality” Atlantic Charter– August 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill met face to face (secretly) to discuss the leadership of a postwar world of democracy, non- aggression, free trade, economic advancement and freedom of the seas
    13. 13. American “Neutrality”Almost every day since the war beganFDR and Churchill had been exchangingphone calls, letters or cablesAtlantic Charter condemned “NaziTyranny” and embraced the 4 freedoms ofspeech, worship, freedom from want andfreedom from fear
    14. 14. American “Neutrality”FDR pledged to force anincident which wouldjustify him in openinghostilities with Germany(according to Churchill)German and US relationsdeteriorated quickly as aU-boat fired on aAmerican ship andRoosevelt gave a “shooton sight” order– Germans targeted 2 American destroyers which sank in the North Atlantic killing 115 American sailors
    15. 15. American “Neutrality”
    16. 16. Japan vs. the USAre they really the bad guys?
    17. 17. Disaster in the PacificBecause of preoccupation with Germany,Roosevelt avoided conflict with Japan– As a result Japan expanded militarily into Southeast AsiaJapanese leaders viewed their GreaterEast Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere as anAsian version of the Monroe Doctrine– Wanted to replace Europeans– Threatened the Open Door policy with China
    18. 18. Policies to Discourage JapanEconomic pressure– Japan depended on the US for many of its important supplies (oil, iron ore, steel)July 1940 Export Control Act– Gave President Roosevelt the power to restrict certain materials to certain nations– He blocked the sale of airplane fuel and scraps to Japan This pushed Japan to side with Axis powers
    19. 19. EmbargoJapanese leaders indicated a desire tonegotiateTwo nations were at odds– Japan wanted its conquests recognized– Us insisted Japan withdraw from China and renounce the Tripartite Pact with Germany and ItalyJapan prepared for secret attacks on USpositions in Guam, Philippines and Hawaii
    20. 20. Japan Attacks the USIs it a direct result of thebombing of PearlHarbor that the USentered WWII ??Between August 1939and December 1941 theUS did everything tohelp Britain, whichincluded introducingpolicies to discourageJapan from attackingthe British Empire
    21. 21. 1941 Roosevelt sent lend-lease aid to China US hoped if it could quell Japan in China they wouldn’t attack anywhere else This failed and Japan marched into China – Roosevelt quickly froze all Japanese assets in the US, dropped the oil amounts and built up American defenses in the Philippines – Made it clear that if Japan left the US would lift the embargo Japan decided to attack the US Navy in the Pacific so they could continue their plans
    22. 22. Plans were made November 26, 1941 six Japanese aircraft carriers, two battleships and several other warships took off for Hawaii Japan seemed to be continuing the negotiations with the US ambassador
    23. 23. December 7,1941
    24. 24. December 7, 1941US never thought they would launchsuch a long-range attacksank and or damaged 21 US shipsincluding 8 battleships, 3 cruisers, 4destroyers and 6 other ships188 airplanes were damaged and 2,403Americans were killed with another1,178 injured
    25. 25. Did Roosevelt Know?Some critics feel he contrived it to bringthe US into the warAmerican intelligence had been workingon cracking the Japanese code for sometime– Information did point to Pearl Harbor being at riskArgument is based on circumstantialevidence, not fact
    26. 26. December 7,1941Day of Infamy SpeechBugs Bunny Nips theNips