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Angels, guides & healing – why you’re so attracted


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When the journey to spiritual awareness begins, you are attracted to one of three things:- angels, guides or healing. During this webinar you will discover what the opening signs are, the progress you’ll make, and the route your attraction will lead you.

Understanding this area will accelerate your spiritual journey.

During this webinar you'll:

Understand the healer's journey
Learn how synchronicity is only the start of what's to come
Realise where angels, guides, and healing fits into the journey of self-love

The webinar is pure content, if you want to go even deeper and join me at one of my upcoming in-person workshops or Inspire Ireland, you'll be given the opportunity at the end.

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Angels, guides & healing – why you’re so attracted

  1. 1. FREE Webinar of the Month with Heidi Sawyer
  2. 2. The Healer’s Journey
  3. 3. Starts with: Experience of / interest in angels Fascination with healing Feeling of being guided A presence
  4. 4. Sparks of white or blue light in your home Feeling of a gentle voice speaking to you on waking Smell of lilies
  5. 5. The Healer
  6. 6. Healer Types are usually: Feelers Kinaesthetic
  7. 7. Your attraction: To open the heart centre to self-love Without self-love you cannot properly help another Without self-love it becomes rescuing Making up for what you never received
  8. 8. The Soul’s Progress
  9. 9. Angels are symbolic of the unconditional love energy Guides are relevant to self-evaluation They are externalised until they become internalised Healing is an expression of a higher vibration than the physical auric fields
  10. 10. Introduction to the Tree of Life
  11. 11. Subconscious The Physical World Guides Angelic Realms Guru / Ascended Masters Life Force Astral Planes
  12. 12. The Sensitive’s Journey
  13. 13. Synchronicity Lost “MoJo” Authenticity Guides, Stranger’s stories & Reiki Guides go, Angels are patchy Journey of Authenticity
  14. 14. Journey of Authenticity
  15. 15. Some never make that journey They prefer to stay in Stage 1 or 2 Angels and or guides are not enough You feel you want more The ‘more’ is deep inner work
  16. 16. If you’re not sure which stage you are at I’ll help you decide when I switch to readings
  17. 17. Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about…
  18. 18. Wherever you are on the Consciousness Line we have a course for you
  19. 19. Relationships Never Good Enough Soul Soul Mastery Mind Intuitive Genius Healing M&B Enlightenment Tree of Life Let Heidi guide you along your Sensitive’s Journey with one of her ‘done for you’ courses
  20. 20. We provide a no risk 30-Day Money back guarantee on all of our courses
  21. 21. FAQs: • Who are they for? • Who are they NOT for? • What is Heidi’s Circle?
  22. 22. The event of the year for Sensitives
  23. 23. This is your chance to feel safe through this transitory time