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Colorado Nut Company One Sheet and Order Form


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Colorado Nut Company One Sheet and Order Form

  1. 1. 5161 Ward Road, Suite 7-8 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Phone: 720-890-8000 Fax: 720-890-8008 Toll free: 800-456-5444 • Healthy Fats • • High Protein • • High Fiber • • Immune-boosting Minerals • • Vitamins • • Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids • • Source of L-arginine • Introducing Four Winds Healthy Snack Alternatives Colorado Nut Company, parent company of My Treats, was founded in 1985 by Roger and Kathy Renaud. The bulk of their business came from selling nuts and trail mixes at local retailers and also selling to 9-5ers in office buildings downtown. Kathy, the President of the company, pushes carts in and out of office buildings to this day. She loves selling direct to her customers to experience firsthand how much the product is enjoyed. In 1994 Roger and Kathy introduced an extensive bagged product line and their business began to explode. They offer everything from the best loved candies to creative combi- nations of nuts and dried fruits. The perfect healthy snacks for everyone. Over the years, the product line and their family owned business continues to grow. Roger and Kathy are passionate about their brand and to continue to work full time in their office every day, just as they did when they started their business venture together. They are a company that will always emphasize quality and freshness based on superior ingredients!
  2. 2. • Colorado Nut Company’s Top Sellers • 5161 Ward Road, Suite 7-8 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Phone: 720-890-8000 Fax: 720-890-8008 Toll free: 800-456-5444 Colorado Mountain Munchies CNC002198M WSL $2.14 Smoked Almonds, Rice Crackers, Butter Toffee Peanuts, Corn Sticks, Pretzels, Sesa- me Sticks, Wok Peas Candy Nut Munch CNC002008M WSL $2.10 Peanuts, M & M’s, Raisins Cashew Cranberry Cherry Jubilee CNC002168M WSL $3.31 Cranberries, Cher- ries, Apples, Cinna- mon Toffee Peanuts, Pecans, Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews Rocky Mountain Energizer CNC002618M WSL $2.34 Bananas, Dates Rolled in Oats, Apple Cinnamon Granola, Honey, Sunflower Seeds Texas Trash CNC002108M WSL $1.80 Pretzels, Corn Chips with Flax Seed, Wheat Sesame Sticks, Bread Rounds, Chee- tos Datsa Spicy Stuff CNC002018M WSL $1.96 Hot Churritos, Hot N Spicy Peanuts, Pe- pitas, Rice Crackers, Soybeans Everything But the Kitchen Sink CNC002038M WSL $2.74 Apricots, Cashews, Pineapple, Almonds, Walnuts, Papaya, Brazil Nuts, Raisins, Pecans, Dates, Hazel- nuts Rugged Mountain Madness CNC002628M WSL $3.15 Almonds, Pecans, Apricots, Pineapple, Yogurt Covered Al- monds, Cranberries
  3. 3. Fax to Four Winds Trading at 720-890-8008 Item Description WSL Unit Weight Product Type Order Qty. CNC002068M 7th Inning Stretch 8 ozs. 2.13$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC001938M Almond, Barbecue 8ozs. 4.44$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC001038M Almond, Smoked (Blue Diamond) 8ozs. 4.44$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC001018M Almond, Whole Natural Raw 8ozs. 3.99$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC002078M Aloha, Fruit Mix 8ozs. 2.14$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC004028M Boston Baked Beans 8ozs. 1.70$ 8oz Candies CNC002008M Candy Nut Munch 8ozs. 2.10$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002168M Cashew, Cranberry Cherry Jubilee 8ozs. 3.31$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC001068M Cashew, Whole Rstd/Salt 8ozs. 4.42$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC006108M Chocolate Butter Toffee Peanuts 8ozs. 2.30$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006768M Chocolate Candy Coated Sunflower Seeds 8ozs. 2.97$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006008M Chocolate Covered Almonds Milk Choc 8ozs. 3.91$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006408M Chocolate Covered Almonds, Dark 8ozs. 3.25$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006198M Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Dark 8ozs. 4.22$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006038M Chocolate Covered Raisin 8ozs. 2.61$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006068M Chocolate Malt Balls Milk Choc 8ozs. 2.86$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006558M Chocolate Mini Caramel Balls 8ozs. 2.79$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006258M Chocolate Non- Pariels 8ozs. 2.77$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006458M Chocolate Peanut Caramel Clusters 8ozs. 3.07$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006028M Chocolate Peanuts Double Dipped Peanuts 8ozs 2.59$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006098M Chocolate Pretzels 8ozs. 2.59$ 8oz Chocolate CNC006548M Chocolate Raisin Passion 8ozs. 2.30$ 8oz Chocolate CNC002228M Chocolate, Cherry Stimulus 8ozs. 3.74$ 8oz Chocolate CNC004518M Cinnamon Bears 8ozs. 1.58$ 8oz Candies CNC002198M Colorado Mountain Munchies 8ozs. 2.14$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002018M Datsa Spicy Stuff 8ozs. 1.96$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002038M Everything But The Kitchen Sink 8ozs. 2.74$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC004438M Fruit Sours, Assorted Flavors 8ozs. 1.96$ 8oz Candies CNC002158M Gold Fever 8ozs. 2.97$ 8oz Trail Mix Address ______________________________________ City/State/Zip_____________________________ Phone________________ Customer ______________________________________ Colorado Nut Company Minimum Order 6 Bags of one Flavor
  4. 4. Fax to Four Winds Trading at 720-890-8008 CNC004018M Gummy Bears, Albanese/Trolli 8ozs. 1.74$ 8oz Candies CNC004168M Gummy Bears, Haribo 8ozs. 2.25$ 8oz Candies CNC004758M Gummy Frogs 8ozs. 2.34$ 8oz Candies CNC004828M Gummy Mini Frogs, Rainbow 8ozs. 2.34$ 8oz Candies CNC004658M Gummy Sour Brite Crawlers 8ozs. 1.82$ 8oz Candies CNC004158M Gummy Worms 8ozs. 1.74$ 8oz Candies CNC004358M Hot Tamales 8ozs. 1.62$ 8oz Candies CNC004148M Licorice Bites Cherry 8ozs. 1.72$ 8oz Candies CNC002118M Mango Tango 8ozs. 2.69$ 8oz Dried Fruit CNC002358M Manhatten Nights 8ozs. 2.17$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002268M Millionaires Only 3.91$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC001118M Mixed Nut, Deluxe Rstd/Salt 8ozs. 4.34$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC002098M Nibbles N Bits 8ozs. 2.61$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002518M Peanut Delite 8ozs. 1.86$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC001738M Peanut, Asian Wasabi 8ozs. 1.53$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC001378M Peanut, Butter Toffee 8ozs. 1.84$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC001348M Peanut, Honey Roasted 8ozs. 1.90$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC001228M Pistachio, Natural Rstd/Salt In Shell 8ozs. 4.73$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC002618M Rocky Mountain Energizer 2.34$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002628M Rugged Mountain Madness 8ozs. 3.15$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002048M Samurai Sensation 8ozs. 2.14$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002458M Sesame Nut Medley 8ozs. 3.27$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC004218M Sour Patch Kids 8ozs. 2.37$ 8oz Candies CNC002588M Sticks N Stones 8ozs. 2.09$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002238M Summit Mountain Berry Crunch 8ozs. 2.63$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC002128M Sweet Caliente 8ozs. 1.88$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC004068M Taffy Salt Water 8ozs. 1.86$ 8oz Candies CNC002108M Texas Trash 8ozs. 1.80$ 8oz Trail Mix CNC001528M Walnut, Light Chandler Medium Pcs. 8ozs. 5.17$ 8oz Nuts/Seeds CNC005008M Yogurt Almonds 8ozs. 2.78$ 8oz Yogurt CNC005018M Yogurt Covered Pretzels 8ozs. 1.85$ 8oz Yogurt CNC005048M Yogurt Raspberry Flavored Pretzels 8ozs. 2.26$ 8oz Yogurt CNC002708M Zesty Low Carb High Protein Snack 8ozs. 2.05$ 8oz Trail Mix Notes: