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  • A gout "quick fix" that actually works. ★★★
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  • After years of recovery attempts this is the only one that helped me through each stage of my recovery - it is so different for everyone and the forum allowed each individual to be honest about what was going on and to get support from a lot of wonderful people. ■■■
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  • This program and community of women has been the single most influential piece of my recovery after 11 years of bulimia. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to love themselves and claim a life of joy and freedom. ◆◆◆
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  • I was overwhelmed by all the love and support really. It's such a powerful program and the fact that you make it so personal and affordable is incredible. You are doing a beautiful thing Shaye. It makes me tear up just thinking about the love you are pouring out over this community. ◆◆◆
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  • I'm so glad I found your ebook on the web. I have been a Type 2 diabetic sufferer for many years. Thirty days after following your program, I can report the following results: Blood glucose dropped from 310 to 98. Blood pressure lowered 10 points on the top and the bottom. Cholesterol dropped 16 points. Your How To Reverse Diabetes plan is a BREAKTHROUGH and a true Blessing. Thank you for all your help. My family and I are forever grateful. ★★★
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  1. 1. 1st Class1st Class cvh group issue thirteen LocherzKnight ©A.J.Singh #A Knight to Remember 1stC lass Mag cvh
  2. 2. 2 featu Siiren Sire - page8 Jody Du Priest. - page14 Anna’s Panorama with Designer Rod Sellard - page26 Locherz Knight Aspire to Inspire - page6
  3. 3. 3 ures Artist Tina Francis - page70 Philip Ashley Art - page44 Angelo Borer - page32 Visit Majorca with Olga Vlady - page54
  4. 4. 4 contents 06 Aspire to Inspire 08 Singing Sensation Siiren Sire 12 Olympia Awards 14 Jody Du Priest 18 Martial Artist/Actor Ewart Chin 22 Sue Phillips - Fragrance 26 Anna’s Panorama - Marie Rod Sellard 30 Precious Pets 32 Angelo Borer 36 ‘Talking Transport’ with Mike 38 Wheels of Life 41 Diabetes Care 42 Ask Françoise 44 Philip Ashley Art 48 A Debt of Gratitude 50 Darviny Darviny 54 On Holiday with Olga 60 In the Oven 62 Tammie meets Cher Rue 64 Ms California Plus America 66 Ask a PC 70 Artist Tina Francis 76 Mailbag 79 Breastfeeding - The Facts 80 Meet Anna Karin’s Faithful Friends 82 Beauty Secrets WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES
  5. 5. 5 EDITOR Christina Howard | +44 (0)7713 973640 MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard SOCIAL MEDIA Bob Alston EDITORS PA Stan Dwight EDITORIAL SECRETARY Sandra Boyce JOURNALISTS Christina Howard Anna Karin Daniel Millan Nicole Sitzler Francisca Mendoza Garcia MAGAZINE DESIGN & PRO- DUCTION Bob Alston PHOTOGRAPHY RAPhotograhy | enquiry@raphotogra- WEBSITE Stephen Kimber | stevek100@yahoo. QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUBMISSIONS Phone: +44 (0)7713 973640 Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: Hello Dear Readers, Welcome to our Issue 13 as we bring you a variety of interesting extraordinary people from around the world, who are making a difference in life. These inspirational stories, many have overcome great obstacles in their lives and have persevered to succeed, Bringing great hope that impossible dreams can come true. To those of you who are new readers we are a humanitarian family magazine a non profit group. Our correspondents are worldwide especially chosen for their compassionate caring nature, their ability not to just report, but to genuinely care, respecting all we interview. Our media correspondents have become more like a friendly family and it is that positive bond that spurs us on as thoughts have wings so does good people united who genuinely enjoy meeting people and bringing you new stories and features we hope you may enjoy. CVH 1st Class is a Not-for-Profit organisation (As a family magazine we reserve the right not to print unsuitable material) Christina V Howard Editor Letter from The Editor Christina V Howard Profile - Journalist, Radio Correspondent, PR/Marketing, Events Organiser, Fashion Style Coach, Theatre Producer, Former Textiles Lecturer, Fashion Catalogue Designer. Enjoys Science, Technology, Classic Cars, Singing, Cooking and Animals. Charity helper and a strong Humanitarian. ON THE COVERS: Locherz Knight #A Knight to Remember Siiren Sire front & back pages sponsored by Shilpa Patel
  6. 6. 6 Aspire To InspireLocherz Knight Firstly, myself and Teddy would like to say hello and we are very proud to be British as you can see. We View life in a positive way, we know it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but we believe that if you can change your thoughts, from the negative into a positive, your whole out look, and life in general will excel to the greatest heights. It doesn’t matter what you thought or did a year ago, a week ago, a day ago, and even a minute ago. Responding to what you are thinking and feeling, is NOW ! We always say, “what you think about, you bring about” so if you stay in that positive mind set, it will only do you good, and never stop. We know it’s not easy with day to day reality, but it can be done. As everything that has been invented and created throughout the history of mankind began with one thought. From that one thought, a way was made, and it manifested from the invisible into the visible, and the impossible to the possible. To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, Rich, beautiful, or perfect. We just need to care. We were born to unite with each other, so always spread the love and aspire to inspire others, as to unite as one, will only make a better world for each and everyone one of us. If you replace every negative thought with a positive thought you will be amazed how suddenly good luck is attracted to you. Now your laughing that is unreal if it was that easy everyone would be happy. But here is the catch it is almost too difficult for you to do this. You try and suddenly for one day no matter how rotten your day is no matter who has been negative to you. Switch off, would you, if someone gave you a hot coal to carry around in the palm of your hands. No because it would burn you, so why carry around negativity towards someone who was nasty to you. Your thoughts of anger is not hurting them but it is effecting yourself. Because your thoughts become your energy and with an repelling aura , no good luck can be attracted to you. Spend a whole week letting negative thoughts go. Become free. Love always from the Knights of London. Be lucky, stay positive and spread the love. Stay positive and create your own happiness. © Yelena Richy 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  7. 7. 7 © Yelena Richy 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  8. 8. 8 Locherz Knight & Teddy - A Knight to Remember. Locherz Knight is a London actor, film director, professional dancer, also comedy entertainer, and since a child star on television commercials spiralled into modelling/acting. He is also works as a close protection driver. His parrot Teddy is also an actor. Locherz hobbies are music and reading, live theatre and cooking healthy meals. Siiren Sire by Locherz Knight I am very proud to introduce you to a beautiful young lady and awesome Reggae Star Siiren Sire here in London. She is not just an exceptional singer, composer, dancer, she is genuinely a very down to earth person and here is my exclusive interview with her. Q&A Siiren, how old were you when your first started writing songs? “I started song writing from the age of 14 years of age. Even at that age it felt so comfortable and it felt like a burning desire to continue doing it. Later in my early twenties I entered into the recording studio for the first time and recorded some songs of a pop genre. After working with many different styles I finally stumbled upon a genre that I could immerse myself right into which was Reggae/Dancehall music. I found my sound in this style.” How would you describe your song writing? “Song writing for me is about growth, when I write I develop not just my craft, but I improve myself. Melody is very important to me as that’s what engages the listener, then the chorus is the money shot that hooks the ears of the listener. Once my producer has created a beat, those are the two ingredients I have got to add to the pot to make those 3 to 4 minutes unforgettable. I would like to eventually write for established artists. I am an independent artist and it’s great for us to get our music heard in another avenue. It can grow you a wider audience as an indie. I grew up listening to a range of diverse music and continue to today.” Which is your favourite genre? “Out of all the genres Reggae music excites me. It has no age range or gender it’s a sound for everybody who loves music. Its universal.” Tell us about your first single and latest album? “In 2013 I had my first worldwide release of my first single and Video titled ‘Skank It’ followed by a 3 track EP ‘Drop It Down Low’ swiftly followed by my album self-titled ‘Siiren’. Skank It reached number 6 in the music chart. In 2015 I took a year hiatus from music and writing. Then in early December of the same year I decided I wanted to go back into the studio to start work on a new album. I felt refreshed and was buzzing with new ideas. I wrote a song over that Christmas period and went back into the studio to lay down the vocals. This track is titled ‘Doppelganger’. This I to believe to be a very strong song and decided to shoot a video for it. This song carries a special message how we should as individuals shine in our own light. Have faith and self-belief in ourselves and not try to be like anyone else as sometimes you can be swayed to do .... Just Do You!! Doppelganger is due out for worldwide digital download release in July 2016.” 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  9. 9. 9 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  10. 10. 10 Who are your favourite singers and bands? “Singers: Sean Paul; Popcaan; Bob Marley; Nicki Minaj; Jessie J; Bryan Adams. “Bands: Bon Jovi; Daughtry; UB40; Aerosmith.” Who are your favourite actors and actresses? “Al Pacino; Michael Douglas; Jodie Foster; Jack Nicholson; Samuel L Jackson.” Which TV shows and films did you most enjoy? “TV shows were Empire; Sons of Anarchy; Columbo; Breaking Bad; White Collar; Hand of God. Films were Scarface; The Accused; Fatal Attraction; Dirty Dancing; Misery.” What is your favourite animal? “I love watching Deer in the wild.” How did you get into the entertainment industry? “I am totally in love with music and always have been. I decided just to go into a studio and see what I could do. Looking back I remember thinking to myself whatever this feeling is, let me share it.” Tell us about your recent project and where the readers can find out more. “I have recently released my official music video to my new track. In 2015 I took a year hiatus from music and writing. Then in early December of the same year I decided I wanted to go back into the studio to start work on a new album. I felt refreshed and was buzzing with new ideas. I wrote a song over that Christmas period and went back into the studio to lay down the vocals. This track is titled ‘Doppelganger’. This I to believe to be a very strong song and decided to shoot a video for it. This song carries a special message how we should as individuals shine in our own light. Have faith and self-belief in ourselves and not try to be like anyone else as sometimes you can be swayed to do .... Just Do You!! Doppelganger is due out for worldwide release in July2016.” Video to Doppelganger: watch?v=ibaCKI0A-ws Soundcloud: https://soundcloud. com/siiren-sire Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/SiirenSireOfficial/ Twitter: SiirenSire Instagram: https://www. If you were granted one wish to go back in time who would you like to meet, and why? “Bob Marley is my hero and he was one of the world’s most amazing Reggae artists, and in my opinion he still is till this very day . He stood for what he believed in, to treat people the way you would expect to be treated. The man’s music spoke volumes, Bobs music is universal. He also had amazing quotes which I live by. My favourite is this one: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.” Who would you like to meet today, and why? “Oprah Winfrey, because she is one the most inspiring figures for all humanity. She is an individual who did not grow up with an easy life. But despite all what she had to endure each obstacle it had never stopped her to strive to success and to transform her life and the lives of others. Oprah is not selfish. She is a huge believer in universal law. Oprah’s philanthropy has developed and enhanced many people’s lives across the world.” If you could choose to come back in another life, who would you come back as? “I believe the life I am experiencing at this very moment is more than enough for me. And why? I believe in my motto ‘Live life. Enjoy it. Experience it.’ Once my journey here on this planet has come to an end I would like to have left my legacy and move on to the eternal realm to hopefully experience the next chapter.” If you could have a special power what would it be? “That’s very easy for me. I would be psychic. I know with a special gift like that, can come many burdens, but also can bring hope to you and others. And we all need hope in our lives as it keeps us moving forward.” Who would you like to thank for supporting your career? “I would like to thank the universe. She has never let me down, even in the trying times she has always pulled through for me. I know I can always rely on her.”
  11. 11. 11 Photography by AJ Singh If you could aspire to inspire people what would you tell them? “To always be yourself and trust your instincts. Stay true to your craft or whatever you are feeling the desire to do. You must always believe things will work out. It May not be the way you expect but I promise you, it will always be better.” Thank you Siiren for your lovely interview. “Thank you Lochz & Teds.” 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  12. 12. 12 International Arts Culture Olympia Awards Of Art & Entertainment History has its own forensic science of the identity of the now as Humanity graces it’s unyielding dignity to preserve its Glory of goodness in the fibre optics illumination of love, and unification of the highest elevation of the world’s most gifted and greatest talents, are compulsively sought out and vigorously recognized to the world stage of universal enlightenment; in the noble character of humble men and women of purity, and just; constitute a well-meaning justice to activate, and Inspire underdeveloped talents; in all areas of entertainment. Absorption levels the playing field of all cultures to transcend its diversities to compete beyond the formidable World Olympic for centuries, as we are recognised with a historical pride of every 4 years, and how we cheer, but this global indoctrination has this blueprint of a universal family, and as history is constantly changing; so are our families. Carole Gray and Cerdan Smith, Hollywoods Golden Media Couple and the lifetime personal media FEA/OA to Dr Antonio Gellini. They are also Ambassadors for peace (Universal Peace federation) as well as World Film Institute, Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards. Carole herself is a renowned Celebrity, Co- Host, Vocalist, Singer and Songwriter. Cerdan is a Celebrity Media Host and a renowned artist. Both enjoy socialising, healthy food and music. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  13. 13. 13 by Carole Gray & Cerdan A Smith Dr. Antonio Gellini gave forth to the world an International Universal idea. The observation of a family has a new child member called the birth of the Olympia Award Games of Arts and Entertainment ‘8” Arts of the World, a celebration and international festivities for two weeks from various countries from all parts of the world, hosting the event every two years challenging each category of Film, Literature, Music, Dance, Painting, Sculpture, Theatre, and Fashion. Fifteen categories of one hundred and twenty games of competition, with opening and closing ceremonies. Dr. Gellini’s welcomes talented children of wonder and wisdom to anticipate and watch their mentors win. Not an Oscar, nor an Emmy award, but the world awards of international competition of the Olympia Award games of Arts and entertainment. He dazzles the excitement of countries eager to host this new model of marvel, in a forever-new expansion to unite and bond nations together, on a new Universal level of world entertainment in the construction and development of coordination and ideas of this Mammoth of Dreams Dr. Antonio Gellini ushers his way from continents to Kingdom and cultural diversity like China, Turkey, Paris; and the countries of quest are yet to compete with the world’s best. There is no separation for triumphant in the highest stratosphere of the human spirit. We embrace the circumference of love in the world idea of a humble simple soul of a great man, Dr. Antonio Gellini. Cerdan A. Smith, Carole Gray Lifetime Exclusive Personal Media FFA/OA To Dr. Antonio Gellini CVH 1ST Class Magazine (UK), Columnist Ambassadors for Peace (Universal Peace Federation) CDAEM World Film Institute Family Film Awards Olympia Awards Dr. Antonio Gellini, Founder/Chairman 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  14. 14. 14 Here is Jody Du Priest a renowned amazing Hairstylist and Make Up Artists in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jet setting Celebrity Stylist he is one of the greatest unique and creative artists of our time. Travelling all around the States of America from film studio set and highly respected by all the Worlds International Magazines. What makes Jody extra special besides his extraordinary skills is his warm infectious personality and his high regard for all who professionally work on a shoot with him, from photographers, producers, models and media. Meeting Jody is an unforgettable experience he is so very professional and has a great personality, indeed it was a great pleasure to interview him. Q&A Jody, how did you first get involved in your career? “My introduction to my present profession was my parents. They were in the entertainment business. My father was a musician with the legendary band leader of the 50’s Xavier Cugat. My mother was into the theatre and growing up backstage to this world was easily for my attraction to the glamour. Watching how actors prepared was really my beginning lessons to my art.” Did any role models inspire you? “Only one true person really struck that bolt of me falling in love with what shaped my world Vidal Sassoon.” How old were you when you knew you wanted this career? “I was only 14 years old reading of this new hair celebrity Vidal Sassoon making headlines in the entertainment world. I followed all the latest news from England this sudden invasion of music and fashion. I had The Beatles, Mary Quant, The Mod Look, Twiggy, Mini Skirts. What was not to worship? I wanted to be part of this so much for my 60’s British Fashion era was only the beginning to my world.” What steps did you take to fulfil your dreams? “I studied every teen magazine, Marianne Faithfull was my goddess of fashion. Here I was a yank following all the ladies on their hair and make-up was my love for all British culture began with me studying History of Clothes Design, Art and Music was my beginning. Finally in 1967 I was accepted on a two year course through my High School for a Cosmetology Vocational Program. I studied so hard and was top of my class. I was so proud to be living what I longed to be and finally in 1970 graduated and started my first job.” Looking back, was there any special person in the early days who motivated you? “My step-father gave me a lesson that in order to be doing what I really loved I had to have advanced training in order to stand out and climb in the fashion industry. My dream came true, I was packed up from Florida to attend the Vidal Sassoon Academy in New York City where I had training for the next 4 years.” This was the turning point for you and I am fascinated what happened next. “My time in New York opened my world to theatre and the fashion industry and then modelling agencies. Slowly I began my travels to Hollywood and New York then South Florida for the next 40 years plus.” Jody Du Priestby Christina V Howard Bruce Smith is the photographer for this image of Jody du Priest. He has also worked with other models in the South Florida area. Anyone interested in his work can contact him via email: ©Smithco Photo Images Tel: 754-779-1367 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  15. 15. 15 Are there any special teachers who you wish to thank? “There are so many great teachers that I must honour over a period of time, all have moulded my character and tuned my skills over. I can give my stories of some of the most talents I have had to share with my photographer’s list is of the highest level. I was trained as understudy to Broadway’s ‘The Wiz’ and Neil Simon’s ‘The Good Doctor’. TV credits include two seasons as hair & make-up to the Miami Vice film ‘Miami’. Major adverts such as Lipton Tea and Instant Breakfast. Followed by Hawaiian Tropics, Nike, Oscar Myers, Timex, Look Magazine and Playboy Magazine. I have worked with production to NFL Miami’s Dolphins poster (football team) and Sports Illustrated Magazine. Also worked with the Great Bruce Weber of G.Q. magazine with two front covers of Paul Mazzoto and Steve White and worked with John Berry for Time Magazine. We worked originally on Miami Vice and with Michael Ray on Esquire Magazine and many of his corporate adverts. I have also done so many films and model shoots that I could go on forever.” What does it feel like to see your finished results? “It is a great feeling of having brought out the individuals best features and natural beauty. Especially when they love it too which makes me pleased to know they are very happy.” CVH 1st Class wish to thank Jody du Priest for giving us a real insight into his career and wish him continued success is his chosen path. ©Donna Paul Photography 1stClass Mag azine cvh Chandler
  16. 16. 16 ©Donna Paul Photography 1stC lass Mag azine cvh LydiaRam os
  17. 17. 17 ©Donna Paul Photography 1stC lass Mag azine cvh JulieJu D
  18. 18. 18 Ewart Chin - Martial Artist Ewart Chin is an actor, producer, stuntman, he lives in Simi Valley, California. He was born on the Island of Jamaica and is famously known for films - Ring of Fire II : Blood and Steel - Red Sun Rising (1994) Sworn to Justice ( 1996 ) Lockhart (2015 ) The Martial Arts Kid (2015) Here we have an exclusive interview. Q&A Ewart, as a child who was your role model? “My role model was my grandfather.” Who inspired your love for the martial art? “My grandfather’s predecessors and his true stories made me yearn to be like them.” How old were you when you first started training? “Age 7 years old.” Who were your martial art role models? “Bruce Lee & Wong Fei Hung.” Which is your favourite martial art? “I preferred Hung Gar because it is a soft but effective style learned the spirit of the Art. I love Martial Arts because it instills a sense of discipline in my life and it moulds you to live a very simple and uncomplicated way of life where you live every moment. Martial Arts for me is not about the physical it is the senses and the spirit a way of life, that you live each and every moment with appreciation and respect for all that you encounter in this lifetime.” What is the difference between the old ways of teaching to the modern way of today? “There is quite a big difference from the old way of teaching to the modern and the discipline involved .I was taught by the monk from the old masters from Shaolin, the training was rigorous and discipline for example you learn one thing for very long time until you perfect it and then you move on to the next, while in the modern teachings you learn everything at once without given time to really learn any one thing to perfection. While the contrast studied learning the old way will be much more discipline, than a student in modern time. It is more commercial and just about making money, instead of character development for that student.” What was your first movie? “Ring of Fire II : Blood & Steal.” Did you always want to be an actor? “Grand Master Eric Lee was the one who pushed me to get involve in doing films, I had no desire to pursue films back then but was drawn into doing them.” Who is your favourite film director? “Paul Verhoven. I was impressed by working with him on Star Ship Troopers, Playing a soldier. Denise Richards was quite nice and Casper Van Dien.” What are your favourite television shows and movies? “In the past I loved watching the Kung Fu series on television and later date worked with lots of the cast in future projects and now becoming close friends with them. Film Big Trouble in Little China was a favourite cult film from back then. James Hong one of the main stars became a very close friend. Present time, I love Rush Hour with Jackie Chan, had an opportunity to work on it but was busy with another project.” Which actor has inspired you? “The Original James Bond, Sean Connery. He inspires me to be a great actor as he himself is.” If you were granted a wish to meet anyone who would it be? “I would like to meet Donnie Yen & Daniel Craig, because these actors are one of a kind, they are just so good with telling a story where you are literally sucked in and become their character.”
  19. 19. 19 AllphotographskindlysuppliedbyEwartChin Actor by Christina V Howard 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  20. 20. 20 What are your hobbies? “I like to go hiking and swimming.” What do you do to chill out? “What I do to chill out is cooking it relaxes me and no doubt I am a excellent chef.” What is your favourite car? “I love top end Mercedes Benz sport cars.” What are your favourite dishes? “Of course I love Chinese dishes and French style dishes too.” Which film was your favourite? “Lockhart, unleash the talisman is a favourite of mine.” Are you involved in any new projects? “Currently I have in development several projects, which I am working on. I am unable to disclose names at this time since it’s still in development, but excited to produce these projects.” What is your advice to martial art students? My advice to martial arts students is to focus on the discipline of the arts and not the physical stuff, by doing that it will build character and discipline.” Have you a message for your fans? “I wish to thank all my fans who have supported my career and still do. I love you all and thank you.” 1stC lass Magazine cvh
  21. 21. 21 CVH 1st Class wishes Ewart Chin every continued success. He is more than a Martial Art Actor/Producer, he is a master perfectionist at everything he does. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  22. 22. 22 Dr Judy Rosenblum lives New York and is a Life Coach and Psychologist. Her hobbies are reading, watching movies and television. She is adores visiting art galleries and museums and especially performing arts and nature. Sue Phillips by Dr Judy Rosenblum PhD Sue Phillips, originally from South Africa, is one of the most prominent names in the world of perfumery. She is the Owner, President and CEO of ‘The Scentarium’, which is New York’s first custom fragrance studio. It is located at 85 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013. I met Sue Phillips at The Scentarium, which is beautifully decorated with watercolour paintings of flowers, zebras, and scenes from South Africa, all painted by her mother, a well-known artist in South Africa. I found this to be a very comfortable and relaxing setting and felt at ease when talking with Sue. She sits with you and gives you her undivided attention. I got to enjoy what everyone experiences when they meet with her here. Here is my exclusive interview with Sue we glimpse her personality and unique talents. Q&A Could you give us a history of how you began your career and what you feel helped lead you to developing Scentarium? “From an early age I wanted to be in theatre and when I left South Africa to come to NY it was difficult, because I wasn’t a member of the Actors Unions and so I embarked on a career in the Cosmetics industry - it seemed to be the closest thing to show business! I was fortunate to have been hired by wonderful Cosmetic companies and then developed iconic brands for Tiffany, Burberry, and fragrances for Trish McEvoy, Diane Von Furstenberg, Avon, and many others. I was always entrepreneurial, and launched my branding company Scenterprises -and a natural progression was to establish The Scentarium to create magical fragrance “experiences” and Bespoke Fragrances. I was so thrilled to be nominated as a finalist for Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Entrepreneur Award, as I am truly a scentrepreneur.” Who do you feel may have inspired you and helped cultivate some of the skills you have now that may have led to your success? “My father was a self-made businessman and had an amazing work ethic and I get my drive from him; and my mother was very artistic and creative, and she was one of South Africa’s most recognized artists, so I get my creative side from her. Both of them inspired me and both were my role models.” What are your hobbies? “I love tennis, music, theatre, lectures, and concerts, and am fascinated with how things are made. I really love the correlation between art, music, colours, tastes and scents, and frequently attend and present scentsory events, and feel that scentertainment is an important element in experiential marketing.” Do you have any pets? “When my daughter was young we had the sweetest little kitty cat called Ginger, who unfortunately died. And I could never replace her!” Which woman today do you feel is the most glamorous and stylish? “I think the most glamorous is the ‘new’ Lady Gaga whom I saw recently in concert – she is also an outstanding performer. I love the way she has totally reinvented herself and is very relevant, iconic, yet very approachable.” 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  23. 23. 23 AllphotographskindlysuppliedbySuePhillips What do you enjoy most about creating fragrances? “When my clients go through the fragrance journey and they finally select their bespoke fragrances, I love seeing their eyes light up, and see their physical reaction of joy! They simply love the fact that their personality and individuality is reflected in the bottle! This really makes me happy!” What was the very first perfume that you launched? Which one is your favourite? “Tiffany Perfume for their 150th anniversary. It truly is one of my favourites because it was such a privilege to be responsible for this classic recognizable brand, and I developed it with the chief perfumer of Chanel. Currently Tiffany has now signed a licensing agreement with a large company and it will be interesting to see what emanates from the bottle. ” © Richard Lewin 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  24. 24. 24 What are your favourite scents? What makes your scents different? Why do you feel that they are so popular? “My favourite fragrances are floral orientals. I love distinctive fragrances that have character, a good silage the lingering factor of a fragrance in the air and very feminine. What makes my scents so popular is that firstly, the quality is extraordinary, and is made up of natural ingredients. Secondly, there is no bad combination. Clients take the fragrance journey and try all 18 exquisite blends. Then they select 3 or 4 blends they love and combine them to make THEIR unique scent. What makes mine so compelling is that every client scent is custom, and reflects their individuality. There is no bad combination, so, everyone really loves their unique fragrance. They ‘name’ their creation and it can always be reordered. We offer a very experiential way for both Men & Women to create their own bespoke fragrances.” Can you in a general way explain what helped you to determine what were the best ingredients when you were developing iconic fragrance brands? “I have always believed that quality is really important. I was not beholden to a corporate mandate to come in at a targeted cost of goods to make the budget! I wanted the best formulas and was able to use the best ingredients…. and it really shows. NONE of my clients have ever had an allergic reaction or watery eyes – which is a common complaint with so many of the commercial fragrances on the market.” Do you feel a special scent is every woman’s signature? “A woman who has a signature scent feels special! It gives her confidence and positivity. When she is complimented on her scent, and she says “It’s mine”.. I created it! There’s nothing better! (Men are also thrilled to have their own fragrance).” When at Scenterprises, how are people helped to design their own unique fragrances? “We start by giving our ‘Scent Personality Profile Quiz’ which helps determine which olfactive family of fragrances they like. It’s fun and also educational. They really have to think about their answers. Then we take them on a fragrance journey and they evaluate all our exquisite blends. They select the ones they love, and they eventually find the right formula. It’s magical when they do and they love to name their scent!” Can you give examples of what you have found, when at Scenterprises, that helps people choose a particular fragrance? “Typically young girls like fresh, flirty and fruity fragrances. Moms and sophisticated women like more distinctive feminine fragrances with either a freshness or a combination of woodsy and oriental notes. Men like the outdoors fresh sporty scents combined with woodsy and oriental notes. As soon as they take the quiz I know what they will gravitate towards. Many people want to recreate a scent, which they love, but which has been discontinued. So, they are ready for a new signature scent.” Do people ever choose scents that remind them of happy memories? “Often! They also comment that when they smell a certain scent it reminds them of a past experience, or a relationship. Scent is so connected to memories and emotions and we always discuss how fragrances trigger past associations.” How has your experience been creating personal fragrances for celebrities? “I have been so fortunate to have met and created fragrances for Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Lisa VanderPump, Won-G (a rapper), Colin Cowie, David Tutera, Preston Bailey and other less well known, but still, important celebrities. They have all been fascinated with the process of creating scents, so they look to me as the expert, and they have been really interested in the process. They simply LOVE their formulas and the experience!” © Richard Lewin
  25. 25. 25 I am grateful and honoured to be a Woman of Influence and encourage you all to look at the world through your senses –note by note and drop by drop!” CVH 1st Class thank Sue Phillips for her lovely interview we wish her every continued success. Contact Information: Sue Phillips President & Fragrance Expert, Scenterprises and The Scentarium Tel: 646-350-6562 Tel: 917-449-1134 Website: http://scenterprises. com/ Facebook: scenterprisesltd @The Scentarium @Sue Phillips Linkedin: company/scenterprises @Sue Phillips Twitter: @scentfullysue @scenterprises Instagram: @scentfullysue @scenterprises Pinterest: @scenterprises Skype: sue.phillips9 Sue Phillips with her brother Geoff Phillips from San Diego AllphotographskindlysuppliedbySuePhillips Please tell us what it means to you to be chosen as a Woman of Influence by the T.J. Martell Foundation? How does it feel to be a role model for so many women? “Such an honour! To be recognized by an organization that has raised millions for Cancer Research and holds women in such esteem just makes me want to work even harder to make a difference. I am passionate about fragrance and the fact that it brings joy to so many people confirms that our Senses are an important factor to affirm well- being in our lives.” Tell us about the TJ Martell Foundations Women of Influence luncheon you were at and recently you were honoured? “The TJ Martell Foundation has raised over $271 million for cancer research over the past 41 years which is so impressive and to be recognized as a Woman of Influence is such an honor to me. Influencing people in a positive way, by loving what we do is something I strive for everyday in my work with Fragrance. That is clearly what the TJ Martell Foundation has done – they have made a difference in this world through MUSIC and I am delighted to let you know that there is a great correlation between Fragrance and Music.. Even the vocabulary is similar…. harmony, composition, notes, chords, symphonies, pitch. Our sense of smell is our strongest sense after Sight and it influences us every day. I am fortunate to be able to enhance the lives of clients when they learn about the magic and mystery of fragrance to create their own personal fragrance and to be able to mentor students where I teach at LIM College and feel that it is important to help my students strive to look beyond just taking exams and to look at the world they live in and to encourage them to explore the senses. Women of Influence Honorees - From Left to Right - Dalia Lamming-Tilly, Sue Phillips, Kristine Johnson, Ruby Marchand, Robin Quivers (MC), Ariane Duarte, Debra Joester, Nancy Lieberman 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  26. 26. 26 Anna Karin was born in Sweden. She is a descendant of Nordic Royalty “King Oscar II”, King of Sweden and Norway. Anna started her career at 17 as a model and then actress. She lived in numerous countries including England, Spain, Sweden and Italy before arriving in the United States. She is a leading Hollywood Actress, Producer, Film Maker and Documentarian. Q&A What made you choose to become an Interior Designer? “I started out my University life on Athletic scholarships for soccer and Track. When the reality of my professional aspirations were not going to transpire, I needed to figure out what I was going to do for a career. “I took some computer programming classes and thought I might follow in the foot steps of my father. I soon realized this was not the career for me. “I then explored an Interior Design program and discovered I had a great aptitude for design, and I really excelled in the program. “In fact I entered a design competition when I was senior. There were only 2 students from each accredited design school (at that time there were 75-100 eligible design programs in the western United States). Each school could submit their best two design students in the competition. My project was 1 of the 2 chosen for the national competition, and I Won. Rod Sellard is the President and Chief Interior Designer of MONTAGE DESIGNS “The Fine Art of Living”, located in Studio City, California. He is a brilliant designer who is in demand among Hollywood celebrities. His designs are very diverse to say the least, including exclusive homes, nightclubs, restaurants, tavern, yachts as well as high end customized Rv’s and tour buses for musicians and actors. His work has been featured on television numerous times, he has also won many awards, including “Best restaurant/Bar” for the popular show business hot spot “The Federal Bar” in North Hollywood. “Best remodel of a restaurant” for “Vitello’s” in Studio City, California. Rod has also been voted into the “Who’s who of Interior Design” – list of top Designers. Rod is a multi talented designer who also designs custom furnishings. From very unique creations, to traditional kitchens, tables, chairs, sofas and rugs. His most popular item is a gorgeous and very comfortable cigar chair; “The Havana”, which can be found in several celebrities homes, as well as in high end cigar lounge. He is also known to have a very pleasant personality, he is a great listener, easy going, humble and polite. “Two of the judges from the competition offered me job in their design firms. I chose one of them when I finished school a few months later. “I moved to Hollywood upon graduation, and worked for “International Interios Inc.” for nearly 5 years. I became the Chief Designer after two years, and then started my own business ‘Montage Designs’ three years later.” What is your background as a designer? “I studied design at the ‘University of Fresno’ in California. The interior design program fell under the Industrial Technology (IT) dept. which gave us a much more hands on feel for the design process as a whole (not just dealing with the final finishes etc..) The IT program nearly gave
  27. 27. 27 us a minor in Architecture with the many skill sets we were tasked to do in school. Skills such as space planning and lighting design are certainly two of the most important skills to have in the world of interior Design. These skills gave me a leg up on my competition in the design field. “Many people can have a flair for interior design but few have the practical skills to be able to re design a space and also know which walls you can potentially open up or remove all together.” What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating? “The simple difference to me is two fold: 2-a Decorators simply takes an Existing space and gives it the desired look through paints/ finishes/fabrics/moldings/ furnishings etc. 1-a Designers has the skill set needed for Architectural drawings and Construction drawings and the knowledge that accompanies those skills, as well as the ability of being a decorator.” What do you love most about being an interior designer? “There are many aspects that I love – I love the process of hearing the clients desires for their project, and then delivering that vision to the client as a real and tangible space. I also really enjoy using materials in new and unthought of way. We are never really reinventing the wheel, just using and dressing that wheel in a new and exciting way.” When designing a room what is the most important factor for you? “Who? and What? the end use of the space is are the most important factors to start with.” What does ‘Montage Design’ specialize in? “I like to think; ‘If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.’” What kind of designs are you most passionate about? How would you describe yourself as a designer? “If I take on a project whether it be residential/commercial/ Hospitality or anything else. I have equal passion for all of my projects – I take that very serious as the client has entrusted me to create 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  28. 28. 28 this new space for them. I am very passionate about creating a unique and practical space that they will enjoy for many years to come.” Are your clients mainly located in California, or have you designed projects in other US States and other countries as well? “Most clients are in and around Southern California, however I have designed many projects in different States and countries as well, such as: Colorado/Arizona/ Florida/Aruba and Argentina.” How do you handle that? Do you travel to the different locations, or can you design projects from Los Angeles? If so- how does that work? “I am obviously not as hands on for the projects that I do outside of Southern California. However most of those projects are easier to do now than ever with smart phones and internet technology. It is quite easy to do all the Design and specification of materials etc. from my studio in Los Angeles, and be able to see the job on a daily or weekly basis through technology.” Please tell me a little about your popular cigar chair that I’ve heard so much about. Do you have them in stock or do you custom design them in different colors? Where can people buy them or order them? “We custom make the chairs to order – so the client or other designers can choose the fabrics/ leathers and wooden arm species can be selected. The size can also be altered if requested, at no extra charge.” Would you ship them to other countries? “Yes we have sent many of them to other States and countries.” How do you prefer to be contacted by potential clients? “An initial email is great. Web-site: E-mail:” That sounds great. Thank you Rod. Sincerely, Anna Karin 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  29. 29. 29 Montage Designs The Fine art of Living 818-261-6920 Commercial * Residential * Hospitality Interior Design F 818-763-2184All images supplied by Rod Sellard 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  30. 30. 30 her a cuddle and a kiss or else she wont leave me alone to put my shopping away, and she sits at my feet every night, even when I cook and also at my feet when I eat. Every morning is the same when I get up I have to pick her up and cuddle and kiss her or I can’t walk around the house without her jumping up and she grabs me around my feet/ ankles with her front little paws and pushes my feet under her chin and she just stands there cuddling my feet for around ten minutes. Her little sorrowful face staring up pleading for a love and cuddles. Marlee Moo doesn’t like been separated from me, for whenever I am out she sulks in her basket. She loves going to the nursing home to visit Pop and she gets very excited when she sees all the residents and staff who make a big fuss of her. But if we are there too long, than she will certainly let us know it is time to go home to Dan. Whenever I walk her she is frightened of big dogs and hides behind me. But with small dogs she wags her tail in greetings. I love her to bits and wouldn’t be without her. say hello to her first, or she wont let them talk to me and Ralph. Marlee moo never gets angry and she loves small children even when they pull her she will lick them. She loves travelling in the car but only if she is sitting on my lap or she will cry on the whole journey. She loves jumping into bed to join me and when Ralph comes, she will pretend to be fast asleep, while peeking out of one eye to see is he going to move her off. Sometimes he will move her and then she will get back in his spot before he has time to get back into bed. But most times we prefer privacy, so its her and Dan downstairs sleeping together, and he cant half snore. Everytime I go out she barks at me, until I give her a treat and she knows when I’m going out, as everytime I get my hair straighteners out she will jump all over me , whining ,pleading with me not to go. She even pushes the hair straighteners away. When I return home I have to drop everything and pick her up and sit her on my knee and give Hello, I live here in Melbourne, Australia, I got Marlee Moo for Christmas 2013, when she was 12 weeks old. I got her from my husband Ralph as he missed me when I had travelled to England to visit my two sisters. I fell instantly in love with this adorable puppy, she was so timid and clung to me from day one. She is now a confident two and half year old very happy sweet natured little girl. But she will get upset and cry if she cant find her best friend Dan our Cat, when he goes outside and jumps on the shed roof it really stresses her out, and she whimpers for help until he comes down. Since she was a puppy he almost reared her and they will even share food and drink milk together. They chase each other up and down the hallway and enjoy playing with her favourite toy Teddy bear, he grabs it runs and she chases him than she grabs it and he chases her. they often sleep together snuggled up. Now for some reason, nobody knows why least of all us as we just don’t understand it, but she will not walk upstairs at all she is terrified. Yet she enjoys walking downstairs for some reason. She is a funny little thing with a huge personality and all visitors have to Precious Pets with reader Adele Ludwig Marlee Moo Dan 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  31. 31. 31 KindlysuppliedbySteveBruceMarlee Moo and Dan relaxing together at home 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh Precious Pets Share your pet stories with us
  32. 32. 32 Angelo Borer is an Swiss actor, producer an International tap dancer he was educated in tap dancing for several years in Switzerland He performed in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the USA (Broadway, New York).In 1984, he opened up his own tap dancing school in Oberwil, BL (CH), and established his performing group: the Crazy Feet Company. In 1986, he obtained for the first time famous rewards as Swiss and European Master in various disciplines. In 1990, the Swiss tap dancers even won the International Tap dancing Cup, the F.M.D.A.C. Paris. In 1995, the youngest Crazy Feet members carried off the gold medal twice at the International Germany Cup. Today, it has been over 30 years since Angelo Borer has been instructing children, teenagers and adults in a diversified, imaginative and successful ways and has been nurturing the offspring of the Crazy Feet Company in the courses. Over the intervening years, Angelo Borer & the Crazy Feet Company have made their mark throughout Europe. Numerous are the engagements in Germany, Austria, Tunisia, Egypt, Canary Islands and even Dubai. Also this year, performances will be taking place abroad. Angelo Borer & the Crazy Feet Company are characterized especially by exceptional choreographies that range from folksy hits, classical pieces, Broadway melodies to the world-famous Greek Sirtaki. This diversity brought him and his company about many important engagements and TV- performances at home and abroad. Crazy Feet has already been many time a guest in well-known broadcasts on Swiss, German and Austrian television on many guest appearances in TV talk shows. Top pieces of dance such as the ‘Steiner Chilbi’, ‘CanCan’, ‘Rossini’, ‘Crazy Medley’ and ‘Sirtaki’ are highlights that are popular in entertaining shows and which fascinate the audience. Angelo Borer is very pleased to have been able to celebrate his 30th jubilee with his Crazy Feet Company recently. The positive feedbacks confirm that Crazy Feet is able to offer a varied and intoxicating show to everyone. Angelo and his beautiful daughter Aisha won the LA Music Award as dance duo of the year 2014. He was winner from LA Music -Award 2014. Winner in Las Vegas at Rumi Awards 2015. Recently Angelo and Crazy Feet received an award as Humanitarian Dance Group of the year 2016. The G.O.D Awards is a global humanitarian awards institution honouring the ‘Greatest Humanitarians of the world. Angelo is renowned as the most famous tap dancer in the world and his magnificent choreography is unique and holds the audiences glued to their seats wanting more and more, in breathless anticipation. His worldwide fans can never get enough of The Crazy Feet Company. In October 10th - 17th Angelo and Crazy feet company are performing at Miss Latino del Mundo elections 2016 CanCan. While back in 2015 Angelo worked as an actor in the new series films ‘Dead End: At The End We Die..’ film. His role as the Killer Hugo Schwyzer, Scar Face a spectacular crime gripping Angelo B 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  33. 33. 33 Borer by Christina V Howard 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  34. 34. 34 movie and is currently filming the second part of ‘Someone Dies Tonight’ by Croatian Film Dirctor Viekoslav Katusin He also got his first role in the United States in the monumental epic film The Regiment, by Film Directors Stevin Stix Josey with Jan Thurling. Angelo brings to life all his roles which are very realistic and reveals his true gift as an awesome actor. I was certainly glued to the screen, such is his presence in films, as he certainly is unforgettable in the villain roles. Angelo is a genius at everything he does from tap dancing, producing shows to acting he is very versatile and unique in that his rare skills as an actor is contrast to him as a great tap dancer making him the most sought after creative artist of today. A talent very humble down to earth gentleman he is a perfectionist in everything he does and the results are awesome. It is a feast for the audiences to watch Angelo whether he is on a movie screen or tap dancing one is forever mesmerised and he attracts fans worldwide who just cant get enough and want more and more, such is the magnetic effect as one recognises a great star in action. Watching both his roles is a must. Here are the links: en-gb/movies/singsingsing_film- en-GB You Tube watch?v=35vxAzzulK8&sns=em CVH 1st Class wish Angelo Borer every continued success. I particularly loved watching Angelo sing and dance with The Crazy Feet in this YouTube link, and would encourage our readers to watch this. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  35. 35. 35 AllphotographskindlysuppliedbyAngeloBorer 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Magazine cvh
  36. 36. 36 Director of BAC Properties UK Ltd, Chairman of Glossop Vehicle Enthusiasts Club ( GVEC ) Owns 7 Rare Classic Cars, the oldest is 1923 and the youngest car is 1981. Mike is a strong humanitarian, helps various charities and enjoys travel and cooking. He is a follower of Manchester City Football. Talking Transport with MikeGLOSSOP CAR SHOW 2016 All hands to the pump (so to speak) it started on Friday 20th May. This was the first time that the GVEC had taken over the Glossop Car Show at Manor Park, Derbyshire, England and the committee were determined that they would be organised to minimise traffic flow in the park and also make sure that the vehicles were parked to maximise the space. On the Friday, the evening before the show, committee members met up, to mark out the catering, auto jumble, club stands and individual entry parking areas. Armed with tape measures, cans of white chalk spray, which is an industrial marking for events to enable areas to be marked out, but not create a permanent mark. The committee split up in to two teams to mark out the plots. On the instructions, it does say that the chalk /paint, will last up to 3 to 4 days of wet weather and use. Let me tell you, take no notice of these instructions if you live in Glossop, it does not account for Glossop weather. On Saturday 21 st of May the committee arrived at 5:45am on the morning of the show to find that most of the markings had been washed away or were extremely faint. The two hours the previous evening had been in vain. No time to waste, we set to work immediately to mark out the areas and place the post we had made with each club and stall holder’s names on. Most of the stallholders were in place by 9am and the exhibitors cars started to arrive by 8:30am. It was a wet start to the morning but the rain stopped around 7am, this was short lived as we encountered small showers up to 9am. The GVEC members lined the entrance road on each side with a selection of member’s cars. The older pre-war vehicles were the first cars you came across as you entered the park. The members of the GVEC turned out with over 50 cars and gave fantastic support to the show with an impressive display of vehicle in the centre field, along with each side of the main drive into the park, an incredible range of vehicles from the members with an impressive display. A selection of cars GVEC members            
  37. 37. 37 The exhibitors turned up with over 250 vehicles and considering the weather this was an impressive turn out. The rain held off until around 12:30 then the showers started and when I say showers, they were torrential downpours. This did not deter some exhibitors, who huddled round under their umbrellas. There was an impressive reconstruction of an accident, which was presented by the Glossop Fire brigade. During the course of the day, they had two demonstrations of how they cut people out of wreckage. Members of the public that were visiting the park and the exhibitors supported both events. Other interests at the show was the new TESLA this was an all- electric car with ability to self- drive, this was a very busy stand on the day and had a constant flow of people looking at the car and asking questions. The commercial vehicles that supported the day were very impressive and gave a wide variety of transport in the early 30 to 60s. These groups have supported the show for the past 5 years and it was great to see the selection. It was an enjoyable event and we thank all who supported us and will support us in the future. See details and photographs of all the trophy winners on our web page - 2017 GVEC Glossop Car Show May 20th                 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  38. 38. 38 Every Day Inspirational - Today, I will present to you the founding President at Tarasiouk-Kurbatov International Wellness Foundation, Ambassador of Good Will for SPMUDA International and Chairwoman for International Outreach Community Service Project at Woman’s Club of Stuart, Her Grace Countess Tatania Kurbatov. Her Grace, Countess Tatania Kurbatov chose her occupation in order to better educate people. Today, I will present to you a very amazing Lady and Founding President at Tarasiouk- Kurbatov International Wellness Foundation, Ambassador of Good Will for SPMUDA International and Chairwoman for International Outreach Community Service Project at Woman’s Club of Stuart, Her Grace Countess Tatania Kurbatov. Her wonderful personality has won my deepest respect and love, because of her dear heart and concern for people, who struggle in life due to a life in a wheelchair. Her life has brought her many challenges, because she as well is a handicapped person, who has chosen to dedicate her life, abilities and knowledge to the assistance of people with physical and psycho-emotional problems. Through her professional and charity work, she became an example of survival and success to thousands of people that she has met. I am very proud of what she has accomplished so far in life and it is with a high respect and honor for her that I am writing this article. She has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in Wellness Counseling and Education that focuses one’s attention on living each moment to the fullest, optimizing the innate physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual potential that ultimately brings individuals to success. She is also a copyrighted writer and national instructor of seminars with themes such as “Teaching to Master the Fullness of Life” and “Stress Management,” she has professional expertise serving as a, psychological, theological, metaphysical and business counselor. Countess Tatania Kurbatov holds a master’s degree in psychology from Parkwood University and a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics from American Institute of Holistic Theology. She also holds a diploma in Small Business Management from Ashworth University and has graduated from California and Ohio Hypnotherapy academies. She is currently studying in the post- graduate program at University of Sedona. In recognition of her accomplishments, she received the American Legion Award as well as the President’s Award for Academic Achievement and Excellence. She is a member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Full of life, creativity, productivity and joy, she attributes her success to hard work, discipline and the support of her father, a recently Countess Tatania together with her mother and father.
  39. 39. 39 The Tarasiouk-Kurbatov International Wellness Foundation was founded in August of 2006 and it is a non- profit corporation that was established with dedication to serve the local and global communities. It is a public charity organization designed to sponsor the Health and Wellness Education Projects for people all over the world. The story behind the project The inspiration for the ‘Wheels of Life’ International Project arose many years ago when a paralyzed little Ukrainian girl and her mother landed at Kennedy Airport, New York.The mother (Countess Tamara Angelique Kurbatov) was asked if the girl had her own wheelchair in the luggage compartment. The answer was “No, she never had owned one”. A wheelchair was delivered to the girl by the airport service. At that moment, for the first time in 6 years of illness, little Tati experienced the miracle of how a wheelchair diminished her persistent pain and constant dependency on her mother’s arms. Over 20 years later, in 2006 Tati – the Countess Tatania Kurbatov – founded the Tarasiouk-Kurbatov International Wellness Foundation and Wheels of Life project. Wheels of Life is an International Outreach Project that was founded to serve underprivileged wheelchair-bound individuals all over the world. The project was initiated in 2012 by Tarasiouk- Kurbatov International Wellness Foundation, Inc. Wheels of Life objectives: Step 1 Provide free wheelchairs to the underprivileged handicapped women in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Romania. These countries do not have well- developed wheelchair industries and, even if they do have some manufacturing, it is low in quality, small in quantities and so expensive that the handicapped women are left to decay in their beds. Improvement of mobility will enhance the ability of the recipient to study, work and participate in daily life of their community. Step 2 Grant free wheelchairs to wheelchair-bound children in countries where wheelchairs are not easily available to the needy. Increase of mobility will enhance the ability of handicapped children to study, play and socialize. Wheels of Life by Heidi Elisabeth Hansen retired doctor and bio-energy practitioner, and her mother, a nutritional counselor and published author. To learn more about a published motivational trilogy, visit: Countess Tatania spends a lot of her time to create events and spread awareness about handicapped issues. Besides that, she also shows her tender and loving nature by spreading her love and compassion through wonderful words of wisdom in a group on Facebook called ‘Universal Elevation of Consciousness’ that many people can enjoy every day. She always makes me smile by her words and postings of beautiful pictures that show me a person, who is very beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. She says that she couldn’t have accomplished anything without the love and support of her parents Count Tikhon Kurbatov and Countess Tamara Angelique Kurbatov. They have always inspired her to reach beyond the limitations of her physical condition. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  40. 40. 40 Photographer-AlexanderAxelrod ofAlexAxelrodPhotography In the picture in the first row from the left: Vladimir Bernstein, Countess Tatania and Countess Tamara Angelique Kurbatov. In second row: Alexandra Axelrod - at Tarasiouk- Kurbatov-International Wellness Foundation, Inc Here is the Executive Board Members of the Tarasiouk- Kurbatov International Wellness Foundation. Note: some members are absent from the image. Here are links to visit and get more information about her incredible work: Facebook Wheels of Life Tarasiouk-Kurbatov International Wellness Foundation Woman’s Club of Svtuart SPMUDA International Step 3 Improve wheelchair accessibility in every country in the world, based on the example and experience of the U.S.A. The governments of all countries must admit the equality of rights of the people in wheelchairs and enable their accesses to public areas, city streets, stores, supermarkets, government buildings, restrooms, theaters, cinemas and restaurants. The elevators, automatic doors, wheelchair ramps, curb cuts must be provided for people with mobility impairments in order for them to transit easily and safely. Step 4 With the assistance of UN and European Union make positive impact to the existing legislature, giving handicapped individuals equal rights and opportunities in physical environment, safety and independent living, as well as, employment, education, housing and freedom from abuse, neglect and violation of human rights. The Invacare Veranda Wheelchairs Desk Length Removable Arm-rests Elevating Leg-rests Custom dimension seats of 16×16, 16×18 or 16×20 inches (depending on candidate’s needs). In accordance to step I of the Wheels of Life objectives, life- saving free of charge wheelchairs will offer new opportunities for the women in need, making them happier daughters, mothers, wives and active members of their communities. The humanitarian support of compassionate people will always be remembered and appreciated. You are most welcome to help out by making a donation or to obtain “Wheelchair Request Form”, please contact the main office via contact. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh Who is Heidi Elisabeth Hansen Danish native Heidi Elisabeth Hansen, born in Vordingborg, Denmark. A journalist and author of children’s & spiritual books. Ambassador of - spreading awareness about epilepsy globally. Lady in the Most Honourable Order of Christian Knights of the Rose (Canada based organization) - providing projects in society for the needy. Supporter of ‘Peace One Day’, ‘Instruments of Peace’ & ‘MasterPeace’. Works at the ‘Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration under the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing’. She is also a spiritual singer ( Her motto in life is ‘There is only One language – the language of the heart. Help ever – hurt never.’ She loves science and follows everything NASA produces.
  41. 41. 41 Diabetes Care – what do we do? by Dr Amir Hannan identify any new problems, manage any complications and help you to understand your healthcare needs. What can you do? • Learn about diabetes and what it means for you. Ask questions! • Educate yourself by working in partnership with your doctor / nurse / team • Know your numbers – Blood pressure, Lipid profile, Body Mass Index, Kidney function. Know what yours should be. • Know what medications you should take and how • Talk to your doctor / nurse / team about any side effects or problems you face • Read what your doctor or nurse recommends and share how you feel with them • Get yourself checked at regular intervals and know what needs to happen next • We signpost our patients to “Diabetes Care” (http://tinyurl. com/7bs5tmu) which helps to inform patients & families • Share what you learn with friends, family and colleagues so they can help too! In the next edition, we will explore more about what we mean by monitoring ourselves What is diabetes? Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood glucose level to become too high. How do we diagnose people with diabetes? The diagnosis is dependent on which type you have: Type 1 Diabetes is when the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin. This is usually diagnosed by checking the blood glucose level in somebody who becomes rapidly unwell over a few days or weeks, sometimes months. This is not due to diet and usually does not run in families. Type 2 Diabetes is when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body becomes resistant to insulin. Often patients have no symptoms at all and is an incidental finding when being screened for it. Usually a simple blood test – the HBA1c – helps to make the diagnosis. It tends to be associated with obesity and older people and tends to run in families. It is far more common than Type 1 What are the risks of diabetes? Vision loss, blindness due to diabetic retinopathy; kidney impairment and kidney failure; increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke; peripheral vascular disease and risk of lower limb amputation; nerve damage leading to peripheral neuropathy, foot ulcers and increased risk of infections; sexual dysfunction and erection problems; miscarriage and stillbirth Many of these complications can develop without you realising it. The good news is that your nurses, doctors and other team members (eg podiatrist, optician, specialist diabetes nurse, dietician, weight management trainer) can advise you on how to prevent problems, In the last edition, we heard about the Diabetes Epidemic that is causing great concern throughout the world. Dr Chand in his article about “obesity” tried to break the myth that this is primarily due to lack of exercise. Instead most of the cause (for patients with Type 2 or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) is due to our diet. Dr Amir Hannan is named as one of the United Kingdoms Top 50 Clinical leaders by the prestigious Health Service Journal (HSJ). He is also Co-Chairman of Greater Manchester NHS Values Group and Chairman of the World Health Innovation Summit. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  42. 42. 42 Ask Françoise with Françoise Pascal Françoise Pascal Profile Born on the Island of Mauritius, she was educated in Paris and London a former model, dancer and became one of Europe’s biggest stars of the seventies one of the greatest beauties of her time a sitcom star popular on television and films . Nowadays Françoise is an author, actress and enjoys quality time with her family she loves gardening and pets. Crush on my Boss Hello Françoise, I really fancy my boss and he is so nice and charming but very professional and he does have a lovely good looking wife and young children. He has never shown any interest in me as a person it is just business and business and I just don’t know what to do as every night I dream of him and know we should be together. Do you think I should either seduce him or tell him which is best and every time I go to have a chat with him the phone rings and he has asked me is there anything wrong with me ? and has asked his receptionist am I not feeling well ? Isn’t it wonderful how he cares.She has advised to quit moping reminding , that he is happily married and to leave well alone she even cheekily suggested I was a home wrecker so I’m not talking to her. What can I do? Caroline Manchester “Caroline, Are you out of your mind? Do you wish to be dismissed from your job or be disrespected by your colleagues and your boss. Get over it girl. He is a happily married man with children. Why do you wish to break that! You got to be insensitive and very selfish to think that way. My advice to you is leave it alone as I know and I feel that he senses that feeling and will never respond to you. This has happened to me several times in my career as a PA. I surely fancied a couple of my bosses during my working days but never did anything about it because it is a sensitive matter and I left it alone. I know that my bosses sensed my feelings and respected me for being human. So get a life and get a boyfriend of your own and stop stealing other people’s husbands or boyfriends!” Dear Readers, I understand the pain that you go through, as I go through the same as you each time I think of my life in the past. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  43. 43. 43 Stepdaughters make life hell Dear Françoise, I am a new step mother to three teenage daughters who are a handful except one nice one the other two make my life hell and I’m so unhappy and when I complain to their dad he tells them off and they get worse. It is affecting our relationship where I don’t like being in the same house any more. Sharon London “Oh gosh! You know Sharon, when I was living with this man who had two children a boy and a girl it was a difficult task to understand them. The boy was quiet and really lovely, the girl was a menace as she was coming into her own personality. Teenagers are a mystery to me, they can be lovely or they can be horrid. I really think that you have to appeal to their better nature. Take them shopping I am afraid it is a matter of buying their love and sometime you have to do it to have a quiet life with your husband. Telling him about it won’t solve your problem, they see you as an intruder and that their mother should be in your place not you. Their father won’t tell them off the way their mother would, so you also have to be very hard, don’t allow them to walk over you, tell them off if you have to, make sure that when you do, you do not make them feel unwanted because their father and you want them to be with you both and you both love them equally. Sometime you have got to be cruel to be kind with teenagers. They will complain to their father but then if their father has any gumption he will let them know that you are boss in the house and that they should do what you say. This is a very sensitive subject and I do apologise if My answer is not to your satisfaction but as I say, it is a difficult subject to deal with. I do wish you good luck and hope that you succeed at making them see your way. By the way don’t ever take sides with the three of them, they will resent you even more. Good luck Sharon. ” Nasty Mother-in-Law Dear Françoise, I’m happily married to my beautiful wife of 15 years our life is wonderful our children are grown up. I’m a very successful dentist and life is bliss except for my mother in law has moved in with us this past two months and is the witch from Hell.We are going on a wedding anniversary cruise and my naive wife has only bought an extra ticket for her darling Mother. How can I explain I don’t want to go with rat bag.pardon the expression but my wife is so nice angelic and her mother is so evil. . Albert Dallas Texas “Oh Albert, so sorry but this is hell for you! Your mother in law should understand that you are a couple and you are not married to her but to her daughter. Be strong Albert, tell your wife that this is like a second honeymoon for you both on your anniversary and that mother in law is not welcome in your bed so to speak and that you wish to spend those days with your wife alone and with no one else. If mother in law does not understand, take the ticket and cash it in. Besides you will say who is going to look after the house whilst you are both away? Make sure that you lovingly tell that to your wife about the second honeymoon on your anniversary, it is important that she understand this. Tell your mother in law in front of your wife about it too. Have courage be brave. It will all be sorted, it’s up to you to put your foot down and be the man that you are! Good luck Albert!”
  44. 44. 44 Here in Manchester I made the most of a lovely day during the cold weather and spent my days off work walking the canals of Central and Greater Manchester. I paused along the way to sketch and take photographs for painting ideas. I love to paint water reflections and wildlife and a sunny day brings out the best of them both. I am fascinated by all nature. My latest collection of paintings focus on the relationship of wildlife in the urban landscape. Even in the centre of a massively build up area (city centres) an oasis of tranquility can be found amongst the waterways where wildlife can live in harmony with people. I love the reflections created in canals, ponds, puddles and man-made structures and buildings. I try to capture the amazing psychedelic, almost hypnotic patterns, created on a sunny day. The Wharf I am particularly happy with the composition in the first painting I did. The Wharf. I like the way the bridge seems to lead you to the red wharf building and the positioning of the swan and ducks. I found that high contrast (by painting the edges very dark) makes the sunlight ripples in the water glow. I have been experimenting with different colours and found this mix of warm ones worked really well. I hope you like my new set of paintings. I look forward to showing you some more soon. Please follow my work at: Facebook: Philip Ashley Art Twitter: @PhilipAshleyArt Website: Philip Ashley Art Philip is an artist and photographer, a former landscape designer, He specialises in painting portraits and ocean creatures, keeping tropical and marine fish, long distance swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. He is a qualified SCUBA diver he enjoys travelling to see some of the secrets that lie beneath the local and tropical seas.
  45. 45. 45 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  46. 46. 46 Manchester Canal Maybe it should have been called The Pink One. I’m trying out different hues and colour mixes. I wanted the water reflections to glow like a neon light and the buildings to be misty. Again, I’m very happy with the composition in this painting and I think I got the goose in just the right place. I think a comment I received about this painting by Dilshad Dill Butt describes it perfectly. “Sedate luminosity awakens in the wake....” 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  47. 47. 47 Geese in the Evening Light Another close up. This time in subdued evening light. I tried to create depth of field by painting parts of the painting in fine detail and parts blurred. I like the positioning of the geese and the bright reflection from a lamp. Much more subtle colours than my other paintings. Ducks at the Marina A close-up this time. A modern block of flats at Droylsden Marina created a wonderful reflection that I just had to capture. This has been one of my most liked paintings on social media and I’m very proud to have received over 2,600 likes, positive comments and shares on Facebook for it. I’m very happy with the way the reflection turned out so pure and clean looking. I love the way it looks as if one of the male ducks is getting in between the other male duck and his girlfriend. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  48. 48. 48 Cloud Prince was the first horse my husband and I bought a few years ago. We were at the ranch of my husbands friend bringing him some veterinary supplies he had bought, when he showed us some new horses he had recently bought from a rancher in Colorado. He had seven beautiful young horses in a large corral. There were two beige, one black, two chocolate brown, one white or more like dark ivory, and then there was the steel grey. His coat and mane shined in the sun light like diamonds. My husband said, “The grey caught your eye, didn’t it?” “Yes ,” I said. “He caught my attention too.” We entertained the idea of buying the horse, but I didn’t take him seriously. Sure enough, a week later we bought the grey horse, Cloud Prince. A year and half later, a little lady named Sky came along too. She was a little bit of a handful but turned out to be a sweet horse. Sky is a great horse and I love her, but she will make my dear friend very happy. My husband and I sold Sky to my dear friend a short time a go after she lost her beloved horse, Knight Storm, to equine pneumonia. I wanted to give Sky as a gift, but she wouldn’t hear of it. My husband said, “Since we have Sky and CP (Cloud Prince) and Sky came from her fathers ranch and she helped train her. You know what we could do?” I did and it was the right thing to do. I was happy to see Sky go to someone who will love her and give her the good home she so rightly deserves. CP is a handsome and sweet boy. He loves attention. He is a little bit of a prima donna. He has these soulful and bright eyes that seem to say, “You know you love me, just admit it.” His coat is like the swirls of a nimbus cloud with the colours of white, grey, and steel grey patched throughout his body. His mane and tail, the colour of charcoal, flow like a gentle stream. He is well tempered and gentle around other people and other horses. But, he makes sure you notice him first. He loves carrots and apples for his treats. He will gently nudge you with his nose when he smells the treats as though to say, “I know you have my treats, please give them to me.” I have a dear friend that had to spend a few months in a nursing and rehabilitation hospital to recover from an accident she had. She spent nearly two months at Tulare Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre doing therapy to recover from her accident. During these two months I came to know the staff and the other patients as well. I began just as a visitor to keep my friend company and help out with what she needed. We kept company with other patients during the many different scheduled activities. I began helping out here and there during the activities, little by little until I became a volunteer. I just sort of walked right into it. I enjoy being a volunteer because it is so fulfilling. I enjoy working with the elderly because they are such a treasure. I have learned so much about how one can deal with life’s events through the turmoil and tribulations this world throws at us by their examples and teachings. They have so much knowledge to offer us if we only take the time to sit down, listen, and talk with them. So often they are put aside and forgotten about, this is a travesty of humanity, and should be rectified. In the years I have volunteered there, I have come to know some individuals in which their family has placed them in the nursing home and only visit them twice a year, if at all. I have a hard time dealing with the realisation of this. How one can figuratively and literally “dump” a family member in a nursing facility and not visit them to check on their well being is disheartening. I’m not saying this occurs a lot, but it happens. There are other circumstances in which some elderly have no other recourse because they have no family or the family has no viable means of taking care of them and a nursing facility is the best possible answer for them. Our elders are the ones who sacrificed by giving of themselves with no questions asked for the betterment of their families, communities, and country. We owe it to ourselves and especially to them, our beloved elderly, to sit down and talk with them so we can learn to be a better version of ourselves then we think we are. A Debt of Gratitudeby Xochitl Candeias
  49. 49. 49 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  50. 50. 50 Darviny Darvinyby Christina V Howard Q&A Who, as a child, was your role model? “My greatest role model was my mother, she was an entrepreneur before the word became a trend. She taught me early on that anything is possible and that you must create what you want in life. I was raised in a bilingual household, French-American. My second role model was my dad, an amazing Artist, he painted his entire life. I am French and first generation American, I grew up going to school partly in France and partly in the United States.” As a French child, did you grow up around food, around fashion and around art? “Food was part of my daily routine, I cooked with my family. In France as a child I always cooked with both my grandmothers, My grandparents also made their own table wine. I picked grapes with them and helped make wine. I learned how to can the summer vegetables, bake goods and all the wonderful things a French grandmother knows to make. (this was in small town called La Npoule in the South of France near Cannes, I still return with my daughter every summer).” Who than is your favourite actors and actresses? “As a child, I loved Brigitte Bardot and Sydney Poitier. I also loved the very early Star Trek’s with Captain Kirk as a young man. I loved the fashions on the early start trek shows, in the 60s. Also liked Katharine Hepburn she had grace, style and elegance.” Who the is then your favourite singer? “I liked Cher when she was on the Sunny and Cher Show in the 60s, she had amazing fashion style. She had no fear and had a style of her own. Cher continued her entire life to be true to her style and self.” When did you start cooking? “I think my first cookery dish was when I was 6 years old. I had a crush on the boy who lived next door and made him a cake with dark blue icing because his mum told me he liked blue.” What are the qualities of a good host or hostess? “A great hostess is someone who has grace, style and always makes someone feel welcome in their home, no matter what time or day. He or she also knows how to whip something up fast. My friends know they can stop over anytime, they are always welcome to join us for a meal, a glass of wine, tea, coffee or anything that I am whipping up in the kitchen. I love it when friends drop by spontaneously, it always leads to a great evening.” Darviny Darviny lives in Key Largo, Florida, she loves to travel and shop, bringing back artifacts and goods found in the remote of places to the best known places. Darviny Darviny is more than an author and presenter she has that special down to earth warm personality that you feel you have known her for years, yet that classy sophisticated glamour that rare stars have the real inner and outer beauty that just shines out. Here we meet her as she prepares a dinner party for 22 guests and chats to me about her life.
  51. 51. 51 Can you help describe simple steps for table settings and displays? “A beautiful setting is something that is important to me. In French its called the art of the table L’art De la Table. It does not need to be fancy, just use what you have. If you like flowers, pick your own flowers, use what is outside bring it inside. I have been known to take sheets or bedspreads and use them as tablecloths, a sarong on the beach becomes my picnic cloth. Be creative. I live in the tropics, so I often use palm fronds and bougainvillea as decorations for my table settings. Mix and match things, use what you have in your house, candles of all colours and sizes. Mix and match glasses and dishes they do not need to all match. sometimes the most creative and unconventional tables are the ones your guests will like the most. Think outside the box, be daring, be bold and always be you.” What is your own fashion style? “I have never followed the trends, as I just like what I like, which has become my own style. I love vibrant colours, because I live in a hot climate and love to mix and match. However, I like the 60s and 70s influence to my dressing.” Who are your favourite fashion designers? “Designers, I do not have a favourite one as I like the new young designers that come out from time to time who do not have a name yet.” What are your favourite dinner parties? “My favourite dinner parties are the ones that are impromptu, or the ones where no one knows each other and I have invited an interesting mix of friends from different walks of life. It always tends to lead to interesting conversation and many times new friendships are made. One of my most memorable parties, was one of these, before I knew it, someone took out a guitar, and all instruments came out, tambourines, African drums, and we all played and created music very late into the night, it was fun. Another one I remember from a long time ago, one of my friends took out costumes and wigs and the evening turned out to be quite memorable. If a dinner party is tending to be dull, I always have a a bag of questions that I ask to go around the table to liven things up a bit, this usually creates a fun evening.” What are your hobbies? “I am an Artist as my dad was and I paint very large canvases using oils. I collect things. I love going to antique stores, and shopping.” 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  52. 52. 52 Where do you get inspiration for your art? “I get inspired by travel and finding things from other countries that I do not see in my own. Travelling is inspiring and it has been one of my greatest teachers.” Darviny, what do you do to chill out? “I have an 8 year old who keeps me very busy. I became a mother very late in life. I had my first and only little girl at age 45. So, while the kids of my peers are gone to university and they are all enjoying the empty nest and time for themselves, here I am in the mix of all things kids. I am by far the oldest mother in the school yard!” If you could go back in time to meet someone from the past who would that be? “I would like to meet Gandhi.” Who would you like to meet now? “I think I would like to leave that up to chance, sometimes you meet someone, in an airport, on a plane, in your travels and they say something or a conversation that arises and they are just the person you are meant to meet at that moment in time.” Did you ever design clothing, as your very creative? “Yes, as a matter of fact I did, when I was younger. I owned a boutique where I designed and manufactured my own clothing. I also owned a restaurant for 15 years in my younger days.” Did you enjoy those days? Back then, the boutique and restaurant were right next to each other, which made it easy work- wise. I held fashion shows in my restaurant and and my customers went to the boutique after lunch or dinner, that was many years ago. It was entertaining back then, and loads of fun. But I don’t think I would have the energy to do that now. However, I loved having my boutique as my endless closet.” Photos© CVH 1st Class thank Darviny for her lovely insight, and sharing her hosting skills was very enjoyable. We shall definitely be welcoming her back again. 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  53. 53. 53 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  54. 54. 54 Travel with me... Mallorca by Olga Vlady Olga Vlady is a highly renowned producer and respected in the field of Television & Film. She lives in Mallorca. A Super Model, she has appeared in many TV Commercials and Music Videos. Enjoys horse riding and playing golf and likes to partake in several golf tournaments. She travels the world with her company OVlady a video and photo production company I’m a passionate traveler. I like to discover new cities and countries, religions and cultures, to learn new things. It inspires and gives energy and this opens up new horizons;) Let’s travel together TRAVEL WITH ME to...... MALLORCA the amazing Balearic’s Island Spain is a place where you can combine a beach, sightseeing and leisure. You will enjoy the stunning scenery, mountains, beautiful architecture - temples and churches, museums and galleries, fortresses and castles, excellent beaches, festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Every region and city in Spain is interesting in its own way. In Barcelona you can find not only the monuments of the past, but also the work of contemporary artists. Visit Valencia, San Sebastian and Madrid. Well, fans of creative genius Salvador Dali certainly recommend going to the town of Figueres. Cuisine of Spain - is a variety of 17 dishes in one (by the number of territorial units). In every region of the country has its own culinary specialties and traditions. National product - jamon, paella, tapas, tomato soup gazpacho. Drink in Spain - it is a separate item of expenditure for any gourmet. Popular Catalan and Andalusian wine, fortified wine sherry - one of the main symbols of Spain, and, of course, sangria, which is made from sweetened dry red wine, flavored with spices, and with the addition of fruit. I recommend on your sightseeing ‘must see’ list the Best things to Do and See in Mallorca. Mallorca - one of the most beautiful places in the world. The beauty of the mountain scenery and hundreds of beaches and mild climate attract millions of tourists from around the world. Perfect for a beach holiday, rock climbing, scuba diving, sailing or windsurfing. Each region of Majorca is attractive in its own way. Northeast attracts historical monuments, the East Coast - beaches and caves, the north and west - picturesque mountains and villages like from a picture or postcard. First of all - Discover Palma de Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca Pearl of the Mediterranean is the capital city of the Balearic Islands. Every year Majorca receives 15 million tourists. Areas of Palma, such as La Lonja and the old town, are saturated in history and dignified architecture, which you can easily explore the narrow streets by foot. *Palma Cathedral Palma de Mallorca is best known for La Seu - the magnificent cathedral - a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. *Royal Palace of La Almudaina Located opposite vying with La Seu. It’s a mix of Moorish and gothic styles, the stately stone palace houses a central courtyard, Hall of Councils, King and Queen rooms, chapel and Gothic hall. The Palace is used for official events involving dignitaries and visiting members of the Spanish royal family. *The Fundación La Caixa Has a nice museum, restaurant and bar, and a book shop all under the roof of one of Palma’s modern, architectural highlights called the Gran Hotel as it used to function as such from 1903 – 1953, always well worth a wonder through to catch some of the passing exhibitions. *Bellver Castle The 14th century Castell de Bellver has been a royal fortress, summer residence and even a prison, and is a striking Palma landmark. From there open panoramic views from the top on Palma and the pine forests that surround it. Over looking the Paseo Maritimo and La Lonja, even the view alone is incredible. Enjoy Palma de Mallorca via Ninebot Segway. Open Palma on the Ninebot. Begin a tour through the narrow streets of the old city center, and continue to walk along the seafront, passing a wonderful
  55. 55. 55 Sa Calobra road 1stC lass Mag azine cvh
  56. 56. 56 park, where once was the sea. Visit the best places of Palma in short time. Fascinating secrets of the old city combined with panoramic views of the coastline - will make this trip unforgettable. You can choose one of the four types of tour in Palma de Mallorca on the web site Drive the Tramuntana & Hiking in Mallorca. Cape Formentor - the main postcard views of Majorca and get to it only by car from the Island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, only about 70 kilometers. The road lies amidst beautiful scenery, orange groves and almond orchards, gradually rising higher and higher, and the view from the car window replaced hillsides covered with dense pine forests. So it will be up to the town of Port de Pollensa, located in a cozy cove, but another 13.5 kilometers to the lighthouse awaits serious test - a very steep and narrow mountain serpentine. There are annual classic car rally and cycling. The first lighthouse ‘Formentor’, located at an altitude of 210 meters above sea level, lit in 1863. Previously as a fuel used olive oil. Today the lighthouse powered by solar panels and is controlled remotely. Descending from the Cape, be sure to check out *the beach ‘Formentor’ in the eponymous cove. Here it is one of the most well known hotel ‘Formentor”’ It visited Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, Audrey Hepburn, Jacques Chirac, Mikhail Gorbachev. Going further south, you’ll see two *mountain lakes - Cuber and Gorg Blau, they are located at a height of 780 and 600 meters above sea level respectively. In fact, it is not a lake, a reservoir supplying drinking water to Palma de Mallorca and the nearest towns. Visit the best Tramuntana’s towns and villages in Mallorca. The most famous of them is Soller. In the valley where it is grow the bulk of oranges, tangerines and lemons Mallorca. Transport attraction - an old tram that runs between Soller and Port- de-Soller. Stroll around one of Mallorca’s beautiful small villages and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. The most enchanting are Banyalbufar, Valldemossa, Deià (often very busy in summer) and Fornalutx – named Spain’s most picturesque village. A little further south is village Deia, the number of residents which does not exceed 700 people. English writer and scholar Robert Graves was one of the first foreigners who have settled here. A total of 17 km from Palma de Mallorca is the last point of our ‘mountain tour’ - the city Valldemossa, became known throughout the world, thanks to the writer. In 1838 George Sand and Frederic Chopin spent there winter. Frederic Chopin created here twenty-four his most famous preludes. Discover the beauty and rich cultural heritage of Valldemossa, the historic town in West Mallorca within the Tramuntera mountain range. Activities in Mallorca. Mallorca is full of places to have fun, here’s a short list: 41 Yacht Club, 25 golf courses, casino club, “Marinelend” with views of dolphins and other marine animals as well as three water parks - Aqualand, Western Park, 52 museums, 50 local festivals for year, two racecourse, 12 horse clubs, 200 tennis courts, diving club, five theaters and concert halls, four national parks (Cabrera, Albufera, Dragonera and Mondragó), 48 natural areas protected by the state. Cycling - one of the most revered on the island of Mallorca sports. Each tourist area of Majorca has bike rental and there are special bike trails. There are excellent conditions for practicing classic ‘plain’ cycling as well as for mountain biking. GOLF is very popular, as is almost always a warm sunny weather and the rains are rare. You can play all year round. Golf courses are located in the most beautiful places in Mallorca, usually with sea view. Here you can see wild goats, different kinds of rare birds and turtles. SUP, Yachting, boats. Hiking is well developed in Mallorca. The surroundings and the mountains themselves Sierra de Tramuntana, listed in UNESCO World Heritage, are most popular. In these beautiful mountains, Cala Ratjada