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Presentations on the policy context and a forward look


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Heather Fry, HEFCE Director (Education and Participation) speaks about the consultation on new arrangements for teaching funding

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Presentations on the policy context and a forward look

  1. 1. Consultation on teaching fundingand student numbers for 2012-13 Heather Fry, Director (Education and Participation) Opening session
  2. 2. The policy context• Spending review 2010 and response to Lord Browne’s report• HEFCE grant letter 2010• White paper• Letter accompanying White Paper from Secretary of State
  3. 3. The White Paper - Students at theheart of the system“Over the period of the Spending Review, the proportion of funding for teaching provided by direct grant from HEFCE will decline and the proportion from graduate contributions, supported by subsidised loans from Government, will increase”Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the system, BIS 2011, p8.
  4. 4. The White Paper - Students at theheart of the system“We will move away from the tight number controls that constrain individual higher education institutions, so that there is a more dynamic sector in which popular institutions can grow and where all universities must offer a good student experience to remain competitive.”Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the system, BIS 2011, p5.
  5. 5. Teaching funding and studentnumber controls consultation• Two stage consultation • Stage 1: about 2012-13 – the transition year – consultation from 30 June – 2 September • Stage 2: about 2013-14 onwards – the new system• Both will address funding for teaching & control of student numbers/finance• Our plans are tailored to fit within the CSR financial parameters, as far as we know them
  6. 6. Principles of our approachWe want to minimise instability amid significant changeand complexity.To achieve this we aim for our proposals to:• Be fair and auditable• Be recognisable• Be transparent• Avoid new data collection processes• Minimise instability
  7. 7. Outline of the day• Overview of proposals• Detailed information on: • Funding for 2012-13 • Student number controls• Break out sessions and peer discussion• Panel session• What lies beyond 2012-13
  8. 8. Looking to the futureHeather Fry, Director (Education and Participation) Closing session
  9. 9. Timetable (stage 1)June 2011 Stage one of the consultation beginsJuly 2011 Consultation events on 8, 13, 15 July Stage one of the consultation closes on 2September 2011 September Subject to the outcome of the consultation, weEnd October 2011 will issue a call for bids and detailed criteria for re-allocating 20,000 placesNovember/December Decision of the HEFCE Board published2011December 2011 Deadline for proposals for 20,000 places
  10. 10. Timetable (stage 2)Winter 2011-12 Stage two consultation begins Initial allocations for 2012-13 announcedMarch 2012 and forecast of 2012-13 student numbersApril/May 2012 Stage two of the consultation closes HEFCE Board decisions on stage two ofJuly the consultation
  11. 11. Stage 2 consultation on funding and number controls for 2013-14 onwards Winter 11-12 to April/May 2012• Funding for high cost subjects• Funding for widening participation, widening access and improving provision for disabled student• Institution-specific funding• Other funding streams (e.g. London weighting, accelerated provision)• Monitoring and addressing vulnerabilities• Student number controls
  12. 12. Responses should be made online by 2 September 2011 Presentations will be available on the HEFCE website shortly