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  1. 1. How a son or a daughter thinks of his/her Father at different ages…
  2. 2. ‘ My Dad’s Great!’ At 4 years…
  3. 3. ‘ My Daddy knows everything…’ At 6 years…
  4. 4. ‘ My Daddy is good but he is short tempered… He also knows little than my friend’s daddy…’ At 10 years…
  5. 5. ‘ My Daddy was nice to me when I was young…’ At 12 years…
  6. 6. ‘ My Daddy is not in line with the current times… Frankly he does not know anything...’ At 16 years…
  7. 7. ‘ My Daddy is becoming increasingly cranky and unreasonable…’ At 18 years..
  8. 8. ‘ Oh! Its becoming difficult to tolerate Daddy! Wonder how Mother puts up with him!..’ At 20 years..
  9. 9. ‘ Daddy is objecting to everything... Don’t know when will he understand the world..’ At 25 years..
  10. 10. ‘ Its becoming difficult to manage my son! I used to be so scared of my dad when I was young…’ At 30 years..
  11. 11. ‘ Daddy brought me up with so much discipline..I wonder how he managed to handle the younger generation!..’ At 40 years…
  12. 12. ‘ I am baffled as to how my Daddy brought us up…’ At 45 years..
  13. 13. ‘ My Daddy faced so many hardships to bring us up… (we were four brothers & sisters) I am unable to manage a single child!..’ At 50 years…
  14. 14. ‘ My Daddy was so far sighted and planned so many things for us! Even at this old age, he is able to control things! He is one of his kind and unique..’ At 55 years…
  15. 15. ‘ My Daddy was great!’ At 60 years…
  16. 16. Don’t take so many years..
  17. 17. Realise it in time!

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