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Webinar - Build a decentralized app with the Hedera Cryptocurrency API


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While cryptocurrency like ether and bitcoin has been a rollercoaster of late, one thing is clear: decentralized payments can help disrupt unfair industries and create new business models. With the speed and low-fees of Hedera Hashgraph, sending a fraction of a cent can help enable new opportunities like device to device IoT payments, more secure browsing online, and more.

In this talk we'll cover:
- Disruptive micropayment use cases
- How Hedera and hashgraph make micropayments possible
- Features of the Hedera Cryptocurrency API
- Hear from the developers from the open source, cryptocurrency transactions over HTTP project Payper

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Webinar - Build a decentralized app with the Hedera Cryptocurrency API

  1. 1. Build a decentralized app with the Hedera Cryptocurrency API feat. Payper Gehrig Kunz, Product Marketing at Hedera Alex Males, Hedera18 global hackathon winner
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Impact of micropayments 2. Hedera Hashgraph Platform •Cryptocurrency API •Core concepts •Operations 3. Open source project Payper
  3. 3. Why decentralization? • Broken experiences • Monopolistic markets • Data breaches
  4. 4. Proprietary and Confidential. © 2018-2019 Hedera Hashgraph, LLC. All rights reserved.  4 Create free and fair marketplaces not controlled by a single entity where value can be exchanged directly between any party. How do we fix this?
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY *Cryptocurrency transactions which do not require a transaction record, but can receive a transaction receipt.
  6. 6. *Early Access Mainnet* is coming here
  7. 7. The Hedera Hashgraph platform is ready to scale and made for developers, offering three initial services: •Cryptocurrency •Smart Contracts •File Storage Hedera Hashgraph platform
  8. 8. Hedera Cryptocurrency API Fast. 100,000+ txn/sec with finality in seconds. Fair. Ordering without manipulation. Low-fees. A fraction of a cent.
  9. 9. Core concepts • Accounts • Public key and more • Have auto-renew period (fee) • Keys & signatures • Natively multi-sig • Thresholds • Hierarchical • Receipts and records
  10. 10. API Operations • Create, update, delete • Transfer funds • Proxy stake • Claims shardNum - the shard number for the new account realmNum - the realm number for the new account publicKey - the public key for the new account Find a full example:
  11. 11. API Operations • Create, update, delete • Transfer funds • Proxy stake • Claims
  12. 12. Payper
  13. 13. P2P Micro-Payments for the Open API Economy ● Concept for enabling trade of API-based digital assets ● Gateway for payment verification ● Easy installation and configuration for API providers ● Powers micro-payment front-end components WHAT’S PAYPER?
  14. 14. HOW IT WORKS
  15. 15. Pay-per Blog Post Alice owns a blog ● Installs Payper Gateway ● Configures price list ● No need to change existing servers Bob is an occasional reader ● Opens an article in the browser ● Sees a Payment Required page / notification ● Uses a micro-payments wallet or browser extension to get access to the article EXAMPLE USE CASE
  16. 16. ● Verification time to zero ● API Users paid for uploading content ● Integrate with front-end components ● Other cryptocurrencies ● Potentially contribute to a standard ● GitHub ○ Open Source Software WHERE WE’RE HEADED
  17. 17. Micro-Payments Platform ● Fast transaction confirmation ● Low fees ● Smart Contracts (for payment channels) ● Hashgraph algorithm ● Formal proofs ● Hedera Network ● gRPC / Protobuf SDK WHY HEDERA?
  18. 18. Thanks! - @gehrigkunz, Alex ● Contribute to Payper ● Start using the Cryptocurrency API at ● Get testnet access at ● Join the community at