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Tracking Drug Shortages with Open APIs and Hedera Hashgraph | Hedera18


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Jim Nasr | VP of Technology and Innovation | Synchrogenix: A Certara Company

This session will develop into the practical considerations and approach taken to develop a large scale distributed ledger technology implementation for tracking drug shortage in the pharma industry, using open API technologies and Hedera Hashgraph. We'll be addressing the rationale and approach for our design and implementation, architectural components, complementary use cases, lessons learned and the roadmap going forward.

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Tracking Drug Shortages with Open APIs and Hedera Hashgraph | Hedera18

  1. 1. JimNasr VP of Tech & Innovation
  2. 2. Tracking Drug Shortage With Open APIs & Hedera Hashgraph Jim Nasr | @jnasr 
  3. 3. “A hungry tapeworm on the American economy” Warren Buffet on US healthcare systems - January, 2018
  4. 4. Moore’s Law vs. Eroom’s Law Moore’s Law: Computing power becomes faster and less expensive over time Eroom’s Law: Eroom’s Law: Drug discovery is becoming slower and more expensive over time Opportunity 
 Machine Learning
  5. 5. DNA of Public DLT Technology Value Creation Culture
  6. 6. So, How Does Hedera Help? Near Real-time Transaction Transparency Global Scale Highest Security & Cryptographic Trust Fastest Proof of State Most Efficient Consensus Native Cryptocurrency (Tokenization) Development Flexibility
  7. 7. Emergency Response Aid Management Cash Management in Crisis Relief Public Health Data Surveillance Dangerous Substance Tracking Death Certificate Exchange Opioid Tracking Population Health Management Public Health Communication Inventory Tracking Inter-agency data exchange Counterfeit Drug Tracking Clinical Research Collaboration Generic Drug Shortage … Health and Public Cause Use Cases
  8. 8. Muhammad Ali “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe”
  9. 9. Getting to World Data
  10. 10. Data Insight Continuum
  11. 11. Use animation to show immediate app responsiveness Swipe instead of tap The finger is not accurate...size tap targets appropriately! Land Grab for Data Data as currency Legacy data largely siloed and non-interoperable Open technology: “pipes” to connect data sources
  12. 12. March 5, 2018
  13. 13. Software as a Theme Park
  14. 14. Constructing the Theme Park… Functional Layer Blueprint Layer DevOps Layer
  15. 15. Software Functions as Open APIs Microservices (atomic to multifunctional)
  16. 16. Building Software with Open APIs Data Conversion API CDISC Spec Lookup API Basic Reporting API Data Visualization API Process Monitoring API PhUSE Spec Lookup API DS Anonymization API Scorecard API Advanced Reporting API OP React UI Components
  17. 17. Relevant Open Technologies… Early Preview:
  18. 18. Generic Drug Supply Shortage POC Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturer Factory A Factory B Hedera Network Each API manufacturer can be declared on the network. Each API manufacturer can declare a list of factories and their status (active or not). Each factory needs to declare as well their manufactured ingredients. Distributor Each distributor can be declared on the network and defined their stock availability on ingredients. Pharmacy Each pharmacy can be declared on the network and defined their stock availability on ingredients. Group Purchasing Organization FDA inspectors can publish their inspection reports on factory to the network to identify potential inactivity of some factories. FDA Inspection Team FDA Regulator Team FDA regulators can access data real time on stock availability, factories status, inspection reports through a reporting system to make decision.
  19. 19. Application Architecture Manufacturer GPO Distributor Pharmacy Secured Queue System Supply Information Queue Worker Queue Worker Queue Worker Monitoring User Interface Access Worker FDA Inspection Team Inspection Information
  20. 20. Generic Drug Supply Shortage Demo
  21. 21. Our Roadmap Build uncoupled microservices Use Open APIs De-silo Data Consider on-chain vs. off DevOps through Cloud OS Use Open Source Deploy using containers Start with private DLT POC Public DLT through Hedera Think value creation Think edge computing
  22. 22. Questions? Jim Nasr | @jnasr