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Demystifying Distributed Ledgers | Hedera18


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Paul Madsen | Technical Lead | Hedera Hashgraph

According to the dictionary, a myth is either a:
1) Traditional story of ostensibly historical events.
2) A widely held but false belief or idea.

The distributed ledger space has both, and in this session I'll be focusing on the second interpretation— presenting a variety of myths about distributed ledger technologies. These ideas are often accepted as canonical fact, without justification, and today we will be demystifying them.

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Demystifying Distributed Ledgers | Hedera18

  1. 1. PaulMadsen Technical Lead
  2. 2. Myths
  3. 3. MYTH 1 DLTs create/destroy trust
  4. 4. MYTH 2 All DAGs are the same
  5. 5. MYTH 3 Because PoW is tolerant of malicious
 nodes, PoW is Byzantine Fault Tolerant
  6. 6. MYTH 4 Large communities are
 always more decentralized
  7. 7. MYTH 5 Visa peaks at 50k tps, so anything above that is overkill
  8. 8. MYTH 6 Immutability (of both history & state)
 is an unqualified good
  9. 9. MYTH 7 There is such a thing
 as a Free Lunch
  10. 10. MYTH 8 BTC has a 51% attack (and no smaller)
  11. 11. MYTH 9 All PoS are the same
  12. 12. MYTH 10 IOT devices will actively contribute to consensus