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Going Reactive with Spring 5 & Project Reactor


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In this session, I discuss the reactive streams initiative, Project Reactor, and how Spring 5 integrates a fully reactive model throughout the entire stack. LIVE CODING and testing are employed to go past the theoretical and into real understanding. Please follow on Twitter & GitHub for updates & developments.

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Going Reactive with Spring 5 & Project Reactor

  1. 1. @MkHeck @ProjectReactor #ReactiveSpring Going Reactive with Spring 5 & Project Reactor Mark Heckler Spring Developer Advocate Pivotal Software, Inc. @MkHeck
  2. 2. @MkHeck @ProjectReactor #ReactiveSpring Who am I? • Author • Speaker • Software Architect/Developer • Java Champion
  3. 3. –Rossen Stoyanchev, Project Reactor “In a nutshell reactive programming is about non-blocking, event- driven applications that scale with a small number of threads with backpressure as a key ingredient that aims to ensure producers do not overwhelm consumers.”
  4. 4. @MkHeck @ProjectReactor #ReactiveSpring Project Reactor landscape
  5. 5. @MkHeck @ProjectReactor #ReactiveSpring Project Reactor quick overview
  6. 6. @MkHeck @ProjectReactor #ReactiveSpring Project Reactor components
  7. 7. @MkHeck @ProjectReactor #ReactiveSpring Show time!
  8. 8. @MkHeck