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Quick and easy ways to create video for your blog - TBEX Dublin 2013


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Quick and easy ways to create video for your blog using your smartphone and apps or just the camera equipment that you already have. This presentation gives tips for those who would like to get into video but don't know where to start. The accompanying article is at

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Quick and easy ways to create video for your blog - TBEX Dublin 2013

  1. 1. Quick and easy ways to get Video on your blog (without the film-school training) Heather Cowper @heathercowper
  2. 2. Now all you need is… Film school v Quick & Easy videos Once upon a time you needed… @heathercowper
  3. 3. Video – why should you care? • Enriches the audience experience • More ways for people to find you • Video will help your search engine results • Your sponsors will love you • Everyone’s into it • It’s fun and easier than you think @heathercowper
  4. 4. Get more views – it’s more about content than quality Why is this video more popular … Than this one? @heathercowper 650650 13,70013,700 17001700 11,00011,000 Gothenburg Guernsey Amadeus Princess Royal Princess
  5. 5. Your Smartphone is your friend So what gear do I need? It used to be expensive to make videos @heathercowper
  6. 6. Golden rules for professional looking videos…. • Ban the wobbles • Ration the zoom and pan • Vary the shots (close-up, med-shot, long-shot) • Put yourself in the picture • Film with your ears as well as your eyes • Keep it short & snappy @heathercowper
  7. 7. Cool apps & tools • Vine & Instagram Video • I-Movie • Qwiki • Directr • Google Hangouts • Screenr, Screencast-o-matic @heathercowper
  8. 8. Easy video formats to try • Panorama • Hotel review • Music or dance • Presenter + scenes • How to/Tips
  9. 9. Where to find royalty free music that’s free • • • • • • • Check for other free music resources Tip: Use music that’s OK with YouTube advertising if you can @heathercowper
  10. 10. Leverage the value your videos • Brand your videos & video channels • Choose your titles carefully • Tag your videos • Locate your videos • Link to your videos @heathercowper
  11. 11. Share your videos • On your blog • Via your social media channels • Youtube • Other video hosting sites Tripfilms, Vimeo • Other blogs @heathercowper
  12. 12. Your TBEX Smartphone Challenge • Download a video smartphone app • Try Vine, Qwiki or Directr if you have an iPhone • Make a mini video of whatever you fancy • Share your mini video on Twitter #TBEXvideo • I’ll feature or link to them all in my article @heathercowper
  13. 13. You can find this presentation at @heathercowper You can find me in Bristol and at