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Response to charles at national catholic register


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My Response To Charles @ National Catholic Register

Published in: Spiritual
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Response to charles at national catholic register

  1. 1. @CharlesThere is so much to correct here first let me address the Guttmacher Institute flawed poll onwomen using birth control the sampling was flawed and designed to come up with a phony98% number anyone with any common sense knows 98% of Catholic women are not using "birthcontrol", and lets call it what it REALLY is and that is abortifacients and it is not about controlit is about the murder of unborn children. If one accepts and believes in Catholic ChurchTeachings, in the CCC and the Codex of Catholic Canon Law than you have to believe thatreality. Life begins at contraception... abortifacients by is very definition causes abortion andabortion is the murder of an unborn child so let’s call it what it is and not use these liberalclinical terms to defend an immoral act and mortal sin.Next you mention sexual abuse in the clergy, I am well aware of the sexual abuse in thecatholic clergy especially in me beloved Ireland with my being of 100% Irish ancestry. Let meexplain first I am totally Catholic Educated K- through College I have two degrees ABachelor’s Degree in Catholic Divinity and a Masters in Political Science, so I am fully able tointelligently discuss these issues.Now as far as sex scandals within the Catholic clergy it exists and has grown exponentially fortwo reasons the most important is the Vatican II Reforms and that led to the second which islaxity within enforcing the codes of Catholic Canon Law. Sexual abuse is nothing new toCatholicism it has existed for centuries. If you studied European History and the Papacy andPapal aristocracy you would now about the "Borjas" perhaps the most depraved of well-knownEuropean families and RodericLlancol de Borja better known as Pope Alexander VI possiblythe most depraved pope ever to hold the Papacy numerous adulterous affairs and father tothe infamous Lucrezia Borgia his daughter and his murderous son Cesare complicit with him inmultiple murders of his rivals. Now in current times probably the most widespread and worstof the scandals at least in a gay context if not pedophilia was in South Florida Archdiocesethen run by Archbishop Favalora forced into retirement. Its no secret about St. John VianneyCollege Seminary being a cabal for recruitment for gay priests but something must be done. Ittakes a leader with strong moral courage to enforce discipline and whistle blowers.I agree with you on divorce and amendments must be made to Catholic Annulments, theyhave become far too easy to obtain, sadly better than 50,000 annulments are granted in theU.S.alone each year.Now as far as your comment on this being a private war between Cardinal Dolan and Obama, Ivehemently disagree! This is war that Obama has declared on Catholicism and the CatholicChurch, there are many issues I can go into at length but this post is long as is but suffice tosay obama lied when he said "We are not a Christian nation" Never would I ever believed Iwould have heard that statement from a US President! Also what made me ill to my stomach
  2. 2. was obama at Notre Dame University and even worse him receiving an honorary degree whichwas a violation of Catholic Canon Law for personal reasons I am deeply hurt by the CINOism ofNotre Dame which has lost its "Catholic" identity.As far as Canada is concerned the Catholicism that exists there is far too liberal for me toeven engage in conversation overGod Bless All Catholic Clergy, and Laity and God♥ Bless America and may we all follow thatpath of Jesus to Glory and to Heaven, let us be ever humble, in a state of grace and peacewith God♥ repentful of our sins and void of any arrogance and pride in Jesus Name I pray.Sincerely Yours in Christ JesusHeather--