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Secrets of Successful Teams


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Presentation created for Startup Weekend Las Vegas to illustrate what you need to form a winning team.

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Secrets of Successful Teams

  1. 1. Secrets  of   Successful  Teams   Heather Wilde, Unicorn Whisperer Las Vegas Startup Weekend April 10-12, 2015 @heathriel @roceteer_inc  
  2. 2. 2   There’s No I In… “No  ma(er  how  brilliant  your  mind  or  strategy,  if  you’re  playing  a  solo  game,   you’ll  always  lose  out  to  a  team.”   @reidhoffman  (Cofounder,  Linkedin) @heathriel   @roceteer_inc  
  3. 3. The Artist Bringing your ideas to living color. The Geek The Red Bull-powered wunderkinds of Tech. Keeping you inspired for 54 hours and beyond. The Coach @heathriel   @roceteer_inc   Who do you need?
  4. 4. Working the Room Step  02   Step  01   Step  04   Step  03   Step  06   Step  05   Step  08   Step  07   Walk  Around   Observe   Listen   Introduce  Yourself   Ask  Offer   Form  Up!  Pitch @heathriel   @roceteer_inc  
  5. 5. 6   Ground Rules Who  do  YOU  want  to  spend  54  hours  with?   RespecKul   Skilled   Passionate   Strategic   Adaptable   CommunicaNve @heathriel   @roceteer_inc  
  6. 6. Focus the Strategy   Validate the Customer   Visualize the Experience   Create the Product @heathriel   @roceteer_inc   Components for Success
  7. 7. Celebrate! Take the time to appreciate your team before the final bell. Ɣ Present! Remember that MVP is only part of the competition! Succeed! Win or lose, take stock of the weekend’s failures and successes, and you’ll come out on top! @heathriel   @roceteer_inc   
  8. 8. #AskMeAnything     “Coming  together  is  a  beginning.  Keeping  together  is  progress.   Working  together  is  success.”     Henry  Ford @heathriel   @roceteer_inc