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Coaching for the Entrepreneur

What do professional athletes, A-List actors and various Forbes 500 business executives have in common? They work on goals, overcome challenges and experience growth with a coach. At this workshop, learn how transformational coaching can take you and your team to the next level. Unleash your potential to transcend awesome!

From Tech Cocktail Celebrate 2015

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Coaching for the Entrepreneur

  1. 1. Coaching for the Entrepreneur cc: Brian Wilkins - Heather Wilde Unicorn Whisperer ROCeteer #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  2. 2. What is Coaching? cc: bujiie - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  3. 3. What is Coaching? #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  4. 4. Why Hire a Coach ? cc: flazingo_photos - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  5. 5. #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  6. 6. #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  7. 7. Coaching for the Entrepreneur #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  8. 8. What Can Coaching Do for Your Company? cc: Gage Skidmore - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  9. 9. Are You a Product or a Service? cc: Vinay Deep - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  10. 10. What are Your Company Goals? cc: PeterThoeny - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  11. 11. What is Your Company Culture? cc: Dawn Endico - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  12. 12. Who is Your Customer? cc: sylvain kalache - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  13. 13. What Does Your Customer Want? cc: ATIS547 - #Celebrate2015 @heathriel @ROCeteer_inc
  14. 14. madsweetworld.comcc: heanster - Questions? #AskMeAnything@heathriel @roceteer_inc