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Digital PR Best Practices


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Social media has added a new layer to public relations. This presentation covers digital PR strategies and tactics, as well as specific tips to innovate best practices. Initially delivered for a Thomson Reuters webinar. Looking for a PR speaker? Contact Heather Whaling to see about presentations for conferences and workshops. heather[at]

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Digital PR Best Practices

  1. 1. a fresh approach to best practices: Digital PR Heather Whaling • @prTini#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  2. 2. The Geben Approach • Innovate best practices • Integrate traditional & digital PR – Generate awareness, drive sales, influence opinion & recruit customers • Communicate the right message to the right audience via the right tools#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  3. 3. tweetable tip:Combine traditional & digital PR to drive business results#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  4. 4. social strengthens media relations#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  5. 5. Changing Definition of Mediaprint & broadcast journalists • bloggers • online news reporters • vloggers •podcasters • amateur photogs • facebook admins • YouTube “haulers” • twitter“celebrities” • pinners • writers/freelancers • … anyone with an audience?? tweetable tip: TIP: Anyone can be media, but not all media are journalists#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  6. 6. Social + Media Relations • More outlets • Better research • New relationship-building opportunities • Bypass (some) gatekeepers • If youre not quick, youre not relevant#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  7. 7. Tech-Savvy Journalists • 81% of journalists are on Twitter, with 75% of them using it for work • 91% of journalists believe their reliance on social media has increased • 33% of journalists use social media to find sources • 80% of journalists believe their newsrooms encourage the use of social media#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  8. 8. Why Blogger Relations? • 89% of journalists research story ideas on blogs • Social media and blogs dominate Americans time online (23%) • Tumblr grew 168% year-over-year#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  9. 9. Building Stronger Relationships • Update media lists with Twitter handles • Twitter Stalking: Create & monitor Twitter lists • Subscribe to Facebook pages • Join LinkedIn groups • Create Newsle alerts • Follow/like on Google+, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  10. 10. Social Research = Better Pitches • Highly targeted lists • Access to reporters before, during and after the pitching process • Spot trends to create story opportunities tweetable tip: Research social media to create smarter media#ReutersWebinar • @prTini pitches
  11. 11. Social Amplifies Media Coverage • Socialize the clip • Create companion content • Parlay into content for blogger relations • Incorporate into other communication materials#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  12. 12. Crowdsource Product Development Challenge: needed to break away from “commodity” products Solution: Sparks Innovation Center, supported with PR, marketing, social media, advertising Results: • 17% company growth • 37% new sales growth#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  13. 13. The Power of Niche Challenge: Launch a new social media management tool, targeting key niches (sports, retail, restaurants) Solution: Embargoed launch, targeted media/blogger outreach, create sharable content#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  14. 14. sharable contentResults:• Customer growth exceeded expectations• Major news coming this fall … stay tuned!#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  15. 15. Own Your Story • Social media release • Add social sharing to the launch timeline: – Facebook and Twitter “drip” campaigns – Identify when & how news can be shared online – Provide sample posts – Internal communication is critical • Coordinate with high-profile supporters • Update closed/secret Facebook groups • Monitor online conversations on FB, Twitter, Quora, blogs, etc. Respond as appropriate.#ReutersWebinar • @prTini
  16. 16. Heather Whaling • @prTini subscribe: Disrupt the status quo. Build awareness. Acquire customers. Excel in the social world. Increase sales. Innovate best practices.#ReutersWebinar • @prTini