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Content Marketing as a PR Tool


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Storytelling has always been a core component of public relations, but we can't rely on "tried and true" tactics to disseminate those stories. By adding a layer of technology, storytelling has evolved into "content marketing" -- a highly effective PR strategy. This presentation offers three examples of PR-driven content marketing that generated measurable, bottom-line results.

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Content Marketing as a PR Tool

  1. Heather Whaling • @prTini • #CMWorldContent Marketing Bolsters PR Heather Whaling Geben Communication @prTini • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. Sign of the TimesKodak: Bankrupt • Instagram: Acquired for ~$1 billion #cmworld
  3. #cmworld
  4. Desired Outcomes: educate eliminate generate activate & barriers leads accelerate Photo credits: Schoolhouse, Post-It, Line, Runner #cmworld
  5. educate #cmworld
  6. PR Goals:• Change perceptions• Build collaboration• Innovate best practices• Educate #cmworld
  7. Content Buckets:• Innovation in Action• Relationship-driven Business• Cleveland (Ohio) Rocks• Paving the Way Through Leadership• Madison: Up Close & Personal #cmworld
  8. Sparks Innovation Center: Crowdsourced product development #cmworld
  9. Innovation in Action Madison: Up Close & PersonalPaving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  10. Innovation in Action Madison: Up Close & PersonalPaving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  11. Innovation in Action Madison: Up Close & PersonalPaving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  12. Innovation in Action Madison: Up Close & PersonalPaving the Way Through Leadership ••• Results: • Hundreds of submissions • 17% company growth • 37% new sales growth #cmworld
  13. #cmworld
  14. Innovation in Action Relationship-driven BusinessPaving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  15. eliminate barriers #cmworld
  16. Columbus Marathon:a social media case study #cmworld
  17. Priorities:• Communicate with people when & where they want• Foster engagement• Eliminate the “scare” factor• Sustain year-round community• Improve customer service #cmworld
  18. after you nail the basics, add some sizzle #cmworld
  19. Virtual Scavenger Hunt:• Drive traffic to the new website• Positive reinforcement• Establish new connections with potential marathon runners/walkers• #cmworld
  20. Tweet & Go Seek #cmworld
  21. New partner: Sponsor:Participant: Taking note: #cmworld
  22. First Marathon to Join PinterestAmong top 15 referring sites to the website #cmworld
  23. Ask the Race Director• Live broadcast on Ustream• Solicited questions on Facebook,Twitter, blog & enewsletter• 45 minutes, over lunch hour #cmworld
  24. 30 Tips, 30 Days• 8 of the top 10 blog pages in 2011 were tips• Blog traffic grew 260%• Percentage of pageviews tripled from 2010 #cmworld
  25. The Final Countdown• 1,175 shares• 476 shares• Week-of interactions increased 385%• Secured car donation #cmworld
  26. Results:• 2010, 2011 races sold out faster than ever• 2012 registration pacing ahead of 2011• 2011 data: – Facebook “likes” increased 130%, engagement increased by 300% – Twitter followers increase 77% – Website traffic increased 18.5%, with social media driving 50% of all referral traffic – Blog post views increased 170%• Responded to 500+ questions/comments on Facebook the week of the marathon #cmworld
  27. generate leads #cmworld
  28. Timely infographics• Increased traffic 360%• 50+ viable leads• Opened doors in sports vertical #cmworld
  29. Heather Whaling • @prTini subscribe: Disrupt the status quo. Build awareness. Acquire customers.Excel in the social world. Increase sales. Innovate best practices. #cmworld