focus on the image: maximizing social influence through visual content


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Presentation created for ASTRA {American Specialty Toy Retailer Association} to discuss integrating visual content into social media strategy.

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focus on the image: maximizing social influence through visual content

  1. Maximizing Social InfluenceFocusing on the Image through Visual Content
  2. store displays Logo print mediaVisual Content is Story Telling. How will you tell your brand’s story?
  3. Don’t just tell me.SHOW ME.
  4. Know Your Voice. Know Your Audience. Translate into Aesthetics. create curate and
  5. “TIMELINE” Stories Visual content social “Interest” STORIESStrategy
  6. Twitter
  7. Profile image header image INTRO TEXT media gallery branded hashtagVISUAL ANATOMY OF A TWITTER PAGE.
  8. background
  9. Profile image 81 px by 81 px Header image 520 px by 260 px 1200 by 600 resolution background 1600 px by 1200 px under 200K imageOptimizing Images for Twitter.
  10. facebook
  11. header image Profile image buttons/ appsVISUAL ANATOMY OF A facebook brand PAGE.
  12. Cover Image 851px by 315px Profile JGP or PNG less than 100 KB image 160 px by 160 px don’t scale to fit TIMELINE CONTENT buttons 960 px by 960 px resized to 403 px in 111 px by 74px timeline viewOptimizing Images for Facebook.
  13. COLLAGEhumanize profile image integration
  14. fans/ customersspace logo placement
  15. 2013 facebooktimeline redesign source:
  16. instagram
  17. cover comprised of instagram images intro Profile text image recent imagesVISUAL ANATOMY OF An instagram brand page
  18. pinterest
  19. Profile image INTRO TEXT image boardVISUAL ANATOMY OF A pinterest brand PAGE.
  20. OptimizingImages for Pinterest source: mashable
  21. Behind the Scenes Creative Product Shots Locale/CommunityQuotes/Memes Business Culture/Theme Customers {ask permission} Visual Content Ideas
  22. ... and there is always humor.
  23. smartphonephoto tips
  24. SmartPhone Photo Tips Use Natural Light. Play with texture. image: the house of smiths
  25. SmartPhone Photo Tips CHEAT. It’s ok. DIY Product Set-Up. Source:
  26. SmartPhone Photo Tips Crop, don’t zoom. image: digital crave
  27. SmartPhone Photo Tips app: instagram Fake blur? Use sparingly. image: janelle diamond
  28. SmartPhone Photo Tips app: afterlight Edit first. Then filter. {or don’t filter} image: simply pure photo
  29. SmartPhone Photo Tips Forget the flash. image: gizmodo
  30. SmartPhone Photo Tips Clean your lens. image: maclife
  31. SmartPhone Photo Tips app: afterglow Change perspective. Shoot from the hip. image: flickr
  32. SmartPhone Photo Tips Use good composition. image:
  33. SmartPhone Photo Tips Did you tap? Tap on the image to focus it. image:
  34. Smart Phone Photo Tips app: ditpic Use an app to tell a multi-photo storyimage:
  35. Next webinargetting to local: engaging yourlocal audience through social media august 2013
  36. thanks! Heather Walsh The Weisse Group, LLC