Greater Akron Chamber Membership Benefits Presentation


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Greater Akron Chamber Membership Benefits Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. CHAMBER FACTS<br />Region Chamber of Commerce<br /> (Medina, Summit & Portage Counties)<br />Began in 1907 – 103rd Year in Business<br />Currently Over 1,600 Member Businesses<br />Covers the Same Area as 27 Local Chambers<br />Consumers are 63% More Likely to Buy Goods & Services from Chamber Member Businesses*<br />*Info from national study conducted by The Schapiro Group, Atlanta, GA<br />
  3. 3. CHAMBER BENEFITS<br />
  4. 4. CONNECTIVITY<br />The Greater Akron Chamber offers<br />the region’s best networking events including:<br />Coffee, Tea & Contacts<br />Check Out the Chamber<br />KNOW (Knowledgeable Network of Women)<br />KNOW on the Go Luncheons (7 monthly)<br />YPN (Young Professionals Network)<br />Misc. Events (After Hours, B2B Networking, etc.)<br />
  5. 5. Networking Groups<br />
  6. 6. KNOW(Knowledgeable Network of Women)<br />WINNER - CONNECTOR’S CHOICE AWARD<br />BEST WOMEN’S NETWORKING GROUP<br />KNOW (Knowledgeable Network of Women) is a personal and professional development program for business women in the Greater Akron Region. KNOW was established in 2004 to provide a niche networking forum to openly discuss emerging issues impacting women of our business community in a supportive environment. <br />KNOW’s mission is to cultivate the talent within one another by reaching out to today’s women executives and tomorrow’s leaders.<br />
  7. 7. YPN(Young Professionals Network)<br />Greater Akron boasts a thriving Young Professional (YP) population that gets involved in the Greater Akron region in a number of ways.The Greater Akron Chamber's YP program, the Young Professionals Network, hosts quarterly events focused on networking and personal and professional development. In addition, the Greater Akron Chamber annually recognizes our region's stellar YPs with the "30 for the Future" awards.There are several independent Young Professionals Organizations (YPOs) in our region, each one focused on a different facet of skill development, social networking and community support.<br />
  8. 8. VISIBILITY<br />Membership in our organization offers<br />businesses an opportunity to showcase themselves by:<br />Offering a Member-to-Member Discount<br />Sponsoring an Upcoming Chamber Event<br />Advertising in the Economic Development Guide<br />Advertising in the Relocation Guide<br />Placing a Banner Listing on the Chamber Website<br />YPN (Young Professionals Network)<br />Misc. Events (After Hours, B2B Networking, etc.)<br />
  9. 9. INFORMATION<br />The Greater Akron Chamber will keep you informed <br />and offers you access to:<br />Weekly e-Blast Featuring Upcoming Events<br />Member’s Press Releases & Members’ Events<br />Legislative Updates<br />Advocacy Events & News<br />Information on Local Elected Officials<br />Education Initiatives<br />
  10. 10. LEVELS OF MEMBERSHIP<br />Basic Membership<br />Business Membership<br />New Member Listing Online<br />Website Directory Listing with Hotlink<br />Copy of Member Database on CD or Excel File<br />Weekly eBlasts<br />(2) VIP Passes Annually<br />MemberChoice Benefits Plan<br /><ul><li>SummaCare Health Insurance Discount
  11. 11. AdvanticaEyecare
  12. 12. Humana Dental
  13. 13. Workers’ Compensation Discount
  14. 14. Office Depot Discount
  15. 15. Merchant Services</li></ul>Discounted Research Publications<br />Ribbon Cuttings<br />Economic Development Assistance<br />Use of Chamber Conference Room Facilities<br />Membership Plaque<br />$400 Annually / $35 per month<br />All Basic Benefits PLUS:<br />6 Months Free Website Advertising <br />Invitation to Chamber Board Gold Outing<br />Membership Fee to KNOW Waived for 1 Contact<br />Invitation to Attend Akron Roundtable Free<br />Executive Dialogue* Entrance Fee (President/CEO)<br />Recognition on Screen in Chamber’s Office<br />Total of (3) VIP Passes Annually – May Be Use at the Following Events:<br /><ul><li>KNOW (Knowledgeable Network of Women)
  16. 16. Economic Outlook
  17. 17. Excellence in Business
  18. 18. YPN Speaker Series
  19. 19. Local Elected Officials Luncheon</li></ul>*Enrollment Period is December-March<br /> $1000 Annually / $85 monthly<br />
  20. 20. INVESTOR MEMBERSHIP<br />Vision Builders ($2500+)<br />Champion Supporters ($5000+)<br />Cornerstone Partners ($10,000)<br />President’s Circle ($25,000+)<br />Chairman’s Council ($50,000+)<br />List of Additional Benefits & Payment Options Upon Request<br />
  21. 21. Where Else Can You….<br /><ul><li>Build your personal visibility and company’s visibility…
  22. 22. Meet fellow professionals from 1,600 businesses in the tri-county area….
  23. 23. Join Greater Akron’s best networking groups….
  24. 24. Receive weekly updates on upcoming events and area initiatives…
  25. 25. Plus invest in the entire Greater Akron region….
  26. 26. All for as little as $35 per month?</li></ul>Join the Greater Akron Chamber today!<br />